Basic Political Developments

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Basic Political Developments

  • May 30–Jun 3: Vice Premier of State Council of China Wang Qishan to visit Russia

  • Jun 7: Committee on Russian–Ukrainian economic cooperation to hold meeting

  • Jun 9–10: Russia–European Union Summit to take place in Nizhny Novgorod

  • Jun 16–18: St Petersburg International Economic Forum to take place

  • Medvedev to hold talks with Mongolian pres on May 31.

  • Presidential Authority Lent to Russian Trade Delegation - The President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj will make an official visit to Russia on Monday.

  • ITAR-TASS news digest of May 27: 1.

  • DEAUVILLE, France - - British Prime Minister David Cameron will make a visit to Russia in September, President Dmitry Medvedev's press secretary Natalya Timakova said here Thursday.

  • She said Medvedev and Cameron discussed preparations for the visit at a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the G8 summit earlier in the day.

  • DEAUVILLE - - President Dmitry Medvedev promised to his G8 colleagues Russia would submit proposals to develop Internet and legal norms for that in the near future, presidential economic aide Arkady Dvorkovich told reporters on Thursday after a summit session devoted to Internet problems.

  • He said Russia is currently “accumulating ideas” and the taskforce is headed by First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov.

  • MOSCOW - - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had a telephone conversation with Libyan Prime Minister Baghdadi Mahmudi on Thursday, the foreign ministry said.

  • “The representative of Tripoli asked assistance in promoting a ceasefire agreement and beginning of negotiations without preconditions,” the ministry said.

  • Lavrov reiterated the Russian position and urged to comply with the UN Security Council Resolutions 1970 and 1973 and prevent actions that can trigger new civilian casualties.

  • TIRASPOL - - Parliament of the breakaway Dniester region of Moldova on Thursday amended the Constitution by establishing a government and limiting the president by two terms of office.

  • The president was given the right to dissolve parliament, while lawmakers can vote no-confidence in the government.

  • The parliament will continue to have 43 seats.

  • NEW YORK - - The federal court in New York sentenced Russian professional boxer Andrei Nevsky, 26, to three years in prison for joining a drug trafficking conspiracy that shipped tons of marijuana into the United States.

  • Nevsky was convicted on Thursday of trafficking, but acquitted of money laundering and smuggling.

  • WASHINGTON - - Kazakhstan and the United States have reached an agreement in principle about the access of U.S. suppliers of services to the Kazakh market, a key condition for Kazakhstan’s accession to the World Trade Organization.

  • She specified the talk was about 12 key sectors of Kazakh economy, including finances, telecommunications, transport, and energy.

  • DEAUVILLE - - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has begun a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The two leaders are meeting on Friday on the sidelines of the G8 summit in Deauville.

  • According to Russian president’s aide Sergei Prikhodko, the two leaders were to “synchronize watches on bilateral cooperation, particularly, in the light of the Russian-German Year of Education, Science and Innovation, launched on May 23, and preparations for the 13th round of interstate consultations at the top level in Hanover in July.” Also on the agenda is the overall assessment of trading economic relations.

  • WASHINGTON - - A Kazakh minister said on Thursday Kyrgyzstan, a WTO member, is a likely candidate to join the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

  • GORNO-ALTAISK - - The regional state of emergency in connection with forest fires has been declared in eight districts of Yakutia and in the city of Yakutsk by the republic’s presidential decree, the press service of the head and governments of the region said in Yakutsk.

  • KIEV - - Over the years of independence, Ukraine has got from the United Nations about 400 million dollars for its participation in peacekeeping operations, deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the country Vice-Admiral Igor Kabanenko said at an enlarged meeting of the board of the Defence Ministry on Thursday.

  • “Over 37,000 Ukrainian servicemen took part in 28 peacekeeping operations,” he also said.

  • At present, 476 Ukrainian servicemen are taking part in 11 peacekeeping operations and joint peacekeeping forces.

  • MOSCOW - - The fire at a military base in Bashkortostan is extinguished, the head of the press service of the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s Volga regional centre, Oleg Zugeyev, told Itar-Tass by telephone.

  • THE SETTLEMENT IGLINO (Bashkortostan) - - The damages from a fire, which broke out at a munition depot of a military unit near the settlement of Urman in Bashkortostan, according to preliminary reports, exceed 100 million roubles, Bashkir Prime Minister Azamat Ilimbetov said on Friday.

  • MOSCOW - - Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj will make an official visit to Russia on May 30-31 at the invitation of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. As the Kremlin press service reported, Russian-Mongolian summit talks will be held on May 31.

  • YUZHNO-SAKHALINSK - - The authorities in the Sakhalin Region and the Russian gas giant Gazprom will develop and use the resources of the Sakhalin shelf projects under a memorandum, which Governor of the Sakhalin Region Alexander Khoroshavin and Gazprom Deputy CEO Alexander Ananenkov signed.

  • ALMATY - - Russian Minister of Energy Sergei Shmatko said on Friday he thought it highly improbable that Russia would suspend oil supplies to Belarus over payment arrears.

  • Moscow hopes Mladic trial will be fair – ministry

  • Moscow hopes for fair and unbiased trial of Ratko Mladic

  • Russia wants missile security guarantees from U.S. – Rogozin: Russia expects ironclad US guarantees that the proposed American missile shield will not undermine this country’s strategic capability.

  • Russia urges Europeans to voice position on missile shield - Russia wants European nations to voice their position regarding the planned U.S. missile defense on the continent and say whether it would improve relations with Russia, according to Russian Ambassador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin.

  • Russia to reconcile NATO and Libya- G8 leaders have asked Russia to mediate a cease-fire in the Libyan conflict, the Russian president's press secretary said after the first day of the high-level summit in the French town of Deauville.

  • Libyan FM asks Russia to arrange ceasefire - In a telephone linkup Friday with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, Libya’s foreign minister Baghdadi Mahmoudi asked Moscow to arrange an immediate ceasefire in his country and the start of settlement talks with the Western coalition without any preconditions.

  • Lavrov outlines position on Libya to Mahmudi - “Lavrov said due to a complex of factors there are emerging components of a possible agreement to end hostilities and transfer the situation to a peaceful line with the participation of all political forces and tribes of the country without outside interference,” the ministry said.

  • Medvedev asked to mediate end to Libya conflict

  • Medvedev to meet Merkel, Kan in Deauville

  • Cameron confirms Moscow visit in September

  • Russia to offer G8 Internet development proposals.

  • Proprietary Thinking - Russia Tries to Change Its Image from Intellectual Property Rights Violator to Property Rights Protector at the G8 Summit

  • US, Russia still split on missile shield - Mike McFaul, Obama’s top adviser on Russia, put the problem plainly after the meeting with the Russians: “They don’t believe us.’’

  • Smiles but Little Else as Medvedev Meets Obama - By Nabi Abdullaev

  • M. Bryza: “NK issue must be solved peacefully”

  • Statement on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict issued at G8 summit

  • U.S., Russia Reaffirm Cooperation on Energy-Efficiency and Smart Grid - The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), working with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to cooperate with Russia on energy-efficiency efforts and smart grids, is supporting efforts to share experience and best practices among U.S. and Russian municipalities and utilities. This month, representatives from both countries signed a memorandum of understanding in San Diego and Belgorod, Russia, building on an earlier exchange involving utilities and regulators in Texas and federal and utility officials in Kaluga, Russia.  
    Russia says Canada's Arctic criticisms show lack of understanding of "reality" - Russia's ambassador-at-large for Arctic issues, Anton Vasiliev, fired back Thursday at the frequent complaints that Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his cabinet ministers have levelled at Russia for what they see as provocative behaviour in the Arctic.

  • New Talwar class frigate for India Navy launched- A new Talwar class stealth frigate built by Russia for the Indian Navy was launched at a solemn ceremony at Yantar Shipyard in Russia's Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad.
    Switzerland, France freeze Berezovsky’s accounts, seize yachts

  • Bosnia, Russia step up bilateral relations - Deputy Russian foreign minister Vladimir Titov and his Bosnian counterpart Ana Trisic-Babic met on Thursday to discuss a wide range of cooperation issues and approved a plan of ministerial consultations in 2011-12.

  • Militant killed after firing at policemen in Dagestan

  • Gunmen blocked in house in Dagestan.

  • Police officer killed in shootout with militants in Russia’s North Caucasus

  • North Ossetian professor beheaded for poetry criticizing Islam – paper

  • State of emergency declared in fire-hit districts of Yakutia

  • Emergency regime introduced in Yakutia over forest fires.

  • Damages from ammo depot fire in Bashkortostan exceed RUR 100 mln.

  • Soldier charged over Russian Urals arms depot fire

  • Ammunition depot fire injures eight

  • Pensioner hit by police car in central Russia

  • 11 people reported killed in bus-truck collision in Moscow region.

  • Russian Press at a Glance, Friday, May 27, 2011

  • Putin Promises to Reduce Tax and Raise GDP - Prime Minister Vladimir Putin vowed to ease the social tax burden for companies and promised that the country’s per capita GDP would double from the current $19,700 within a decade.

  • Why Missile Defense Talks Will Fail - By Ruslan Pukhov

  • Shell games, G8 talks and Duma doodling - by Andy Potts

  • Five Umarovs for one bin Laden - The US will pay for information leading to Russia’s “top terrorist” By Svetlana Bocharova

  • Explosions Monday through Friday - Before the end of this year, the Defense Ministry plans to complete the recycling of outdated ammunition.

  • Tour of Russia’s Missile Defense Facilities - By Richard Weitz

  • Russian intern's blog exposes 'lazy' MPs

  • Moscow's Capitalist Manifesto - Russia's capital is still a long way from being a global financial center. Economic and legal reform would help.

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