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Industry Survey

Who are your customers?

Youth 14-21


Support people (friends, teachers, etc.)

Referral sources

Agency professionals (Probation Officers, case managers, etc.)

What do you think constitutes excellence in customer service?

Customer involvement

Attention to detail

Careful listening

Follow up

Total quality management

How could you best serve your customers without any bottlenecks or restrictions?

High staff to client/student ratio


Profit sharing (as identifier of better customer service)

Personalizing services

Technology availability

Community exposure

How do you communicate your Vision and Mission?

Formal meetings and training

Demonstrated by management

Customer interactions

Community involvement

Advertising and publications (print, web, manuals)

What are the major concerns in running your organization?

Maintaining employees

Staying tuned to Vision and Mission

Becoming best in industry

Value-added services for customers

Making the money last

Return on assets

Do you follow the ‘Management By Walking Around’ technique and if not, what management techniques do you use?

Resounding ‘Yes’ and…

Micromanagement (ability to deal with customer one-to-one)

What organizational models do you follow?



How does your organization create collaborative alliances in the community?

Professional meetings, trainings, Special events

Networking with contacts

Professional partnership development

Contracts for services

How do you feel a change in the economy affects your organization?

Fewer dollars available from funding sources

Budget cuts – retards programs

Greater utilization of limited resources

What have you found to be the best methods of communication in your organization?


Personalized communication (e-mail, memos, letters)

Longer timelines for exchanges

Open door / open books

Recognition of individual contributions/group achievements

What accounting standards does your organization follow?

General accounting procedures

Special reports as needed for funding sources & State agencies

Do you focus on profit per location or profit per customer?

Profit? (residential treatment centers)

Profit per location

What are some of the primary fiscal obstacles you face?

Shortage of grants

Federal funding

Corporate sponsorships

Tax dollars

Reduction in staff

Budget cuts

What is the corporate culture like in your organization?


Cyber savvy

Family oriented

Mostly casual

Inclusion at all levels

What innovations has your organization implemented in your industry?

Peer-based community program

Partnership with referral sources

Holistic educational approach

How do you feel today’s youth are developing toward employability?

Need better socialization skills

Conflict resolution/mediation

Need more flexibility in dealing with change

Need better problem-solving skills

What are you most concerned about in running an organization today?

Developing a cohesive team

Creative, dynamic and flexible as change agents

Robin J. Engel

Innovative professional with invaluable experience in diverse fields as a teacher, computer technician, and journalist. Possesses superior interpersonal and oratory skills. Adaptable, excels in both routine and changing environments. In addition, demonstrates expertise in the following:

  • Providing customized instructional aids and assistance regarding diverse subject matter.

  • Overseeing event planning and coordination, including creative and on-location learning and public speaking events.

  • Researching, interviewing, and compiling information for feature article composition.

  • Achieving objectives with limited supervision or instruction.

  • Organizing operations, and developing and implementing policies and procedures.

Employment History
Coordinator/Facilitator, Be the Dream Nonprofit Organization 2000-2001

Co-founded service to address youth related issues. Selected and secured venues and vendors. Developed and managed media relations, including three radio interviews. Acquired speakers and facilitators and co-hosted seminars. Managed expenses and other accounting.

Lead Teacher/Science Teacher, Scottsdale Horizons Charter School 2000-2001

Assisted students in grades five through eight with their individually paced studies in various subjects. Tracked student files, ordered supplies, conducted class meetings, organized special activities, evaluated work, and delegated tasks to two assistants. In addition, taught afternoon science classes, developing the curriculum, ordering supplies, and modifying materials for each grade level.

Substitute Teacher, Kyrene, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe School Districts 1996-1997, 1999-2000

Taught grades pre-K through eight in all subjects. Conducted classes with limited and sometimes vague instructions left by the full-time teacher.

Fifth Grade Teacher, Saguaro Elementary 1997-1999

Planned, organized, delegated, and implemented daily lessons, utilizing a variety of instructional styles, including group work, individual work, classroom lectures, hands-on instruction, private tutoring, and journal writing. Developed consistent routines to provide clarity and enhance le arning for students with diverse academic capabilities, including ESL, gifted, mildly retarded, and emotionally unstable students.

Reporter/Coordinator, Islands News 1992-1994

Attended local board and committee meetings and composed feature articles for a community news publication. Sold space to advertisers and oversaw printing and delivery.

Engineers’ Aide, Dionics, Inc. 1979-1982

Build circuit prototypes from schematics designed by engineers using concrete components. Operated mainframe computers and ran diagnostics. Drafted digital electronic schematics.

B.A., Elementary Education, 3.86 GPA, summa cum laude, Arizona State University
Technical Degree, Digital Computer Technology, Suburban Technical School

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