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John C Mitchell

Studied Engineering; served in Royal Air Force; some time with Fife Constabulary; then doing Engineering in Australia; Box 44, Swansea, New South Wales, Australia. Attended BBS in the early 1940s.

Peter Mitchell

Peter Mitchell, husband of Effie Leslie, father of Pat and Evelyn died on 13th December, 1993. Peter lived at 3 Curling Pond Road, Ceres.

Thomas Rigby Mitchell

Tom Mitchell (1938) died suddenly on 7th August 2000 while playing golf. Tom and his wife had retired to St Osyth, Clacton, after a career spent almost entirely abroad. Before being called up for National Service, he had begun to study Dentistry, but he did not resume his studies. He served in the Scots Guards and was then commissioned and finished his Army career as a captain in the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, serving in the UK and Italy Following his National Service, Tom went to work in Commercial Plantations in Malaysia and became Chairman of Harrison Crossfield of Malaysia Ltd and chairman and director of several other companies. He is survived by his wife, one son and one daughter.

Jacky Montgomery

From the 1983 School magazine:

Jacky Montgomery, who is a sixth year pupil at Bell Baxter, is a very promising and successful young golfer.

Jacky, whose father is club steward at Ladybank Golf Club, lives right next to the clubhouse. Practising poses no problem to Jacky who can play anytime he wishes. He started playing golf when he was five years old. His handicap is 1.

He won the Scottish Under-16's Championship in 1980 and 1981.

1982 was an especially busy year in which he won the Scottish Schoolboys’ Championship and represented Scotland in the 5-man European Team Championships in Frankfurt during July. In August he played No 1 for Great Britain against Europe in the Annual Boys' International. Travelling abroad again in September, this time to Atlanta, Georgia, he represented Scotland in the Scottish Junior World Cup 2-man team.

Towards the end of 1982 Jacky appeared on STV's programme Scotsport as a nominee for the Young Sportsman of the Year Competition. He came in joint 2nd.

His other main interest is driving (the automobile way). To keep him in shape for his tough golfing season he keeps fit during the winter by doing circuit-training at Glenrothes.

With another competitive year ahead for Jacky, we wish him all the best for 1983.

(Jacky was interviewed for this article by Graeme Whyte, VI)

Jacky became the youngest Club Professional in the UK at the age of 21 when, in 1987, he was appointed to that position by Dunfermline Golf Club. By that time he had already represented Great Britain and Ireland, and separately Scotland, as a young amateur player.

As a professional he has gone on to compete in tournaments throughout the world and has played with some of the leading names in golf including Rory Macilroy, Jose Maria Olazabal, Padraig Harrington, Steve Elkington and Colin Montgomerie.

Jacky has coached at all levels including European Tour players, Scottish Amateur internationals, a Scottish Boys Champion, and many successful Tartan Tour players. Other notable pupils include a former Prime Minister!

He is a committee member of the Scottish PGA and was Captain from 2009-2011. He has been a director and Chairman of TGI Limited, the PGA Professionals' purchasing group. In addition to his Club Professional duties at Dunbar, he is also Head of Marketing at the club.

Jacky's contribution to the game was acknowledged in 2011 when he received the PGA's Advanced Fellow award in recognition of his ‘expertise, achievements and influence on the game of golf’.

Sheila Montgomery

Mrs Sheila Shepherd (formerly Mrs Syme) died in September 2014. She is survived by her two sons, Ian and Alister, both BBHS FPs.

Erin More

Erin More, who was in S2 in 2005, shared the leading rôle in Glenrothes Amateur Musical Association's performance of Annie in October 2005 with a Madras pupil. They played the part in alternating performances. Erin had been noted previously for her interpretation of Burns poems and songs. She was also in one of the School's debating teams during her first year, and her skill in this department led to interesting debates with the wig mistress, losing, we are told, the motion that ‘Annie should not wear a curled wig enhanced with a red ribbon’. In the end she wore three red wigs and three ribbons!

Magnus More

BBHS 2005-11

Magnus More (S6 in 2010-11) has successfully progressed to the next stage of this year's Scottish Space School. He applied online back in March 2010 along with 800 pupils. Out of these pupils, only 120 of them made it to Space School. He was accepted onto a week long residential course at Strathclyde University in June. There were NASA guests, lectures and workshops where the pupils built rockets, heart monitors and investigated techniques on landing the Mars Rover and Lander which gave the pupils an insight into what NASA does. Since completing the course, he has been invited back for a one day workshop at Strathclyde University along with the final 40 pupils. Magnus was successful at this stage, too, so was given the opportunity to visit the NASA Johnson Space Centre in Houston Texas for 10 days in November 2010, providing him with a great opportunity to attain high level knowledge about space etc. There were only 10 places available on this course, so well done, Magnus!

Ruth Morgan

Mrs Ruth Wilson (née Morgan) (1941) died in hospital after a short illness in August 2010. On leaving school, Ruth attended a commercial college in Dundee and thereafter worked in the Prudential office in Cupar until her marriage to Jack Wilson. Years later she took a course in catering at Elmwood College after which she became the cook in charge of Kilmaron School, Cupar. After her retirement Ruth devoted her time to her family, home and garden. She is survived by her husband, a daughter and a son, all FPs of Bell Baxter. She was predeceased by her other son, Robin, in 2004.

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