B2ta executive Committee Minutes March 16, 2016 Officers

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B2TA Executive Committee Minutes

March 16, 2016
Officers: Rob Donohew, Mary Etta Chorbajian, Adam Mattice, Heather Case, and Nancy Demarkis-Tese

Representatives: Laura Barboza, Mackenzie Garcia, Leigh Nenni, Channon Piwowarczyk, Roxanne Redmond, Chris Rigdon, Dave Shalke

Chairpersons: Jim Jewell, Kimberly Lobdell, Julie Masters, Janet VanZile

NYSUT: LRS Jamie Guilian (Labor Relations Specialist)

Present: Laura Barboza, Mary Etta Chorbajian, Nancy Demarkis-Tese, Rob Donohew, Kim Lobdell, Julie Masters, Adam Mattice, Janet VanZile,


The meeting was called to order at 3:38 p.m.by president Rob Donohew.

  1. Review of minutes – postponed to 4/5/16.

2. We discussed the “Every Member Matters” meeting that took place 2/25/16 at the Brooks Avenue Holiday Inn and Conference Center. Janet and Julie reviewed the hand out. We talked about ways we could communicate quickly with unit members. We may need to have access to a more powerful computer system than what is currently available to us. Some excellent questions were presented from the hand out – some of these are questions that the members of the Executive Committee should be asking ourselves! Julie and Janet reported that others at the meeting were impressed by our district’s percentage of membership – over 90%.

There was a call to create a database. Some of our (B2TA) information is missing, incomplete or out-of-date. Overall, however, Julie and Janet believe that we are in good shape compared to other locals. Action items:

  • Develop an information card

  • Determine how many payroll deductions are allowed – if limited

  • Or…how many places can the money in our paycheck be “routed” to?

  • “Auto Phone tree” JVZ will call NYSUT

3. Mackenzie and Dave talked about their recent experiences at Lobby Day in Albany, NY. It was interesting to learn that WE-MO-CO and EC (Exceptional Children) have a different funding formula, even though they’re both part of the same BOCES. We had good discussion about capital projects, capital improvement funding steams; districts v. BOCES; tax caps and examples of where BOCES funding is very different from that of the component districts.

We discussed the formation of a committee called “the group of eight” which will be comprised of four people from Monroe 1 and four people from Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES. They will meet to discuss issues in common. Both Mackenzie and Dave agree that “it all comes down to money” with issues taken to the Albany level. All of the people they encountered in the capital are basically in agreement – money is the issue! Albany was packed with many groups, all presenting their interests. For example, the library people were there in force.

Talking points from different comparable groups across the state were very similar.

4. Negotiations update –

a. Rob shared that 45 “professional time” surveys were returned. (Note: at the time of this writing many more have been returned.)

b. Regarding the calendar, two separate issues were brought up. One has to do with EC and the other, CTE. The issues relate to start dates and end dates. For example, the CTE issue has to do with a proposal to start earlier in the school year and to end earlier. The last day for students at WEMOCO is June 13, 2016.

c. Rob stated that the planning meetings with BOCES 1 can begin as early as next week (the week of March 23rd.) The focus for discussion will be on the APPR. It appears that the BOCES 1 and BOCES 2 leadership is on the same page with regard to shared issues.

d. Regarding site meetings, a plan was developed to use the meetings as an opportunity to update addresses and obtain other missing or outdated information.

5. Website review – postpone until 4/6.

6. Delegate Assembly – Adam and Heather are the alternate delegates. There will be a meeting at the Burgundy Basin Inn on March 22, 2016 – 4:15 – 6:00 p.m. We qualified for 4 delegates this year. Mary Eta and Rob are planning to attend.

7. B2TA Calendar – postpone until 4/6 as the 16-17 BOCES calendar is not yet finalized.


a. At the time of our meeting, information regarding ESYP orientation had already been sent out. Rob had planned to gather some input from us regarding the selection of the date. The date for orientation is set for 7/7/16.

b. We talked about the “opt-out” resolution for upcoming state tests. This testing will take place after spring break. There are several local districts that expect more students this year than last year to choose to “opt-out.” More to follow.
Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m. Next meeting will be April 6, 2016 at Village Plaza – #20, 3:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Demarkis-Tese

Nancy Demarkis-Tese

Recording Secretary

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