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Jessie Arbuckle

Trained as a nurse in Dundee and became Superintendent of Ear, Nose and Throat Department, Dundee Royal Infirmary. Attended BBS in the 1930s.

John Arbuckle

Farmed at Logie, Newburgh; Member of Potato Board; Chairman of Central Farmers. Attended BBS prior to 1930.

William Archibald

William (Billy) Archibald (1977) died very suddenly at home in Edinburgh on 24th July 2003. Billy graduated BA (Hons) in Modern Languages, having returned to study some time after leaving school. He had always been particularly interested in French, and his determination to study the language saw him through to success. Billy was unmarried, but is survived by his parents in Cupar and by a brother and 2 sisters.

Chrissie Armstrong

BSc (St Andrews); Taught in Bell- Baxter; Mrs Mitchell, 2 Commerce Street, Arbroath. Attended BBS in the 1930s.

Elizabeth E Armstrong

Elizabeth Armstrong entered BBS in 1940. After School she did three years teacher training at Moray House—thereafter assistant teacher at Markinch Primary School. She lived in Leslie.

Susan Arnold

Susan Arnold of Cupar was the School Captain for Session 1997-8. Her uncle, Jim Thomson, was School Captain in 1961-2 and her mother and grandmother (Jane Dick qv) were also FPs. She was one of two Fife pupils who were awarded sponsorship to attend the 40th Annual London International Youth Science Forum. The sponsors were Fife Industry Council. Susan, who left School in Summer 1998 and was about to start studying medicine at Aberdeen University, hoped to learn about the different applications of medicine as well as other areas of scientific study. Susan and a pupil from Balwearie High School in Kirkcaldy were chosen after Fife schools were invited to submit their best student scientific projects to the selection panel. This is the third year in succession that a Bell Baxter pupil has been selected to represent Fife.

Susan also participated in the 19th World Scout Jamboree in Chile. She wrote an article about her experiences there and on a subsequent visit to Argentina, which was published in an FPA Newsletter and reproduced in Volume I of Bell Baxter Essays, a paperback published by and available from the FPA.

Linda Arnott


Mrs Linda Gray (née Arnott) died suddenly at home on 25th January 2011. She was brought up in Gateside and lived latterly in Cupar.

When Linda left School she joined the firm of Henderson and Logie, Accountants, for whom, after bringing up her family, she continued to work for many years until she retired. She was a founder member of the Committee of the FP Association. She was a ‘frustrated’ golfer and loved to travel abroad, including cruises. She enjoyed a very active social life with her many friends as was very obvious from the very large attendance at her funeral service. She is survived by her second husband, John, and one son and one daughter.

Ann Arthur

Ann Player (née Arthur) (1970) died very suddenly in Ninewells Hospital on 29th September 1997. Ann came originally from Springfield. She is survived by her husband and three children.

Christine M Arthur

Mrs Christine Robb (née Arthur) (1948) died on 12th January 2007 aged 71. She had bravely and cheerfully survived two operations for cancer over a period of 13 years. She is survived by her husband and a son and daughter. (Information sent by her husband, David Robb).

On leaving School Christine attended Teachers Training College in Dundee. She taught in Kingskettle Primary School from 1957-63 and Hiller Academy, Thurso from 1973 until her retirement.

Philip Attwood

Philip Attwood and Lucy Aitken, who both sat Highers in Session 1999-2000, achieved the best results in Scotland, Philip in Higher Biology and Lucy (jointly) in Higher Modern Studies. As a result, Philip was awarded the Institute of Biology Prize and Lucy the Modern Studies Higher Trophy and prize.

Angus William Baillie

Entered BBS in 1939. On leaving School he was in the Royal Air Force till 1949, then to Aberdeen University and East of Scotland College of Agriculture. Was Advisor for Perth, Kinross and Fife and retired in 1986.

Claire Bain

Claire Bain (2003) was a member of the Scotland under-18 rugby squad in 2008-9. She played three games, including one against an England select and one against Canada. Claire trains with the full Scotland squad and is taking an HND in Sports Coaching at Elmwood College, with the intention of continuing her studies at university.

Claire became a member of the Scotland Women's Rugby A Squad in 2010. She is now doing Sports Studies at Stirling University. She is a member of Royal High Corstorphine Cougars in Edinburgh and she hopes to secure a job in sport teaching or coaching.

Donald Baird

BBS 1939-45

Entered BBS in 1939. Graduated MA St Andrews and LLB Edinburgh Universities; solicitor until retirement in 1985. Was Town Clerk of Cupar and partner with J L Anderson & Co., Writers, Cupar; Arden, Westfield Rd., Cupar.

Margaret Agnes Baird

Mrs Margaret Wiseman entered BBS in 1940. She She trained at Dundee College of Education and taught Primary for some years, including at Dairsie, and took a BA with the Open University in 1973. She lived near Forfar.

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