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Q1. Write any five characteristics of the computer Ans Five characteristics of computer areas follows Speed Computer allows us to perform many task very fast. Quality Computer allows us to produce high quality documents and drawings. Reliability Computer are reliable and accurate because they have low failure rate. Storage capability Computer store enormous amount of data and it can be used anytime . Communication Computer allows us to communicate with each other in the form of video calling, texting, sharing ideas etc. Q. What are the benefits of using computer Ans There are various benefits of using the computer as follows At home, we use computer to play games, listen music and watch movies. At school, students use computer to complete assignments, homework and research. At grocery store, Computer is used to track the stock, selling and purchasing of products and calculate bills. At banks, computers is used as ATM’s to withdraw and deposit cash 24/7 allover the world. At office, computer is used to keep the records of the employees attendance and salary. Q. Define humanware and hardware Ans Hardware any part of computer we can touch and feel is known as hardware.
Humanware: Any person who can design, operate and programs the computer is known as humanware. Q. Why should you take care of your computer Ans We should take care of our computer because
1. Dust can slowdown the airflow which in result increase the computer temperature to dangerous level.
2. Dust particles or snacks underneath the keys can affects the working of the keyboard.
3. The mouse cursor will not properly work due to stickiness of the dust on light emitter.

Q. What do you mean by ergonomics Ans Ergonomics is the study of people, their physical characteristics and the ways in which they function in relation to their working environment. Q. What points should keep in mind for taking care of yourself, while using the computer Ans We should keep in mind various things while using the computer as follows
1. Take short break at least once every hour.
2. Splash your face and rinse your eyes with cold water.
3. Avoid looking or using too bright colours.
4. Sit in proper posture i.e feet flat on the ground, hands levels with elbows while typing, back should be straight and properly supported by cushioned chair and monitor placement should be placed straight to the eye level or slightly lower.

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