Russia 090818 Basic Political Developments

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Russia 090818

Basic Political Developments

  • Peres Departs for Russia - President Shimon Peres will depart Tuesday for a state visit to Russia. He will meet with his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev.

  • Medvedev and Peres to meet on Middle East tensions - The meeting will also cover Iran’s nuclear program and will focus on plans for Moscow to host an international Middle East peace conference.

  • Russian, Israeli presidents to discuss Mideast in Sochi - The sides will also discuss the development of bilateral relations, including cooperation in advanced technology, and the prospects for adopting new agreements on investment protection.

  • Russia, Israel set to discuss Mideast peace, Iran - Israel also wants Russia, which has close ties with Iran, to increase pressure on Tehran over its nuclear program. Iran, whose president has expressed hatred of Israel, maintains its nuclear programs are only designed to provide electricity.

  • Dmitry Medvedev suggests again establishment of Caspian Economic Cooperation Organization - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev suggested again establishment of the Caspian Economic Cooperation Organization. APA reports quoting ITAR-TASS that Russian President said this at the conference on August 17.

  • Prague decides to expel two Russian diplomats from Czech Republic, Moscow names it an unfriendly act

  • Italy to Cut Dependence on Russian Gas, Scajola Tells La Stampa - Italy wants to import more gas from Algeria than from Russia and in 2010 will increase imports from Libya, Scajola said, according to the newspaper. Italy will also import 10 percent of the country’s gas consumption through a new terminal at Rovigo, Scajola said in the report.

  • Deal agreed for Russian to buy German shipyard - The Wadan shipyard's insolvency administrator, Marc Odebrecht, said that all parties involved had agreed on the terms of a deal that still needs to be signed. The takeover foresees Yusufov founding a new company called Nordic Yards, which will then take over the Wadan production. Some 1,600 of 2,500 jobs at the yards, located in Wismar and Rostock, are to be kept.

  • Russia, Mongolia hold joint military exercises - The drills, dubbed Darkhan-2, are being held in Mongolia and involve a Russian engineer maintenance battalion numbering about 200 military personnel and 90 vehicles from the Siberian Military District, as well as a number of Mongolian military units.

  • DIMDEX promotion in Russia - The DIMDEX 2010 delegation, headed by Chairman and Commander of the Qatar Emiri Naval Forces Staff Brigadier (Sea) Mohammed bin Nasser M Al Mohannadi, met with senior military commanders including Vyacheslav Dzirkaln, Deputy Director of the Russian Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation. Among topics discussed was the likelihood of including DIMDEX 2010 on the list of approved international maritime events for Russian companies’ participation.

  • India releases $122 million for Gorshkov modification - India has cleared an installment of $122 million to Russia to ensure that the modification work on aircraft carrier Gorshkov, also known as Vikramaditya, continues till a settlement on the final price is reached.

  • Chavez to visit Russia, Belarus, Libya in September - "I should be visiting Russia, Belarus and Libya within a month," Chavez said during a political event. "This trip has been planned since the beginning of the year, but now we have much weightier reasons to step up cooperation with these countries."

  • Russians revealed in secret talks with Crystallex to resolve Las Cristinas gold mine dilemma in Venezuela before cash runs out completely!

  • Russia Set To Modernize Libya's Soviet-Era Tanks - Russia and Libya have signed a contract to overhaul at least 145 T-72 Russian-made battle tanks in service with the Libyan Army, a senior government official said on Monday.

  • Georgia officially withdraws from CIS

  • Moscow warns Georgia over consequences of its defection from CIS - Moscow warns Georgia over the consequences, which may follow to its defection from the Commonwealth of Independent States, an international organization formed after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Russian Foreign Ministry has released a special statement, which says that the act of defection will inflict damage on the ordinary citizens of Georgia.

  • Georgia waves goodbye to the CIS - According to CIS regulations, the legal action to leave the organization takes a year. Therefore, as confirmed by representatives of both Georgia and the CIS, the country’s membership will end on the 18th of August 2009.

  • Russia to Build Berlin-Style Wall in Abkhazia, Georgia Says

  • Russia says Arctic Sea was hijacked, suspects arrested

  • Russia detains ship 'hijackers' - Eight people have been arrested for hijacking the cargo ship Arctic Sea, Russia's defence minister says.

  • Russian Navy Questions Sailors After Missing Freighter Is Found

  • Mystery deepens as Russia maintains radio silence on Arctic Sea

  • Putin is set to open Russia's air show - Analysts expect few major deals to be signed during the weeklong show held at a formerly secret military airfield outside Moscow. Russia is using the event to showcase its huge but aging aerospace indsutry.

  • Russian PM Putin to attend MAKS-2009 air show - Over 711 companies, including 465 Russian firms, will participate in the biennial MAKS air show outside Moscow on August 18-23.

  • Putin to attend MAKS 2009, to hold meeting on aircraft building - Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Tuesday will visit Zhukovsky outside Moscow where he will hold a meeting on issues of the national aircraft building industry development and will visit the MAKS 2009 international aerospace show that is held for the 9th time.

  • MAKS 2009 about to kick off - This year the show will be opened with a minutes silence after a midair tragedy, involving two SU-27 fighter jets, over the weekend. The “Russian Knights” aerobatics team squadron leader Igor Tkachenko was killed in the collision, and the team will not be performing its routine at this years show.

  • Antonov Design Bureau to present new stages of An-70, An-124, An-124, An-148 programs realized jointly with Russia

  • VEB, Ilyushin Finance seal deal on plane construction financing

  • Killed Pilot Called Su-27 Unsafe: “The planes that the Air Force sent us … could not be used by the combat forces,” Tkachenko told the defense journal Independent Military Review on June 3, 2005. “I’ve flown the aircraft and would not put another pilot behind the wheel. It’s not safe.”

  • With Many Foreign Parts, Sukhoi Jet Doesn't Make State Fleet - The Rossiya Special Flights Squadron, a state carrier responsible for flying top Kremlin and government officials, won't include the new Sukhoi Superjet 100 in its fleet because the jet uses too many foreign parts.

  • Shoigu confirms hydraulic impact causes HPP accident - Russian Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu has again confirmed that a hydraulic impact caused the Monday morning accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydropower plant. “The main version of the emergency is a hydraulic impact, but it is necessary to find out what caused the hydraulic impact,” he said.

  • Sixty-four missing in Russian dam disaster likely dead-owner

  • RusHydro to work Sayano-Shushenskaya repair costs into 2010 tariff request

  • The losses of RusHydro HYDRO.MM, the owner of the Sayano-Shushinskay plant, could exceed 27 million roubles.

  • It could take up to four years to restore turbines damaged on Monday in an accident at the Sayano-Shushinskaya hydro-power station in Siberia, according to some experts.

  • RusHydro: Too Big to Fail, Four years to recover - One third of RusHydro's total capacity was shut down this morning due to a huge accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP. Interfax reports that units 2, 6 and 7 (30% of the HPP's capacity) were destroyed and it will take up to two years to return them to operation.

  • Russian hydro plant accident kills 12, 64 missing

  • Death toll in hydropower plant accident grows to 12

  • Version of Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP terror act unconfirmed

  • Blast in south Russia's Dagestan injures four - "An unidentified explosive device went off at 10:05 local time (06:05 GMT) not far from the market in Kizilyurt [a town west of the republic's capital Makhachkala]. The blast went off when a police patrol was passing by. Four people, including two police officers, were injured," a ministry official said.

  • 38 injured in Nazran blast are at Ingush Clinical Hospital

  • Plane with 9 victims of terrorist act in Nazran lands in Moscow

  • FACTBOX-Key facts about Russia's region of Ingushetia

  • Ingush Police Got Tip About Deadly Blast - Ingush police received a tip Friday that insurgents were planning to stage a suicide bombing with a GAZelle minivan.

  • Truck bomb signals trouble on Russia’s southern flank - A week of regional violence climaxed Monday in Ingushetia when a suicide bomber blew a hole in a heavily fortified police headquarters, killing at least 20.

  • Activists, Reporters Leaving Chechnya - Human rights activists and journalists are leaving Chechnya after a series of murders, saying the danger level in the region has reached the highest level.

  • Islamologist: Terrorists in the North Caucasus are trying to demonstrate that they wield the real power in the region

  • From Byzantium To Grozny -- Russia's U-Turn Toward Zakayev

  • Welcome Back to Arms - Summer is the traditional fighting season in the North Caucasus, but this year has been particularly bloody. Chechen separatism has been replaced by an increasingly vicious Islamist insurgency that has struck in republics across the region. The security services like to point to foreign fighters, but most strategists acknowledge that the deciding factor is local: a generation of young men brought up to war, with no employment prospects and a grudge against the brutality of federal forces.

  • Up close but detached - As president, Vladimir Putin occasionally had an op-ed published in foreign newspapers, putting forth the Kremlin's position on various international issues.

  • There is no need for Kremlin in this hypothesis or why DDOS is the new poetry

  • Russia’s botched policy in its own backyard - Relations between Russia and Ukraine have always been difficult. Since Ukraine’s Orange revolution in late 2004 they have been dismal. Conflicts have involved gas, agricultural trade, the Russian naval base in the Crimea, the war in Georgia and Ukraine’s interest in Nato. Even so, politicians from the two countries rarely meet.

  • Mikhalkov Directs Himself Back To Top Of Russian Film Industry - At the center of the fray is the 63-year-old Mikhalkov -- once a beloved Soviet film actor and now one of Russia's most famous directors, whose close Kremlin ties are a reminder that culture and politics remain deeply entwined in post-Soviet Russia.

  • Less Russians move abroad - The Russian Migration Service has registered a sharp decline in the number of Russians moving abroad. At the same time, the number of Russians resettling inside Russia is increasing.

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