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Marko Fleming

Two Cupar brothers showed great enterprise in 2003 in attempting to bring Broadband to Cupar Telephone Exchange.Alan Fleming, a former pupil, and his younger brother Marko, who was still at School, took their idea to the public in a 50cc three-wheel car with their message painted on it. It seems that British Telecom has said that 300 people from the area must register their interest in the fast stream internet service before they will be willing to upgrade the exchange. They have joined 2 other local lads,Alastair Brown and Alex McHardy, who have developed their own special sites to try to speed up the introduction of broadband services.

Moira Fleming

Mrs Moira McHardy (1953) (née Fleming) died suddenly at home on 17th January 2009. Moira had suffered from poor health for many years. When she left School, she attended a course in Infant Care and Mothercraft at the Armistead Convalescent Home in Broughty Ferry. She then worked for the Sixth Marquis of Bute at Mount Stuart, Rothesay, where she was under-nanny to the three children who included Johnnie Dumfries, later to become a famous racing driver. In 1959 she looked after the boy who was to become the well known TV journalist, Andrew Marr. Her next job was at Stratfield Saye on the Duke of Wellington's estate, caring for the children of John Colville, Winston Churchill's Private Secretary, and his wife who was Lady-in-Waiting to the Queen. She then returned to Cupar and after taking a Secretarial Course, she worked in Cupar Tax office for a short time. When she married in 1964, her husband's work as a weather observer took them to Tobruk for two years. On returning to Scotland, Moira did a variety of jobs as well as bringing up her son and daughter. She enjoyed playing badminton when she was still fit and loved her garden. Even after a serious deterioration in her health, she was able to continue organising a house-group for her church once a week and to work as a volunteer in the local Traidcraft shop. She is survived by one son and one daughter.

James Forbes


James Forbes (1971) died aged 42 on 16th June 2001 as the result of a road accident. James had set up his own Graphic Design firm and had his home at Wester Kincaple, near St Andrews. He was an Elder in Cupar Old Parish Church. He is survived by his wife and two young sons, one of whom had been baptised only the week before his father's death.

Kevin Forbes

Kevin Forbes (1991) died as the result of a road accident on 29th November 1997. Kevin had just left school and started his University studies. He lived in Pitlessie. He is survived by his parents and two sisters.

Mary M Forbes

Mrs Mary Christie entered BBS in 1920. She helped to run a family grocery before marriage and raising a family. She lived in Dundee and had lots of interests.

James Ford

BBS 1945-51

James entered BBS in 1945. After leaving school he studied at St Andrews University, graduating MA with Honours in French and German. He taught in La Rochelle, France for a year before becoming a teacher in Buckhaven High School from 1958-63 then Kirkcaldy High 1963-65. He then became a Lecturer, progressing to Senior Lecturer and Co-ordinator of School Experience, Craigie College of Education, Ayr. He was a Past Chairman of Prestwick Round Table, Past President of the Rotary Club of Prestwick, Session Clerk, Kingcase Parish Church. He married Cath Bogie (qv) in December 1958. They had three children — Alan (December 1959), a Geophysicist with British Petroleum, Evelyn (September 1962) — married to Steve Linton, a chartered accountant with British Oxygen, Graeme (July 1964) —

married to Jacqueline, an air traffic controller with the CAA. They had no grandchildren yet at the time of the School Centenary!

Margaret K Ford

BBS 1949-55

Mrs Margaret Cunningham entered BBS in 1949. After School she attended Dundee Training College from 1955-58, had teaching posts in Fife from 1958-64, in Cheshire

from 1978 onwards.

Mary M Forbes

Mary (Mrs Christie) started at BBS in 1920. She claimed to have done nothing spectacular since leaving school. She helped to run the family grocery before getting married and raising a family, but had lots of interests. She lived in Dundee.

Alan Forgan

Alan Forgan is an architect and partner (1999) in the Firm of Montgomery Forgan Associates, Cupar. Alan was born and brought up in Auchtermuchty and educated at Bell Baxter High School and the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, in Dundee. After experience elsewhere, he set up in practice in Cupar.

Ian Forgan


BBHS 1953-59

Ian Forgan, who died on 23rd May 2008 at the age of 67, graduated in Geology from St Andrews University in 1962 and immediately joined Royal Dutch Shell as an International Marketing Trainee. He undertook a one year post-graduate course in business administration at the London School of Economics in 1962/63. Ian married Margaret Easton, a teacher, in The Chapel of St Salvator, St Andrews, in 1963, before starting work in London. In December 1963 Ian's first overseas posting was to Ghana where their daughter Sarah was born.

Ian's work then took them to Liberia, during which period their son Hugh was born (and where President Tubman issued Ian with a deportation order, as Ian had politely asked him to pay his overdue account). Posts in Zambia, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and back in London followed, with Ian heading the sales side of Shell's International Aviation Business in the latter. In 1986 they moved to Dubai with Ian becoming General Manager of Shell's Gulf marketing and trading operations.

They returned to the UK in 1991, and a year later Ian decided to retire one year early. After retirement, Ian continued to be involved with Shell by running The Shell Centenary Scholarship Fund bringing 65 students each year from developing countries for one year of post-graduate study at six of the best British universities. Ian was in the process of finally retiring and handing over the running of this scholarship when he was diagnosed with secondary cancer in the lung (he had never smoked), the origin of which was never found, which he then fought bravely for two years. Ian is survived by his wife, a daughter and a son and five grandchildren.

(Contributed by his brother, Alan).

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