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Agnes Gray

Mrs Agnes Mitchell entered BBS in 1925. A housewife, who lived in Freuchie, she continued her interest in sport after leaving School.

Douglas Gray

Douglas Gray was appointed an associate of the Cupar legal firm, Baird & Co in 2000. Douglas attended Bell Baxter in the 1980s and completed his legal studies in Dundee. He is married and has two children. Until recently his mother was on the Guidance Staff of the school and she also taught in the Maths Department. His father, Iain, is also a Former Pupil.

Ian Gray

Ian Gray (1945) died very suddenly on 21st November 2010.  He had been ill for a long time, and ten weeks before his death he had a leg removed. He never really recovered.

Ian joined the RAF in his late teens, travelled all over the world, collecting a wife on his travels, and acquiring two wonderful sons, and two beautiful daughters.  He is also survived by six grandchildren and a brother, Walter, who lives near Cupar. Ian’s sons plan to take his ashes to be interred with his father; Ian always wanted to 'go home'.

He often talked fondly of his time at Bell Baxter, and of his many friends from there with whom he remained in touch.

Ian started his Air Force life at RAF Cranwell, in Lincolnshire, from then on he travelled far and wide. (Ed. – Ian was an avionics technician and taught electronics in third world and developing countries after he retired from the Service in 1979).

He met me in Peterborough, where he was stationed nearby, and I was there on a weekend off with a friend.  We ended up at the local Service pub, and when I walked in, he told his mates I was the girl he was going to marry, which he did, and we were together for 56 years, interesting years, when, as a family, we were able to go with him, and live in other countries for 2 or 3 years at a time.

Our 2 sons, David and Keith, went to boarding school, Queen Victoria School in Dunblane, and from there to Stirling Uni, and Cambridge Uni for David, and London Uni for Keith. Lisa also did her Nursing degree at London Uni, but Jane was not interested in any Unis. She became a PR, and unfortunately developed M.S. I have worked for a lot of years as a welfare officer, specialising in care of the elderly and disabled, also served as a Town Councillor and Deputy Mayor.

Ian was stationed in Singapore, Gibraltar, Malta, Sharjah, Dubai, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Papua New Guinea, Saudia Arabia, Oman and some I have probably forgotten.

He was discharged from Service with Rheumatoid Arthritis at 60 years of age, and for the next 16 years he was plagued by ill health.  He enjoyed the times he was able to get to your reunions, but it was an effort for him.

Sadly, when he died so suddenly, we were not there to say our 'goodbyes'. He had been taken into care in a nursing home, and was there just 10 days.

Thank you for looking after him when he was with you in these later years.

An FPA committee member was present when Ian’s ashes were interred at the cemetery adjacent to St Michael’s golf course.

Janet A S Gray

Janet Graye entered BBS in 1930. She attended the University of St Andrews from 1937 to 1940 before going to Dundee Training College. She retired from teaching in January 1981.

George Norman Gray

Norman Gray is from the class of 1950 and has resided in South Africa since 1971.  He lived in Markinch. On leaving Bell Baxter he attended the then Heriot Watt College/University and graduated in Civil Engineering.

When he contacted us (via our eBoard) in February 2012, he told us he remembered Dr Inglis, Mr Wilson, Rector Dr J E Dunlop, Miss Livingstone and many other teachers.

Sheila B Gray

Mrs Sheila MacAllister entered BBS in 1948. After School she attended Perth Commercial College and took up an administrative/secretarial career. She lived in Whitehills, East Kilbride, Glasgow.

Wiliam S Gray

BSc (1st Hons.) DipEd; taught at Dunfermline; joined the Inspectorate and became Depute to HMCI for Further Education; Elected FRIC; Appin House, 15 Orum Brae South, Edinburgh 12. Attended BBS prior to 1930.

Alexander David Mackenzie Green


BBHS 1961-67

Married to Caroline. Two children Finlay aged 30 and Lorraine aged 27. Two stepchildren Louisa and Jamie.

Brought up in and around Cupar where father was the local Auctioneer at Ladybank Auctions for many years. Educated at Bell Baxter and at Edinburgh University - MA 1970, LLB 1972, appointed Notary Public in 1974 and member of Writer to Her Majesty's Signet in 1978.

Recently retired after practising as solicitor in Cupar for 35 years. Latterly partner then consultant with Rollo Davidson McFarlane having amalgamated my own business Green Towns WS with RDM on 1 January 2005.

Founder member of the Rotary Club of the Howe of Fife and President in the year 2003/04.

Outside interests include long time membership and support of Howe of Fife Rugby Club. Past President of Cupar Amateur Musical Society and Cupar Business Association. Keen on music of all types and currently a member of Cupar Choral Society and Cupar Amateur Musical Society. Outdoor interests include playing golf at Ladybank Golf Club with moderate success (current (2010) captain of Auchtermuchty Golfing Society), cycling and walking. Participated in long distance walks through Rotary including Lairig Ghru, West Highland Way and Great Glen Way.

Fiona Green

Fiona Green (1976) moved to Montreal when she married, after doing a Degree in French at Edinburgh University. There she became interested in subjects which until then had not figured - photography, running and cats. Around 2006 she and her husband moved to Texas, where her husband, Mirek, had been posted. The first two of Fiona's new interests merged, and she has recently published a whole ‘cat-a-ologue’ entitled ‘Mewsings, Exploring the Feline Mystique’, with one of her own cats figuring on the cover. For a number of years she has provided photographs for the annual calendar of the Montreal SPCA calendars. Her enthusiasm for running has led to her winning a number of trophies ranging in distance from 5 km to the half marathon. As Fiona regarded Art as her worst subject at School and she hated sports, it just goes to show! Never say never!

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