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Mary W Finlay

Mrs May Hendry (née Finlay) (1923) died in a nursing home on 9th September 2007. May's career was spent in the County Clerk's Department in the County Buildings, following training at Bruce's Commercial College in Dundee. She was a lifelong member of St John's Church, where she was a member of the choir for more than half a century and a member of the Guild. She was also a member of Cupar Choral Association for many years and was an accomplished pianist. It was very late in life - at the age of 78 - that she married, and for some years she and her husband shared their time between her home in Cupar and his home in Harare, Zimbabwe. She was predeceased by her husband some years previously and moved only two years before her death to a Residential Home in Cupar.

Margaret W Fisher


BBS 1934-8

Mrs Margaret Smith died peacefully in Gibson House nursing home in St Andrews on April 13 2012, having moved there from her home in Argyle Court in 2009.

Born Margaret Fisher in the flat above her parents' business of Fisher & Donaldson, Cupar, Mrs Smith spent her early years in Crail while her father ran the East Neuk branch of the bakers.

The family moved back to Cupar in 1928 and she attended Kirkgate, Castlehill and Bell Baxter schools, leaving at the age of 15 to join the family business.

She spent a year training at Goodfellow and Steven in Dundee then went on to domestic science school in Glasgow where she graduated in the cordon bleu course.

At the outbreak of war in 1939, Margaret was back working in Cupar, and Fisher & Donaldson's restaurant was taken over by the county council as a British restaurant serving local workers.

Margaret managed the restaurant for a time before joining the WRNS and was posted to Easthaven, near Carnoustie, where her accommodation consisted of rat- infested nissen huts.

In August 1944, she met a Cornish mining engineer, James Trezise, who was visiting Carnoustie on leave from Nigeria. They were engaged a week later and they married in St John's Church, Cupar, on Christmas Day 1945, just after the war ended.

Margaret bought M. Duncan Ltd., fruit and flower shop in the Crossgate (now Gregg's the Baker), and continued to run the shop after the birth of their first son, Arthur (now better know as Artie, qv) in 1947. Eventually Jimmy gave up engineering and joined his wife in the shop.

Two more children arrived, Jennifer and John, and they moved from their first home in Castlefield to live above the shop in the Crossgate. A second branch of the shop opened immediately across the street.

Margaret continued to be an active member of St John's Church and took part in a number of Gilbert & Sullivan productions in the chorus of Cupar Opera.

She also took up golf, which became a life-long passion when she joined Cupar Golf Club in 1963. Highlights of her golfing career were winning the Burns Cup and beating future professional, Dale Reid (qv), at a competition in Ladybank.

What she described as the 'best day of my life' came later in the 1980s when she scored for Tom Watson, Bernard Langer, and Greg Norman at the Open in St Andrews, made even better by the fact that Tom Watson remembered her name.

Along with Margaret Coupar and Sybil Johnston, she formed Cupar Floral Art Club in 1957 and some 10 years ago was made a life member.

Jimmy, her husband, died suddenly from a heart attack, aged 57, in May 1977. By this time part of the business had been sold off to the Bradford & Bingley Building Society and she eventually retired from the business in January 1978.

In January 1978, Margaret married Pat Smith, the accountant at the Royal Bank in St Andrews, and they set up home at Grange Road in the town.

By this time her family had left home and she had time to indulge her passion for golf, bridge schools, carpet bowls and travel.

Margaret and Pat made trips to the Canadian Rockies and to the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta for the 1985 and 1987 tournaments. Together they enjoyed a full social life, and when he died in 1998, she moved into the sheltered housing complex at Argyle Court.

As well as three children, Margaret leaves seven grandchildren and 11 step-grandchildren, one great grandchild and six great grandchildren.

Alan Fleming

Two Cupar brothers showed great enterprise in 2003 in attempting to bring Broadband to Cupar Telephone Exchange. Alan Fleming, a former pupil, and his younger brother Marko, who was still at School, took their idea to the public in a 50cc three-wheel car with their message painted on it. It seems that British Telecom has said that 300 people from the area must register their interest in the fast stream internet service before they will be willing to upgrade the exchange. They have joined 2 other local lads, Alastair Brown and Alex McHardy, who have developed their own special sites to try to speed up the introduction of broadband services.

Agnes Fleming

Mrs Agnes Redpath entered BBS in 1945. After leaving school she became a Shorthand Typist to 1957 then a Clerkess/Typist from 1964-83.

Dakers Fleming


BBHS 1961-7


The 'Weekend Scotsman in 2002 featured the unusual home of Dakers Fleming. He and his wife Pat Coelho married in 1984, and they had thought of purchasing a derelict castle, Pat being an environmental designer. They modified their plans and bought instead the church at Forgan, between St Michael's and Newport. It has taken them almost 20 years to fulfil their plans, but, judging by the photographs published in the Scotsman, they have made a great success of the conversion. They have retained as many of the features of the original church as possible, including the pulpit which is part of the main living area. The couple now run a firm called ‘Partners in Planning, Architecture and Design’.

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