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In the Matter of                                              )



PROTECTIONS                                                   )      Docket No.: DOT-OST-2010-0140




________________________________________ )






Mr. Kevin Mitchell


Business Travel Coalition

214 Grouse Lane

Radnor, PA 19087



September 23, 2010





September 23, 2010


The Honorable Ray LaHood


U.S. Department of Transportation

1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE

Washington, DC 2059


Dear Secretary LaHood   


We, the 50,000 undersigned travelers and travel industry stakeholders, are deeply concerned about the problem of hidden airline fees, and we strongly support your efforts to require airlines to make their fees fully and easily accessible to both consumers and intermediaries in the travel industry, so travelers can compare prices and know in advance how much their trips will cost.


Therefore, we urge you to use your ongoing Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) process to require airlines to make all of their ancillary fee information easily accessible not only on their own websites but also through online and offline travel agencies via the major reservations systems that power those ticketing systems. This will give consumers more information and better choices, allowing them to comparison shop among airlines by both cost and services offered to find the best air travel options.


As you know, more than 50% of air travelers do not purchase their tickets through the airlines directly, but instead use online or brick-and-mortar travel agencies.  Thus, a requirement that airlines only post the fees to their own websites will leave more than half of the traveling public without access to that information.  Worse, the airlines have made the fee information on their own sites difficult to find and impossible to compare with other airlines.  Even the few fees shown during the ticketing process on their own sites are usually presented late in the process, after the flier has already committed to the purchase.


Requiring the airlines to make all of their fees electronically available through all booking channels will unleash the creativity of the online medium and the full support of traditional travel agents to help travelers search, find and compare air travel costs and services across the full spectrum of airlines. 


Leisure and business travelers alike are surprised to find hidden fees that can sometimes double the cost of an airfare upon arrival at the airport or upon completion of their travel purchase.  This situation is ruining vacations and undermining business travel budgeting.  We appreciate your ongoing leadership on behalf of the airline industry consumer and ask that you protect all air travel consumers from hidden fee abuse.



1, Carolyn Charney, Bardonia, New York

2, Blair Kangley, Seattle, Washington

3, Tom Mellett, Ambler, Pennsylvania

4, James Coates, Westminster, Massachusetts

5, W Michael Craighead, Detroit, Michigan

6, Dawn A. Lester, Woodbridge, Virginia

7, Ann Rossi, Newark, Delaware

8, Dale Bade, Tucson, Arizona

9, Karen Manuel, Winslow, Arizona

10, Leona Cronk, Tully, New York

11, Rob Riffert, Oscoda, Michigan

12, Ronald Culmer, Dublin, California

13, Lynne Bairstow, Chicago, Illinois

14, Patricia Logan, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

15, Deborah Mckay- Ccte, San Diego, California

16, C. Westphal, Sewell, New Jersey

17, Kevin Donnelly, Hinsdale, Illinois

18, Bob Jones, Ada, Michigan

19, Robert Tanna, Lacey, Washington

20, Marie Beppel, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

21, John Roberts, Miramar, Florida

22, Linda Harkey, Locust, North Carolina

23, Gerald Schiff, Torrance, California

24, J M Lopez, Berkeley, California

25, Christopher Rockwood, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

26, Joe Casillas, Dunnigan, California

27, Ronald Phillips, Hiawatha, Iowa

28, Deborah J. Smith, Norristown, Pennsylvania

29, Deb Mcgowan, Glendale, Arizona

30, Rick, Woodland Hills, California

31, Faye Freeman, Jackson, Mississippi

32, Pavel Dulguerov, Gingins, OTHER

33, Phyllis , Montclair, New Jersey

34, J Gates, Farmville, Virginia

35, Wolff Vonsdchmidt, Fullerton, California

36, Liz Heywood, Red Hook, New York

37, Sharon, Grapevine, Texas

38, Patricia Beetleyu, , OTHER

39, Thomas Burnip, Henderson, Nevada

40, Janie & Louis Zbranek, Pflugerville, Texas

41, David Overly, Park Rapids, Minnesota

42, Robert W. Cowley," Newport, Ri", Rhode Island

43, Marti Auler, Urbana, Illinois

44, William Coles, Salt Lake City, Utah

45, Benedict Zollo, Waterbury, Connecticut

46, Vanessa, New York, New York

47, Dominic Masut, Newport Beach, California

48, Gina Taliaferro Lofquist, Dayton, Ohio

49, Jerry Schwaiger, Monroe, Wisconsin

50, R Ross, W Bloomfield, Michigan

51, Susan Olan, Sugar Land, Texas

52, Marilyn Resto, Queens, New York

53, S.Parrella, Venice, Florida

54, Ron Spangler, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

55, Davie Bedont, South Jordan, Utah

56, Estelle Kandel, Baltimore, Maryland

57, Louise Madlin, Palm Springs, California

58, Marc Nantel, Weymouth, Massachusetts

59, Ed Wielawski, Brookline, Massachusetts

60, Joseph Bunch, Plano, Texas

61, Gary E Benjamin, Clearwater, Florida

62, Mary, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

63, Louis Vwerling, Incline Village, Nevada

64, Je Cooper, Milwaukie, Oregon

65, Eliana Garces, Los Angeles, California

66, Laur, Foster City, California

67, Heidi Hartmann, Washington, District of Columbia

68, Linda Moore, Riverton, New Jersey

69, Candice Cohen, New York, New York

70, Cristina Garces, Madrid, Alabama

71, Amy C, Newport News, Virginia

72, Kenneth Mcclintock, San Juan, Puerto Rico

73, Jeffrey Newcomb, Washington , District of Columbia

74, Mick Mitchell, Harleysville, Pennsylvania

75, Andrew Weinstein, Washington, District of Columbia

76, Anne Hill, Collierville, Tennessee

77, Brandon Macsata, Washington, District of Columbia

78, Kelly Keane, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

79, Melissa Raue, Pound Ridge, New York

80, Jenna Pattison, Royersford, Pennsylvania

81, Andrew Shepp, Atlanta, Georgia

82, Megan Murray, Reston, Virginia

83, Mathias Wegner, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

84, Valerie, Saulino, Pennsylvania

85, Judy Mcgee, Naples, Florida

86, Jessica Tambourino, Ambler, Pennsylvania

87, Sterling Miller, Colleyville, Texas

88, Karla Hellings, Collegeville, Pennsylvania

89, Kathy Marsh, Stamford, Connecticut

90, Michael Carter, Columbus, Ohio

91, Lisa Maguire, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

92, Michelle De Costa, Boston, Massachusetts

93, Liz Prom, Kalamazoo, Michigan

94, Bill Ihling, Reading, Kansas

95, Daisie Davis, Lakeland, Florida

96, David Bridgens, Arlington, Texas

97, Bonnie Hill, Ontario, New York

98, Janet Moslener, Pennington, New Jersey

99, Ashley, Miami, Florida

100, Clare, Brainerd, Minnesota

101, Roland Hill, Vero Beach, Florida

102, Dorothy Flannery, Key Biscayne, Florida

103, Lee Tuthill, Washington, District of Columbia

104, Darrell Manning, Gladstone, Oregon

105, Tom Wood, Largo, Florida

106, Anjum Malik, Austin, Texas

107, Katherine Werner, Waitsfield, Vermont

108, Beverly Zajkowski, Rochester, New York

109, Jeff Everett, Dallas, Texas

110, Lisa Mccarthy, Naples, Florida

111, Patricia Contino, Teaneck, New Jersey

112, Eric Maryanov, Los , Alabama

113, Eric Maryanov, Los Angeles, California

114, Russ Perkins, Euless, Texas

115, Ken, Prospect, Connecticut

116, Kyle Moore, Southlake, Texas

117, Susan Loebner, West Linn, Oregon

118, Earl Roger Lowry, St. Louis, Missouri

119, Tadry Domagala Jr, Glastonbury, Connecticut

120, Susan Pardon, Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan

121, Bruno Ledda, West Bloomfield, Michigan

122, Mayer Nudell, North Hollywood, California

123, Nancy Breslow, New York, New York

124, Mary Graham, Marlboro, New York

125, Yisrael Teichman, Monroe, New York

126, Matt, Rutherford, New Jersey

127, Cary Curphy, Kansas City, Kansas

128, Mike Mary, Boston, Massachusetts

129, Peter Mccallion, Lee, Massachusetts

130, Mary L. Ridlon, Vero Beach, Florida

131, Ed Feldman, New York, New York

132, Howard Kaplan, Lake Mary, Florida

133, Gerard, Virga, Michigan

134, Ched Houser, Los Angeles, California

135, Lynne Shaver, Grand Junction, Colorado

136, Brant Davidson, South Lake Tahoe, California

137, K Johnson, Slc, Utah

138, Cindy Lea Sanborn, Plymouth, Minnesota

139, Stan Chichester, Southlake, Texas

140, David Zuercher, Grapevine, Texas

141, Joel Bailey, Dallas, Texas

142, Paula Burright, Coppell, Texas

143, Ravi, Flower Mound, Texas

144, Barbra Anderson, Burleson, Texas

145, Venu Kamal Koneru, Irving, Texas

146, William F Doran, Greensboro, North Carolina

147, Sandra Boone, Trophy Club, Texas

148, Anita Cator, Flower Mound, Texas

149, Christine Sieja, Trophy Club, Texas

150, Carrie Chambers, Arlington, Texas

151, John Macdonald, Denton, Texas

152, James Jones, Trophy Club, Texas

153, Phil Van Duyn, Akron, Ohio

154, B. Vinod, Grapevine , Texas

155, Brigette Davis, Saint Louis, Missouri

156, Michael Mcdaniel, Asheville, North Carolina

157, David Gross, Dallas, Texas

158, Darlene , Duryea, Pennsylvania

159, Timothy Hill, Houston, Texas

160, Becky , Frederick, Maryland

161, Brigitte Lyles, Woodbridge, Virginia

162, Ernest Andrades, Boston, Massachusetts

163, Erik Dingledine, Columbus , Ohio

164, David Beckett, Mobile, Alabama

165, Steve Glanstein, Honolulu, Hawaii

166, Kenneth Bridges, Miami, Florida

167, Elyse Glickman, Sherman Oaks, California

168, Paul Foster, Houston, Texas

169, Renee Brandon, Boston, Massachusetts

170, Richard Augustine, San Francisco, California

171, Kevin Stupfel, Laguna Niguel, California

172, Brenda Davis, Southlake, Texas

173, Diana Sheppard, Trophy Club, Texas

174, Carol Ayala, Monteagle, Tennessee

175, Craig, Martin, Texas

176, Marsha Matlock, Arlington, Texas

177, Leta Wolfe, Yuma, Arizona

178, Patricia M Vasquez, Pacific Grove, California

179, Paula Pratt, Southlake, Texas

180, Barbara, Durham, North Carolina

181, First Lady, Louisville, Kentucky

182, Susan Noland, Bedford, Texas

183, Glenn Miller, Studio City, California

184, Barbara Balducci, West Caldwell, New Jersey

185, Elizabeth Gonzalez, Keller, Texas

186, David Lachance, Southlake, Texas

187, James Philp, Arlington , Texas

188, Leigh Dillhoff, Arlington, Texas

189, Beverly Gallant, Cream Rdige, New Jersey

190, Raymond J Mikolay, Parlin, New Jersey

191, Rick Rose, Newnan, Georgia

192, Keith Campbell, Carrollton, Texas

193, Stephanie Hoyt, Crofton, Maryland

194, Jennifer Petty, Redford, Michigan

195, Traci Conway, Berlin , New Jersey

196, Valerie Crotty, St. Louis Park, Minnesota

197, Debi Scholar, Scotch Plains, New Jersey

198, Alex Rodriguez, Miami, Florida

199, Kathryn Bullis, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

200, Brooke Brooks, Dallas, Texas

201, James Lucas, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

202, A Bohn, Boston, Massachusetts

203, Scott Eley, Dallas, Texas

204, Danette O'connell, Bixby, Oklahoma

205, Michael Waschka, Fort Worth, Texas

206, Nancy Lapakko, Minneapolis, Minnesota

207, Pam Mcginn, Evansville, Indiana

208, Beth Demarco, Rocheport, Missouri

209, Luzia Geipe, Keller, Texas

210, Brian Howes, New York, New York

211, Sally Webb, Brooklyn, New York

212, James Jacobs, Tampa, Florida

213, Elena Yasno, Calabasas, California

214, Paul Bergman, Grapevine, Texas

215, Harold Hodges, Ashland City, Tennessee

216, Camille Yeager, Langhorne, Pennsylvania

217, Raymond Alvandi, Glendale, California

218, Paul Baur, Reading, Pennsylvania

219, Lisa P. Sweet, Gilbert, Arizona

220, Nelly Burguete, Brownsville, Texas

221, Ted Mcdermott, Southlake, Texas

222, Lynne Erikson, Grand Rapids, Michigan

223, Suzi Myers, North Richland Hills, Texas

224, Kari Thomas, Langhorne, Pennsylvania

225, Jeanine Eissler, Montgomery, Alabama

226, Liz Mitchell, Harleysville , Pennsylvania

227, Amy Boche, Minneapolis, Minnesota

228, Paulina Osypka, Davie, Florida

229, Jeremy, Warrington , Pennsylvania

230, Gary Berger, Williamsville, New York

231, Mike Weingart, Houston, Texas

232, Samantha Berger, Williamsville, New York

233, Dezorea Whiteaker, Burleson, Texas

234, M Dizon, Westlake Village, California

235, Sandy Ewing, Bend, Oregon

236, Bonnie Miller, Harper Woods, Michigan

237, Hector,San Fransisco, California

238, Kim Areman, Keller, Texas

239, Jake Needs, Keller, Texas

240, Frank Beyer, Grapevine, Texas

241, Carol Lisec, Burbank, California

242, Don Springer, Hurst, Texas

243, Bill Lisec, Burbank, California

244, George, Fullerton, California

245, Greg, Carrollton, Texas

246, Dave Brinkerhoff, Brighton, Michigan

247, Christine Gallagher, Palm Springs, California

248, Virgilia Rainey, Pleasant Hill, California

249, Geraldine Gelfand, San Diego, California

250, Kathy Overstreet, Maple Valley, Washington

251, Kary Williams, Trophy Club, Texas

252, Keith Keeter, Trophy Club, Texas

253, Evan Williams, Trophy Club, Texas

254, Courtney Williams, Trophy Club, Texas

255, Terry Clavier, Madison Heights, Michigan

256, Johnny Jarrell, Dallas, Texas

257, Drudy Jarrell, Dallas, Texas

258, Chyrlyn, Fort Worth, Texas

259, Pravin M, Irving, Texas

260, Jim Abraham, West Chester, Pennsylvania

261, John Burgess, Oak Brook, Illinois

262, Charlie Lanman, Carrollton, Texas

263, Michael Lehmicke, West Chester, Pennsylvania

264, Lee & Darlene Laster, Honolulu, Hawaii

265, Mary O'hara, New York, New York

266, Ron Grimes, Grapevine, Texas

267, Csilla Dali, Mt. Prospect, Illinois

268, Tracy Bordbar, Carrollton, Texas

269, Kathy Villafane, Beatrice, Nebraska

270, Peggy Weidert, Burlington, Wisconsin

271, Patricia Hager, Encinitas, California

272, Deborah L. Barga, Sidney, Ohio

273, Dai Vaughan, Santa Maria, California

274, Clint Schrader, Portland, Oregon

275, Pamela Zohn, Denver, Colorado

276, Luke Thomas, Greensburg, Pennsylvania

277, Charles Leocha, Springfield, Virginia

278, David Daniger, Colorado Springs, Colorado

279, Matthew Shenker, Bellevue, Washington

280, Elizabeth F., Palmyra, Virginia

281, Justin Rodino, Seattle, Washington

282, Kathie Phillipo, Fort Worth, Texas

283, Nancy Barnes, San Diego, California

284, Mark Carolla, Herndon, Virginia

285, Susan Edstrom, Trophy Club, Texas

286, Holly Marquez, Fresno, California

287, Judy Cartwright, Owasso, Oklahoma

288, Dave Zabriskie, Euless, Texas

289, Simon Bramley, Southlake, Texas

290, Paige Pendleton, Rockport, Maine

291, Barbara Hvoschinsky, Redwood City, California

292, Laura Sangster, Alpharetta, Georgia

293, Colleen Jones, Fort Worth, Texas

294, Ryan Mcgredy, Danville, California

295, Barbara Tucker, Shawnee, Oklahoma

296, Taneka Martin, New York, New York

297, Jerry Ray, Fort Worth, Texas

298, Manny, Waukesha, Wisconsin

299, Don West, Las Cruces, New Mexico

300, Sandy Beaudet, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

301, Cheri Verrastro, Fresno, California

302, Sudha Raghavan, Colleyville, Texas

303, Hal Axelrod, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

304, Troy, Chicago, Illinois

305, James K Carroll, Alexandria, Virginia

306, Cheryl Pimental, Hingham, Massachusetts

307, Heidi Hoehn, Sierra Madre, California

308, Debbi Cunningham, Yukon, Oklahoma

309, Jonathan Perkel, Dallas, Texas

310, Anne Sawyer , Huntington Beach, California

311, Brian Bennert, San Jose, California

312, France L. Jonas," Queens, Ny", New York

313, Kim R. Fischer, Saint Paul, Minnesota

314, Daisy, Larkspur, California

315, Paul Scofield, Cary , North Carolina

316, Lucinda Gosling, Salisbury, Maryland

317, Melissa Seida, Roanoke, Texas

318, Lorene Milligan, Valley Village, California

319, Martha, Mckenney, Colorado

320, Nicole Miller, Orlando, Florida

321, Arlene Schreder, Laguna Niguel, California

322, Doug Fisher, Albuquerque, New Mexico

323, Luis Soto, San Juan, Puerto Rico

324, Brian Peters, Yonkers, New York

325, Sybil Collins, Euless, Texas

326, Richmond Walton, Carmel, Indiana

327, Richard Burke, Dallas, Texas

328, Will Traywick, Plano, Texas

329, Sasha Silverstein, Brooklyn, New York

330, Richard Hansen, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

331, D West, Castle Rock, Colorado

332, G West, Castle Rock, Colorado

333, Els Delanoy, Brea , California

334, Patrick, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

335, Damien Jaques, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

336, Bobbi Hansen, Wichita, Kansas

337, Gary T. Bennett, North Las Vegas, Nevada

338, Parvin Malik, Cameron Park, California

339, Ruth K Sopko, Charlotte, North Carolina

340, Jess Neal, Colorado Springs, Colorado

341, Robina Poonawala, Austin, Texas

342, Larriana Liew, Mukilteo, Washington

343, Ina Schweitzer, Riverside, California

344, Dee Maharaj, Rowlett, Texas

345, Bob Kafka, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

346, Penny Sorenson, Anchorage, Alaska

347, Lynn Rosen, Belkingham, Washington

348, Petra Kern, Long Beach, California

349, Pat Andrade-Evans, The Colony, Texas

350, Irupe Alzogaray, , Alabama

351, Carolina Valdes, Montevideo, New York

352, S. Haines, Cape Coral, Florida

353, Debra M. Detterer, Exton, Pennsylvania

354, Carl Johnson, Las Cruces, New Mexico

355, Mitchell Stein, Los Angeles, California

356, Darrin Chastain, Newark, Delaware

357, James Clark, Dade City, Florida

358, Rose Barton, Cape Coral, Florida

359, Ashley, Quier, North Carolina

360, Robert Fitzcharles, East Earl, Pennsylvania

361, Joseph Palacios, Los Angeles, California

362, Mary Orban, Springfield, Virginia

363, Gladys Tripp, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

364, Marie Cohen, White Plains, New York

365, Nelson King, Redondo Beach, California

366, Barbara Brenneck, West Chester, Pennsylvania

367, Patricia Hicks, Denton, Texas

368, Laurie Kenney, Plaistow, New Hampshire

369, Mary, Lexington, Massachusetts

370, Carl Stone, Arlington, Texas

371, Michael W, Garland, Texas

372, Rjward, Chicago, Illinois

373, Daniela, Clark, Texas

374, Bryan Nandrasy, Grapevine, Texas

375, Pablo Cappelletto, Southlake, Texas

376, Tim Reed, Dallas, Texas

377, Charles Binz, Keller, Texas

378, Arthur Ticknor, Eugene, Oregon

379, Julio Ortiz, Grapevine, Texas

380, David Bush, Waxahachie, Texas

381, Stephanie, Buffalo, New York

382, Daniel Dubose, Wylie, Texas

383, Geoffrey Millstone, Clarksburg, West Virginia

384, Guillermo Prosper, Southlake, Texas

385, Marinus Van Osch, Grand Forks, North Dakota

386, Sandra Mcbride, Paoli, Pennsylvania

387, Brent Blake, Leawood, Kansas

388, Victoria Cantrell, Torrance, California

389, Beverly E Young, Niceville, Florida

390, Zyn Martinez, West Chester, Pennsylvania

391, Colleen Barthlow, Antioch, Tennessee

392, Joy Craig, Bluffton, South Carolina

393, Helen Montoya, Redwood City, California

394, Cynthia Hill, Wayland, Massachusetts

395, Patrick Osborne, Corinth, Texas

396, Jennifer Mills, New York, New York

397, Steven Schipper, Irving, Texas

398, Barbara Fishman, Peachtree City, Georgia

399, Karin Patrick, Sebastian, Florida

400, Denis, Horgan, Connecticut

401, David, Weiner, Georgia

402, Shelley Patterson, North Miami Beach, Florida

403, Peg Aikman, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

404, Julie Kolberg, Gresham, Oregon

405, K. Wambach, Westport, Alabama

406, Linda Smith, Bedford, Texas

407, Laura M, Lake Dallas, Texas

408, Lisa Elias, Troy, Michigan

409, Linda Wakefield, Sweet Home, Oregon

410, Teri Stinson, Portland, Oregon

411, Jody Chavis, Keller, Texas

412, Ginny, Houston, Texas

413, Glenn Selfe, Austin, Texas

414, William Lawton, Fort Myers, Florida

415, Janette Shaver-Malick, Lincoln, Nebraska

416, Jeanelle Harrison, Fort Myers, Florida

417, Kara, Luna, Florida

418, Bryan Mamantov, Grapevine, Texas

419, Bob Vigne, Fort Myers, Florida

420, Craig, Pismo Beach, California

421, Stacey Pina, Arvada, Colorado

422, Steve Knackstedt, Punta Gorda, Florida

423, Robin Bowles, Louisville, Kentucky

424, Kenneth Hieber, New York City, New York

425, Richard Silverman, Boston, Massachusetts

426, Jim Wakefield, Tulsa, Oklahoma

427, Pedro Alves, N. Attleboro, Massachusetts

428, Jaimie Johnson, Keller, Texas

429, Adrienne Lee, Newark, California

430, Shelley Elliott, Euless, Texas

431, Manisha Gupta, Flower Mound, Texas

432, Richard Oiseth, Seattle, Washington

433, Mari , , Alabama

434, Mari A. Lebleu, Tulsa, Oklahoma

435, Andrew Lange, Culver City, California

436, Janey Cahill, Cape Coral, Florida

437, Joan Harkenrider, Irving, Texas

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