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Thomas B Clark

BSc (1st Hons.) in Chemistry; won medals for Mathematics and Chemistry; did research under Sir James C Irvine; Brigade Major in RA; mentioned in despatches in Far East; became Chairman of Heavy Organic Chemicals Division of ICI, Billingham, Co. Durham. Attended BBS prior to 1930.

Kathleen Cleghorn

Mrs Kathleen Hetherington (née Cleghorn) (1958) died on 1st April 2004 after a long illness. Kathleen went to Dunfermline College on leaving School and qualified as a PE Teacher. She taught for many years in Donaldson's College in Edinburgh. She developed Motor Neuron Disease some months before she died. She lived in Dalgety Bay and is survived by her husband and 2 sons.

Stephen Cleland

Stephen Cleland of Cupar graduated PhD from the Faculty of Medicine, Glasgow University in 1999. He then took up a post at Stirling Royal Infirmary. His medical studies were completed earlier at Glasgow.

Fanny A Cluness

Fanny Cluness (Dux Medallist in 1937) graduated MA in 1942 and BD in 1943 spent a lot of time following her retirement in voluntary work with children and young people. She encouraged them to look forward to University.

William Clunie

William Clunie, who was a pupil in the late 20s - early 30s died on 27th August 1992. He was a native of Kingskettle and taught for many years in Castlehill School.

John Colliar

John Colliar (early 1940s) died on 17th August 2002 in the Adamson Hospital. He served first with the Military Police in Germany at the end of the Second World War, returning to join Fife Constabulary in 1950. He served in Cupar, Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy and Dysart, where he established the Operations Room. He was also an Inspector in Burntisland. John was Traffic Superintendent in Fife Constabulary when he retired. His retirement was spent in Cupar. He was predeceased by his wife Kirsty (née Herd) and by his daughter Fiona. He is survived by one daughter, Kathleen, and his son Ian.

Jim Coombes


BBHS 1956-60

I left Bell Baxter 5A1 shortly after the year started and with my parents moving to west Fife, transferred to Dunfermline High School. From there on to Glasgow University because it was far enough away for a living away from home grant. Graduated in Geology in 1968 and followed with a Diploma in Management Studies in 1969. Joined Procter & Gamble in Newcastle in 1969 and never left. Started in Brand Management, but it wasn't for me and moved into Market Research. Came across computers in 1972 and found my forte. Took over responsibility for managing firstly UK Market Research systems, then European and finally Global. Great thing about that was I never had a boss in the same country as myself from 1985 and almost all the people for whom I was ever responsible were in different countries, so they didn't have to put up with me being there. Managing a group of people distributed over 3 continents presented some interesting challenges. My travel budget became interesting too, exceeding my salary by quite a margin at times. However there was no logic in re-locating me from Newcastle as no one country had a majority of my effort focused on it.

Lost a day of my life when a series of business meetings took me westerly round the world. They tried to make it up for me just before I retired in the spring of 2003 by asking me to go round the other way but I refused on the grounds that I wasn't going to work one day longer than I had to.

Married to Sylvia for almost 35 years (1972), and now under her feet since retiring just over 2½ years ago (2003). We have a daughter Kay, still looking for that right job after graduating in Archaeology from Newcastle University last year (2005).

Just a few highly selective life highlights - well you don't expect me to tell you the boring bits!:-

During student days assuring a senior police officer that we knew of no students involved in trying to steal a cannon from Dumbarton Castle, while my fingers were still sore from climbing the wall.

Watching one of André Segovia's last ever concerts from the second row. The Newcastle theatre classed it as classical and applied classical seat pricing. Our seats were ridiculously cheap while the rich and wealthy including all our company directors sat 8 to 10 rows behind having paid a fortune. Yamaha chartered a plane from Japan to attend.

Realising that Hong Kong is a key Asia hub and applying astute journey planning to end up at the Harbour View Hotel over the weekend between offices - twice! Having lunch with the president of Cyprus in his penthouse suite overlooking Nicosia - his daughter was doing business with us.

Reapplying journey planning experience from Hong Kong to Miami which is the main Latin America hub, stopping over at the Sheraton Miami Beach for the weekend between offices - re-application is an important business principle.

That makes it all sound a lot more interesting than it really was.

Christina Ovenstone Cooper

Christina (Aileen) Ovenstone Cooper of 16 Lime Grove, Methil, formerly of Ladybank, died suddenly at Cameron Hospital on 11th October 1991; Aileen had been on the nursing staff at Stratheden Hospital.

Joanne Cooper

BBHS 1966-70

I was a pupil 1966-1970 left at the end of 5th year.  Have been in the USA since 1982, live in the SW state of New Mexico, this is 5500 ft altitude and desert!  Very different from Cupar but is home now. I am happily married celebrated silver wedding on 14th September 2010. We have a 24-year old son who has two beautiful daughters aged 16 months and four years. Would love to hear from former classmates.

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