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Annie Blyth

Annie (Mrs Mainland) entered Fourth Year in 1926. She became an Infants Mistress at Kinglassie 1947-52 after Infant Teaching at Pitlessie and North School, Kirkcaldy.

Douglas Blyth

Douglas Blyth entered first year in 1950. After a degree in Building and Construction at Heriot Watt, he worked for several large construction companies before becoming managing director of a building company in South London.

Florence Blyth

In General Post Office; Drunwhannan, Strathmiglo. Attended BBS prior to 1930.

Ivy H Blyth

Secretary at Bell-Baxter; Served with WRNS; receptionist at Hounslow Chest Clinic; 40 Whitton Dene, Hounslow, Middlesex. Attended BBS in the 1930s.

Janet R P Blyth

Mrs Janet Hannan entered BBS in 1948. She lived in Tayport and had a career in Banking and the Civil Service.

Nicole Blyth

Nicole Blyth, a fourth year pupil in 2002, was one of just 13 successful applicants out of 212 in securing a scholarship for Performing Arts at the Dance School of Scotland in Knightswood. In addition to the special curriculum she will follow a 4 Higher course.

Tom Blyth

Tom Blyth entered first year in 1950. After St. Andrews University he spent 3 years at the Sorbonne before becoming Professor of Pure Maths and Dean of the Faculty of Science at St Andrews University. His daughter, Abigail, is a safety engineer in Perth, Australia.

W J Scott Blyth

Scott Blyth started at BBS in 1948. He lives in Ceres and was a Regional Sales Manager.

Alastair Boath

BBHS 1971-7

Extracted from our eBoard:

Started working for the BBC a few months after leaving. Still there working as a video tape operator in Glasgow although I now live in Edinburgh. I enjoyed myself at the BBHS. Alastair.

Cath Bogie

BBS 1948-50

Cath Bogie entered fourth year in 1948. She was with the Clydesdale Bank from 1950-58 before becoming a housewife and mother. She lived in Prestwick, where she was an Organiser of Meals-on-Wheels and Past-Chairman of Prestwick Ladies' Circle. She was also an Elder in Kingcase Parish Church and Chief Invigilator in Ayr College. She married James Ford (qv).

May Bogie

Mrs May Gray entered second year at BBS in 1948. After leaving School she became a Draughtsperson with Fife County Council from 1950-57. She married in 1957 and moved to Banff.

Robert Thomson Bonthrone

Robert Bonthrone entered BBS in the late 1940s. He served in the Royal Air Force from 1955-58 then spent 30 years in the Finance Industry in North West England and Scotland. He retired to Bolton, Lancashire.

William Bonthrone

William Bonthrone entered sixth year at BBS in 1950. He studied for a BSc and PhD at the University of St Andrews following which he took a postdoctoral fellowship in the USA and UK. He joined Shell in 1963 and since then has lived in a number of countries throughout the world. He retired to New Malden, Surrey.

Betty Borland

Mrs. Betty Shepherd (née Borland) (1947) died in hospital on 29th October 1998 after a long illness. Betty lived in Ceres. She was a secretary before her marriage. She was actively involved in the 1947 Reunion in 1997, but became seriously ill shortly afterwards. She is survived by her husband Bill and her son Alan.

Robert F Boucher


BBS 1940-44

Roy Boucher (1940, coming into 3rd year) died in March 2008, aged 81, after many years of illness. On leaving School, Roy studied Medicine at St Andrews University and graduated MB ChB in 1950. After National Service in Kenya, he practised medicine in County Durham for the rest of his career. One of his leisure pastimes was playing the pipes as well as the Northumbrian pipes. He was predeceased by his wife and is survived by his daughter and his sister. (Contributed by his sister, Roberta, qv).

Roberta Boucher


Roberta Boucher died on 8th June 1998 aged 98. She was the aunt of Roberta Boucher (1943) who now lives in East Kilbride and the last surviving member of the immediate family of the late Provost Robert Boucher. Roberta's career was in music and she taught in various parts of Scotland.

Roberta Boucher

Roberta Boucher entered BBS in 1943. She went into Primary Teaching and taught in Fife, Glasgow and Lanarkshire. She lived in East Kilbride.

Norman G Bourhill

Norman Bourhill entered BBS in 1945. He served in the Royal Navy from 1948-58 then worked in Government Communications in various stations at home and overseas. He lived in Taunton, Somerset.

Beth Bowden

Miss Beth Bowden died in Pitlair Nursing Home, Bow of Fife, in April 1992. Beth entered first year in 1950. After graduating, she became a teacher in Orkney and then in Aberdeen. Unfortunately, Beth suffered a serious illness very early in her career and this left her disabled. She did, however, continue with her career.

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