B. S. University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez (Magna Cum Laude), Biology, 1980 >Ph. D. Harvard University, Biology, 1988

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Juan C. Martínez Cruzado


Department of Biology

University of Puerto Rico

Mayagüez Campus

Mayagüez, Puerto Rico 00680


B.S. University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez (Magna Cum Laude), Biology, 1980

Ph.D. Harvard University, Biology, 1988 (Thesis: Molecular evolution of the autosomal chorion gene cluster in the Hawaiian Drosophila)

Post-Doc. Harvard University, 1988-1989 (Transcription regulation of the autosomal chorion gene cluster in Drosophila melanogaster)

Professional experience:

Assistant Professor, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, 1989-1992

Associate Professor, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, 1992-1997

Professor, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, 1997-present

Professional organizations:

Caribbean Society of Biotechnology, founding member, 1990

Genetics Society of America, 1993-2004

Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, 1993-present

American Society of Human Genetics, 2000-present

Society for American Archaeology, 2005-present

Honors and Awards:

Beta Beta Beta (elected 1978)

Minority Graduate Fellowship, National Science Foundation, 1981

Honor List, Ford Foundation Dissertation Minority Fellowship, 1987

Thesis included in the World Bibliography List of Current Opinion in Genetics and Development, December 1991

National Science Foundation proposal reviewer, 1993-94; 1999-2002

1995 Environmentalist of the Year, Puerto Rican Ecological League, February 1996

Best Proposal Experimental Design Award, ATLANTEA Program, University of Puerto

Rico Central Administration, 2003

Keynote Speaker, Ninth Annual A. Clifford Barger Lecture, Harold Amos Biomedical

Research Society, Harvard Medical School, 2005

Outstanding Scholar, Ex-Alumni UPR-Mayagüez, 2006

Guest of Honor for Scientific Accomplishments, 21st Troubadours’ Eugenio María de

Hostos Festival, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, January 13, 2008

Recognition Diploma for his contribution to scientific knowledge, his vocation for service, and the extraordinary merits of his work. Puerto Rico Academy of Arts and Sciencies, San Juan, Puerto Rico, June 26, 2008

“Orden de Cacique Hayuya”. Bestowed by the Jayuya Cultural Center in recognition for the national promotion of the indigenous culture through his study on the origins of the mitocondrial DNA in Puerto Rico.

Jayuya, Puerto Rico, November 19, 2010

Invitation and participation in the Taino Legacy Workshop and Symposium . Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of the American Indian, Washington DC, August 23 to 26, 2011

Dedication of the Caribbean Division of AAAS Meeting, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, October 1, 2011

Peer-reviewed publications:
Via, M., Gignoux, C.R., Roth, L., Fejerman, L., Galanter, J., Choudhry, S., Toro-Labrador, G., Viera-Vera, J., Oleksyk, T., Beckman, K., Ziv, E., Risch, N., Burchard, E.G. and Martínez-Cruzado, J.C. (2011) Geography and history shape fine-scale genomic admixture patterns in the island of Puerto Rico. PLoS ONE 6: e16513.
Martínez-Cruzado JC (2010) The history of Amerindian mitochondrial DNA lineages in Puerto Rico, In: Island shores, distant pasts: archaeological and biological approaches to the Pre-Columbian settlement of the Caribbean, (Fitzpatrick SM, Ross A.H, eds), University Press of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, U.S.A.
Díaz-Matallana M, Martínez-Cruzado JC (2010) Estudios sobre ADN mitocondrial sugieren un linaje predominante en la Cordillera Oriental de Colombia y un vínculo suramericano para los Arcaicos de Puerto Rico. Universitas Medica 51: 241-272
Santory-Jorge AO, Avilés LA, Martínez-Cruzado JC, Ramírez D (2008) The Paradox of the Puerto Rican Race: The Interplay of Racism and Nationalism under U.S. Colonialism. In: Grant-Thomas A, Orfield G (eds) Twenty-First Century Color Lines: Multiracial Change in Contemporary America. Temple University Press, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Toro-Labrador, G., Wever, O.R. and Martínez-Cruzado, J.C. (2003). Mitochondrial DNA analysis in Aruba: strong maternal ancestry of closely related Amerinds and implications for the peopling of northwestern Venezuela. Carib. J. Sci. 39: 11-22.
Martínez-Cruzado, J.C., Toro-Labrador, G., Ho-Fung, V., Estévez-Montero, M., Lobaina-Manzanet, A., Padovani-Claudio, D.A., Sánchez-Cruz, H., Ortiz-Bermúdez, P. and Sánchez-Crespo, A. (2001). Mitochondrial DNA analysis reveals substantial Native American ancestry in Puerto Rico. Hum. Biol. 73: 491-511.
Johnson, E., Miklas, P.N., Stavely, J.R. and Martínez-Cruzado, J.C. (1995). Coupling and repulsion RAPD markers for marker-assisted selection of a rust resistance gene in common bean. Theor. Appl. Gen. 90: 659-664.
Romano, C.P., Martínez-Cruzado, J.C. and Kafatos, F.C. (1991). The Relative Importance of Transcriptional and Post Transcriptional Regulation of Drosophila Chorion Gene Expression During Oogenesis. Dev. Genetics 12: 196-205.
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Keith, T.P., Brooks, L.D., Lewontin, R.C., Martínez-Cruzado, J.C. and Rigby, D.L. (1985). Nearly identical distributions of xanthine dehydrogenase in two populations of Drosophila pseudoobscura. Mol. Biol. Evol. 2: 206-216.

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