Compliance of short form video for web and mobile August 2010

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Compliance of short form video for web and mobile - August 2010

A compliance form must be completed for all online and mobile short form videos to confirm they comply with the BBC Editorial Guidelines and to ensure that guidance labels are applied where necessary. Forms can be found on Gateway at

Please use the Vision Multiplatform Compliance Form.
The completed form should be submitted to the Clip Per Programme Delivery in Outlook (
It is essential the form is completed and signed off prior to the video being made available online or on mobile.
The Vision Multiplatform Compliance Form is a simplified version of the full television programme compliance form. A comprehensive guide on how to complete a programme compliance form can be found on gateway under compliance manager:

Multiple clips: a single form can be used for multiple clips when there are no compliance issues that need noting as long as the relate to the same programme or product.

When you sign the form you are taking responsibility for the video being compliant. It is therefore essential that the form is signed by a senior member of the production team who has viewed the video and, if it is derived from a programme, is familiar with the programme's content.

It is important to maintain consistency in compliance across all BBC platforms. Therefore, if your video contains strong or offensive content, a mandatory referral to the Repeats and Reversioning Unit (R&R) is required to understand whether the video requires a guidance label. R&R will be able to advise or refer to the Channel Compliance Managers where appropriate.

Post watershed content is acceptable online, but it is important that all use of strong and offensive content is noted and considered carefully.

The words “fuck”, “motherfucker” and “cunt” must always be referred to the Controller Multiplatform, Simon Nelson. In all cases, use of ‘cunt’ must also be agreed by Jana Bennett, Director, BBC Vision. It is the responsibility of the BBC Executive Producer to obtain the relevant authorisation.


If you have any questions regarding compliance of short form video or if a clip needs to be revoked please contact the R&R on extension 25471

Here are some notes to help you fill in the Vision Multiplatform Compliance Form:
1. Legal Issues.

* Be conscious of the fact that most content published on the web will be made available in perpetuity. Consider carefully how the content of the clip may appear in the future.

* If a BBC lawyer has been consulted concerning the programme, then highlight this on the form.

* Attention should be given to musical lyrics used in soundtrack or performance, as well as spoken language and gestures.

2. Language

* Strong language equals “fuck” or stronger. The R&R Unit will be able to advise on labelling of content.

3. Sex/Nudity

* Please tick yes if there is any kind of sexual activity depicted.

* Also tick yes if there is nudity featured, whether in a sexual or non-sexual context.

4. Imitative Behaviour

* This section deals with the possibility of audiences, especially children, imitating anti-social, life-threatening or criminal behaviour.

* Please remember that short form content can be distributed across a wide variety of sites over a long period, so consider carefully whether or not any clip which features this type of behaviour is suitable for use.

5. Disturbing/Violent Content

* Any scene containing violence must be noted. This is not just relevant to factual programmes, but may apply to other genres like entertainment.

* Spoof violence may be especially offensive or disturbing under certain circumstances.

* Violence involving animals as well as people needs to be noted.

* Disturbing scenes which may be upsetting for an audience, or which may take on significant impact at a particular time or context (eg after a train crash or natural disaster) need to be considered carefully and noted.

Embedding and Context: Remember your clip will be a permanent record of your programme. Therefore, it’s important it’s representative of the programme, and is within the audience expectation for the show.

The majority of clips should be fine to make embeddable on other websites but consider how clips containing vulnerable contributors will look on other websites where people can write or post their own comments around them.
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