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Roy Brown

BBHS 1949-55

Roy Brown died in February 1992 while living in Kent. He was married to Sylvia Chisholm (qv).

Sandy Brown

Sandy Brown (1996) left home in Ladybank in 2003 for the Ivory Coast, where he is to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He was to be working in the Abidjan Mission, which covers a number of French-speaking countries in West Africa.

Sophie Brown

The annual visit to the First World War Battlefields took place in October 2000. Sophie Brown, Nicole Johnston and Debbie Munro joined with Mr. Miller in playing the Reveille as the pupils took part in the daily tribute to the Fallen.

From The Courier 3rd December 2010:

Sophie Brown (25) is due to marry her childhood sweetheart Murray Mackenzie (25) at the Apex Hotel in the city on Sunday.

With weather forecasters saying there will be snow for the next 10 days, Sophie does not know how many of her guests will be able to get to Dundee.

‘Some people are coming from down south and a handful from up north and some more from Edinburgh,’ said Sophie, who works in St Andrews University's development office. The couple have invited around 50 close friends and family to share in the celebrations.

‘Everybody is definitely going to make the effort to get here,’ Sophie said. ‘It is a bit concerning but the day is the day and if people make it, they make it and if they don't, they don't. As long as we are there that is the most important thing.

‘We will go ahead no matter what.’

The couple, who met at Bell Baxter High School in Cupar, now live in Dundee, where Murray works.

‘We wanted to get married in winter and thought the first weekend in December would be a good time but we weren't banking on this weather.’

As Britain freezes through the worst winter for many years, could it be that Sophie is dreaming of a honeymoon somewhere hot?

‘It is a big secret,’ said Sophie, admitting she would appreciate going somewhere warm. ‘I don't know anything about the honeymoon. Murray has not mentioned it. It is a surprise.’

Tommy Brown


Tommy Brown spent 3 years in a Scottish preparatory school. He talked to researchers for the 1968 School Magazine (Jennifer Tresize, Mary Eagles and Fiona Ewen) about school discipline and, more especially, about corporal punishment.

I had far too much punishment - well, I did too many things wrong, probably - everything I did was wrong just about - not quite, but … well, - stupid things, like hiding comics and things, and going away along the road to the sweet shop to get some sweets, and you weren't allowed to have any sweets, or bring things into school, or in the dormitories at night, reading late at night, or talking late on at night -stupid things like that, and you got the gym-shoes across your backside for it. But if you did something really bad, you had to put your gym-shorts on and go and get the cane.

Well, I don't know how sore it was; well, put it this way, it was worse than the belt; the cane was about the same as the belt, and the gym-shoe was much worse than it - these big, thick, number ten gym-shoes, you know, size 10 ooh! I don't know why they gave the cane for doing worse things. I remember dropping stink-bombs in the changing room and only getting six of the cane for it - I dunno, six of the cane wasn't so bad as three of the cane, I don't know why.

Because you were there all the time, there were more things to be punished for. Talking in class, or something stupid like that is all you're punished for here, but there at nights and in the mornings you could do plenty - like not getting up for P.T. - P.T. at six in the morning - oh boy!

Well, maybe it stopped you doing some things, but when there are some things that you have such a joy in doing, you're not really worried about whether you get the cane or not - like dropping the stink bomb in the changing room - that was great fun!

Valerie Brown

Mrs Valerie Duncan (1969) died on 5th August 2005 in St. Columba's Hospice, Edinburgh, after a long illness. Valerie had worked for many years with the Edinburgh Blood Transfusion Service after she moved to Musselburgh. She is survived by her husband Stewart, also a Former Pupil.

Andrew Bruce

Andrew Bruce of Cupar was School Captain for Session 2001-2.

Martha Bruce

Mrs Martha Watson entered BBS in 1935. She became a Predictor Operator with the Royal Artillery and was attached to the Royal Navy for War Service. Later she became a Post Office Clerk, a Mothers’ Help and a Nanny.

Mary Bruce

Mary entered BBS in 1938. She became a Children's Nanny and spent two years in the Womens’ Royal Naval Service.

Anne I S C Brunton

Mrs Anne Lumsden entered BBS in 1945. She had been a Music Teacher before becoming a Building Society Office Manager. She lived in Longforgan, Duindee.

Christian Mary Brunton

Mrs Bache entered BBS in 1933. She lived in Oslo, Norway.

Elizabeth Lees Brunton

Mrs Elizabeth Neave entered BBS in 1942. She became a Registered Nurse and
underwent State Enrolled Midwife Training. She completed High School in Berkeley, California. At the time of the Centenary, Elizabeth was working on a BA degree at Queen's University Kingston, Ontario.

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