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Bibliography of Theses

Aiello, Ralph. Return From Oblivion. 1997.

Albanese, Dominique The Happiest Place on Earth: Walt Disney’s Creation of a Utopian World. 2006

Alegre, Robert F. Chilean Factory Workers in Paterson, NJ 1964-1979: The Case of the

Rodriguez Family
. 1997.

Allen, Michael D. A Band of Brothers: U-bootwaffe Morale during the Second World


Archer, Julius Baseball: A Past Full Of Color. 2006

Beckett, Patrick M. A Global Pandemic From A Local Perspective: The 1918 Influenza Pandemic and It’s Effects on the Community of Gloucester City, New Jersey. 2006

Beutel, Andrew R. The Power of Pictures in War: From Nguyen Ngoc Loan to Abu Ghraib and the Consequent Loss of Faith in the United States Government. 2005.

Blanco, Mark. The Impact of United States Foreign Policy in Transition on Cuba: 1958-1960. 2002.

Bohanna Jr., John H. The Black Death: Its Impact Upon Renaissance Art. (No Date)

Bostwick Jr., David C. Sound or Silence: Three Pioneering African-American Rock ‘n’ Roll Artists’ Responses to Discrimination, Racism, and the Civil Rights Movement. 2002.

Bowers, Christopher D. The Sun Never Sets on the Golden Arches: McDonald’s as an Imperial Entity. 2004.

Boyd, Audrey. Barnegat Lighthouse. 2002.

Branin Kevin, Irish Need not Apply, The Scots Already Have: The Scots-Irish as a National Identity Through Economic Examples, 1600-2000. 2006

Bristow, Lakia. What do you Mean, Not so Fast? Legal Inferiority in New Jersey During the Antebellum Period. [No Date].

Bucci, Michele. Leo Szilard: Scientist Turned Activist, 1945-1964. 2002

Busan, Mary Ann. Women in Sports: We Can Play Too! 2005.

Butler, Jeffrey Michael. The Decision to Bomb Civilian Targets During World War II. 2005.

Cairone, Ned. American Nationalism and Its Relationship to American Baseball. 1999.

Cali, Matthew J. The History of United States Policies Dealing with the Topic of Illegal Immigration 1950-Present. 2005.

Campagna, Nicole. I Love Lucy: The Entertainment and Influence of America’s First Situation Comedy. 2002.

Canellis, Gregory N. “These are My Credentials:” An oral History of the 13th Infantry Regiment in World War II. 1999.

Carpani, Christin Millville Airport: “America’s First Defense Airport”. 2004

Carpani, Christin. Millville Airport: America’s First Defense Airport and the Impact it had on World War II. 2005.

Carr, Jack. The Firebombing of Dresden: Re-examining the Horror. 2003.

Catalfamo, Kevin F. A Vicarious Achievement. 1999.

Chamberlain, Daniel. Development and Disaster: The New Jersey Coast and Its Relationship To Great Storms of the Atlantic. 2006.

Ciano, Dan. The Depiction of Hell through Modern Film: A historical Comparison of

Cichoski, Glen. Biography of Sarah Anderson Larson. 2004.

Collins, Taylor. Olympic Blood. 2003.

Colmer, Nathaniel H. Shipwrecks and Life-Savers: The United States Life-Saving Service. [No Date].

Connard, Thomas P. The Open Road in New Jersey: How the Garden-State-Parkway and New Jersey Turnpike Have Shaped New Jersey. 2002.

Cooke, Brian. To Kill a President: Woodrow Wilson and the Wobblies. 1998.

Cotton, James. Negotiating the Color Line and Breaking Down Barriers: Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, James Reese Europe, and the Freeing of Music. 2005.

Cremer, George. An Examination of the Economic Collapse of the Mycenaean Civilization. [No Date].

D’Apolito, Matt. Patton: “It is my Destiny to Lead.1999.

Daly, Sean L. Holocaust Survivors Surviving in South Jersey. 2002.

Damato Frank A. James K. Polk: The Greatest Forgotten President. 2006

Darroch, Tracee. The Garden State’s Blueberry Boom: A History of Commercialized Blueberry Production in New Jersey, 1916-2005. 2006

DaSilva, Tulia. America and the British Responses to Leni Riefenstahl’s Nazi Propaganda Films. 2005.

DeMarco, Frank. The Civil War: The Soldiers Life During the War. 2002.

DeNoon, Kimberly A. Prescription for Death: The Impact Social Class Structure Had

Upon the Titanic Disaster
. 1999.

DePasquale, Elisa. America’s Nonintervention Agenda: The United States Government and the Khmer Rouge Genocide of Cambodia. [No Date].

Dertinger, David M. Sparta and the Peloponnesian War. 2006

Dewaele, Jamie. There and Back Again: A Thesis Concerning Travel and Travel Literature. [No Date].

DiMeo, Giovanni. The Peacemaker: President Ronald Reagan and his Role in the End of the Cold War. 2000.

DiOdoardo, Tania M. Documenting the Italian American Experience from 1870-Present. 2005

Dirkes, Sarah. Coal Mining or the Steel Industry: The Importance of the Small Town on Big Business. 2004.

Dittus, William J. IV. Changing Identity: The Process of Post World War II European Displaced Persons Becoming American Citizens. 2006

Donegan, Richard. Lee or Longstreet? A Hero for the American South. 2002.

Doyle, Bonnie. Judicial Anomaly: A Collective Biography of the Warren Court and Its

Impact on Politics
. 1999.

Drum, Colleen. Hannibal: The General with the Elephants or The Greatest Threat to Rome. 2006

Dudek, Julia. In the Name of God: The Conquistadors’ Exploitation of Christian Fervor. 2004.

Echols, Stefanie L. Survivors: The Cambodian Genocide. 2005.

Edwards, Brian W. Reflections of Identity, Diversity, and Division in the Historic Cemeteries of New Orleans. 2004.

Elliott, Shannon R. December 7, 1941: The Outcome of the Unwillingness to Compromise. 2005.

Emerson, Seth. The Highland Games: an Ever Changing Tradition. [No Date]

Esslinger, Stephen. Viking Slavers: Thralldom under the Scandinavians During the

Middle Ages
. 1998.

Fagerstrom, Michael. The Forgotten Role of Southern New Jersey in the American Revolution. 2004.

Farley, Kevin. Government as Midwife to Modern Agriculture: The Birth of the Capitalistic Farmer In New Jersey, 1880-1930. 2001.

Farrell, Kristina. Breaking Away from Gender Roles: The False Hope of Hippie Communes. 2002.

Farrington, John. The Great German and American Airships From the Start of Their Time until The End of Their Time: A Forty Year History of The Rigid Airship. 2006

Fearn, Andrew K. And the Gold Goes To…: The Politicalization of the Olympic Games and the Roles and Reactions of the Athletes. 2005.

Febles, Christian. Americanos: Identity and Diversity of Puerto Ricans Living in the United States. 2003

Flamensfeld, Meredith. The Mother Goddess, All Powerful And Her Daughters of the Ancient World. 2006

Flanegan, Katie. From Internment Camp to a Second Chance: Seabrook, New Jersey – A New Hope Japanese Americans? 2006

Fowler, Joaquin. Prohibition: The Sober Years. 2006

Fruggiero, Michael. Black Soldiers in the Civil War. (No Date)

Furman, Lindsay. Germany’s Holocaust Memorials. 2005.

Gary, Jacqueline M. Women in Congress 1917-1990. [No Date].

Gerber, Mike. A History of Surfing. 2004.

Gibson, Randy H. The Transformation of Fourteenth Century Europe Because of the Black Death. 2006

Gibula, Joe. Return to Paradise: The Acceptance of Surfing by Mainstream Society. [No Date].

Gizzi, Jennifer. Education Rhetoric or Reality. [No Date].

Gogol, Danielle. The Evolution of American Tattooing. 2006

Grassia, Richard J. Jr. Collapse of an Empire. 2006

Grimley, Eric T. A Nation Divided: Sectionalism and the Changing interpretation of the Gettysburg National Military Park. 2003.

Grosshandler, Nate. The Second Ku Klux Klan: A Terrorist Organization In America. 2000.

Gupton, Randi N. Atlantic City’s Northside-A Portrait of An African American

. 1997.

Hackney, Steven J. A Brief Glimpse at the Social History of Baseball: 1919-1924. 2004.

Harvey, Colleen. The Effects of the Civil War on the American Children. 1999.

Hassall, William. Move: The Corruption of an Ideology. 2006

Haussling, Jesse D. Slave Narratives and the Federal Writers’ Project. 2004.

Heifet, Tricia. Genocide in Rwanda: Before, During, and After 1994. 2006

Heinly, Greta. Recoronation of a Victorian Queen: Cape May’s Renaissance (1962-2000). 2001.

Henry, James: Small Town, The History of Somers Point, New Jersey. 2006

Herega, Valerie. The Pursuit of Leisure on Long Beach Island: A Historical Perspective. 2003.

Hise, Troy Van. The Murder of Joshua Huddy: The Last Major Incident of the American

. 2001.

Horback, Greg. Quest for and Elusive Passenger. 1998

Hughes, Jeremy Scott. Legacies of the Archetype Men: The Historical Comparison of King David of Israel and Alexander the Great. 2006

Husted, Richard F. Roman and German Leaders Forcing their Country to go to War. 2000.

Johnson, Molly. Lee’s Old War Horse: How General Longstreet Fell From Hero to Traitor. 2006

Jones, Richard. Amarna: The City that Time Forgot. 2002.

Juckett, Mike. America’s New Pastime: The Rise of the National Football League and the Fall of Major League Baseball. 2006

Juwoto, Rebecca L. In An Ever-Changing Society: The Role of Women in Japan. 2006

Keelan, John. Plantations and Politicians: The New Imperial Capitalism. 2006

Kelly, Kevin. The Sindia: The History of a Shipwreck and How it Sparked the Transformation of Ocean City, New Jersey into America’s Greatest Family Resort. 2006

Kenny, Colleen. Two Roads to Freedom. 2000.

Kirk, John. The Regional History of Rap Music: The Past, the Present, the Future. 2006

Klos Jr. Henry J. Vacant Endeavors: The State Department and the Holocaust. 1999.

Kluesner, Emma M. Intangible Target: Intellectuals During the Cambodian Genocide.


Koch, Halle. Las Vegas: The Ever Evolving City. 2006

Koehler, Brain. Roman Religion and the State: The Christian Conversion Under Emperor Constantine. December 14, 1999.

Koehler, Brian. Sand Creek 1864: Meeting Place Between Civilization and Savagery. 2000.

Kopf, Barry. New Jersey’ Attorneys General Who Run for Governor: A Look into the
Gubernatorial Primaries of 1981, 1989, 1993
. 1998.

Kozinski, Lukasz. Karol Józef Wojtyla, Ioannes Paulus PP. II. 2006

Krrywda, Joe. Motivation to Kill: Timothy McVeigh & Osama Bin Laden. 2006

Kryszczak, Jennifer. Playboy: Just Pornography or is There Intellectual Significance to It? 2002.

Lambert, Pete. The Vietnam War and the Tet Offensive: Americas’ Role Under President Johnson. 2002.

LaMorte, John P. Continuing Romance of Piracy: A Look at Historians Own Contributions to a Romantic History. 2004.

Lansing, Dave. Fast Food and its Impact on Toms River, NJ. 2003.

Lario, Matt. Bringing Down the House: The Active Role of the Chilean People in Crushing Allende’s Power (1971-1973). 2005.

Lawrence, Thomas. The Development of the Jersey Shore: 1800-1960. 2005.

Layton, Jeannette. Eleanor Ormerod: An Account of the Life and Contributions of Miss Ormerod in the Field of Economic Entomology. 2005.

Leah, Raymond. The New Jersey Pinelands 1922-2000: Managing Growth. 2002.

Libretto, Ryan. Dishonored Honorable American General James Longstreet. 2004.

Linday, Megan L. The Melting Pot and the Mosaic Theory: Models for America or Political Slogans. 2005.

Little, (no first name). Research Design Christmas: An American Tradition. 2000.

Lowe, Jim. Monasticism in 4th Century Egypt. 2003.

Lyons, Jennifer L. The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb. 2000.

Mackin, Jennifer. Why Fear Rap Music? Do You Fear Reality? 2001.

Magnuson, Craig. One Man’s Victory: A Nations Moral Defeat: Colonel John

M. Chivington’s Attack on Sand Creek
. 1998.

Magnusson, Ronald. Drawing the Soviets: American-Soviet Relations in Political

. 1999.

Mail, Sean. The Monarch and the Minister: John Knox and Mary Queen of Scots,

. 1999.

Manazza, Aaron. A Comparative Study of the British and German Navies: 1898-1916. 2000.

Manetta, Joe. A Collective Biography of the Presidential Cabinets of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. 2000.

Maravelias, Elena. Greek Immigration: A History and Accounts of Migration to the United States Throughout the 20th Century. 2006

Marino, Kimberly L. The Impact of Title ix on the Mass Media’s Representation of Females in Track and Field. 2003.

Marrone, Mark. The Words & Music of a Cultural Revolution. 1998.

Martin, Brandi. The Journalism of the Spanish Civil War: Bias and the American Reaction. 2005.

Marusiak, George. The American Swastika: The Confederate Flag in South Carolina. [No Date].

Mason, Danielle. The Commodification of the Salem Witch Trials. 2002.

Massara, Jason M. All the General’s Men: The Presidential Ambitions of Douglas

MacArthur and the People who Supported Him, 1952
. 1998.

Massey, Holly. The Dark Side of American Propaganda in World War II. 26, 2001.

Mathioudakis, Anna. A Modern Greek Tragedy: The Experience and Fate of the Greek Jews During the Holocaust. 2005.

McAlister, Scott. F. Scott Fitzgerald. 2000.

McCann, Courtney. Abraham Lincoln Through the Eyes of the Journalist: An Overview of the Transformation of Lincoln’s Public Image as Seen in Civil War-Era Media. 2005.

McCann, Jim. The Religious Lives of the Slaves. 1998.

McConville, Robert. Agent Orange and its War on the American Psyche. 2001.

McCrosson, Andrew. The United States Forest Service: Friend or Foe of the Environment? 2006

McDermott, Matthew B. Cointelpro: The Exposure and Effects of the FBI’s Secret War. 2005.

McGrath, Michael. German Prisoners of War During World War II: A Life Luxury in the United States Versus A Life of Destitution in the Soviet Union. 2000.

McGurk, Jessica. The Lewis and Clark Expedition and Their Relationships with the Native Americans. 2002.

McGurk, Maureen. Scapegoat or Failed Savior? The Legacy of Pius XII and the Holocaust. 2000.

Merlock, Angela. Lee’s Miserable: A Study of the Effects of the Civil War on Southern Elite Women. [No Date].

Metroka, Melinda. Olokaftoma: The Jewish Holocaust and Salonica. 2006

Meyers, Christina. Parvin State Park: A Forgotten History. 2003

Meyrick, Chris. Say No To ‘Dope. 2002.

Militano, Rosemary. From Slaughterhouse to Farmhouse: A Historical Analysis of Two Classic American Novels. 2006

Mitschele, Judy. Internal Division: Child Labor Reform in the United States, 1907-1941 1999.

Mohr, Jeffrey. The Great Irish Famine. 2004.

Mol, John. Same Sacrifice Different Reward. [No Date, (Lubenow)]

Monjoy, Dean. Pledge Allegiance tot eh Hip Hop: The Struggle to Keep Hip Hop Separate from Commercial Culture. 2005.

Morrin, David. Erastus Brainerd’s Mining of the Miners: Selling Seattle as Primary Klondike Gold Rush Outfitter, 1897-1898. 2006

Morris, Chris. Professional Wrestling: From the Shadows to the Spotlight of American Entertainment 1920’s, 1950’s, and 1980’s. 2002.

Morris, Shawn. Pausanias of Orestis Lone Assassin of Philip II of Macedon. 2002.

Mowatt, Marna. In God We Trust: The Relationship Between Church and State from 1650’s to the Present. 2006

Muldowney, Jennifer. The St. Lawrence Seaway and Power Project: Was it all Worth It? 2002.

Murphy, Alison. Andy Warhol: The Factory Owner of America’s Advertising Industry. 2005.

Murphy, Erin. Parents vs. Children: A New Look at Brown V Board of Education. 2001.

Murray, Maureen. Femininity Breaking into the World of Baseball. 2004.

Napolitano, Kathleen. The Attica Prison Riot, September 9-13, 1971: The Series of Events Leading Up to a Historical Devastation. 2005.

Navone, Philip Andrew. The Imjin Impact: The Forgotten Battle of the Korean War and it Hidden Consequences. 2001.

Neely, Christopher W. Playing the Race Card? Race as a Factor in Candidate Selection by the African-American Electorate of Philadelphia, 1983-2000. 2001.

Nicholas, Jesse. Comic Book Writers in America: From new Dealers to Nonbelievers. 2004.

Nipe, Jennifer. Dr. Seuss and his Contribution to the World of Children’s Literature. 1997.

Novick, Keith. “I’m an Expert in My Business”: A Look at the Life and Exploits of John Dillinger, America’s most Notorious Criminal, 1903-1934. 1998.

O’Donnell, Victoria. Myth and Poetry in Ancient Roman Education. (No Date).

O’Neil, John R. Nation Building101: America’s Virgin Thrust into the Arduous Task of Nation Building, 1899 – 1902. 2005.

Ormando, Chris. John Muir: The Man, The Myth, The Legend. 2002.

Ortiz, Alberto. The Revolutionary Example of Ernesto Che Guevara, 1928-1967: Social Justice, Interpretive Socialism, and Tri-continental Revolution. 2005.

Osmond, Richard. Cultural Relevance: Marvel Comic Books During the 1960’s in America. 2006

Paggi, Amanda. A History of the 177th Air National Guard Fighter Wing. 2006

Papaiopannon, Joanne. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy: The First Lady and a Media’s Obsession. 2001.

Philips, Tommy. Citizen Jane: Women’s Views of Citizenship Following the Nineteenth Amendment. [No Date].

Phillips, Joseph V. Jr. Native American Intertribal Relations: Efforts to Unite for Cultural Survival. 2006

Phillips, Susan. The Moravians in Revolution: A Changing Country, A Changing Community. 2001.

Pierce, Andrea J. Ellis Island: An Institutional Model of Immigration. 2006

Pirgov, Bogidar. The U.S.-A Portrait of Modern Imperialism. 2000

Powers, Thomas. Explaining the History and Identity of the New Jersey Surfer Through the Use of Historical Tools. 2006

Prinz, Thomas A. From the Fire into the Smother: A History of Metaphysics. 2004.

Pullano, Michael. The Fifty Year War: A Redefinition of History 1939-1989. 2000

Pullman, Ian. Wood’s Loan Office: A History of Helping the Community. 2003.

Rankin, Michele. From Ownership to Individuality: Late Twentieth Century American Women and Tattooing. 2001.

Reino, Michael. The Modern Brown. 2004.

Reuter, Charlie. Boots and Braces: A More Definitive History of the Skinhead Movement. 2005.

Roco, Tino. Assimilation or Autonomy: Conflicts of Social Identity in African American History. 2006

Rodriguez, Rhiana R. A Rose Amongst Rivets: The Lives Among Working Women During the Second World War. 2005.

Roemer, Douglas Stephen. Friends in Low Places: The Training of Latin American Officers During the Cold War Years 1958- 1963. [No Date]

Rogers, Michael J. Analyzing World War II Movies from an Historical Standpoint: A High School History Teacher’s Guide. 2005.

Rotter, Ephraim J. Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories in Post-World War II Middle Eastern Nations. 2004.

Rowan, Nicole. Ancient Egyptian Women in the 18th and 19th Dynasties. 2002.

Ryan, Kelly. The application of Genocide to the Native American Experience. 2001.

Saathoff, Lois T. The Philadelphia Museum of Art: Its History and Design. 1997.

Sague, Christine Gillespie. Victorian and Edwardian Women Travelers: Isabella Bird and Gertrude Bell. 2004.

Salaga, Matthew S. Iron Eagles: A Study of the Royal Air Force’s Battle Against the Luftwaffe, 1914-1945. 2005.

Satinsky, Leslie A. Agent Orange; and its Affects on Vietnam Soldiers. 2000.

Scanga, Kristina. Women’s Changing Role in Hollywood: 1915 to 2000. 2006

Scarlato, Michelle. The Dirty War in Argentina and the United States. 2005.

Schlienger, Lorraine. Painting the Town Red: Gastonia, North Carolina 1929. 2002.

Schmid, Malaine Lea. Tucker’s Island: New Jersey’s Atlantis. 2006

Schroth, Kristin. A Modern Italian Family. 1998.

Sciarappa, Mike. The Ideals of a Counter Culture: A Historical Comparison Between the Decade of the Sixties and the Literature of the Beat Generation. 2004.

Shaw, Michael W. The Foundations of Death. 2004.

Simione, Stephanie. Italian Immigration in New York City and its Influences of Culture and Identity. 2006

Skevakis, Karyn Continere. Arthur Evans and The Creation of the Minoans of Ancient Crete. 2006

Smith, Gregory R. Gambling Nation: The Legal Gambling Movement in America, 1964-Present. 2003.

Smith, Jennifer C. The Trapp Family Odyssey. 1998.

Smith, William. An Analysis of Napolean’s Russian Disaster in 1812. 2006

Spahr, Robert D. Handshakes and Hand Grenades: The Justification of Irish Violence 1875-1922. 2005.

Stearn, Rod M. A New Analysis of the Composition and Social Role of the Byzantine Circus Factions in the Years 474-610 A.D. 2005.

Stickle, Charles. The City is Burning Tonight: The History of Radical Movements in New

York City from 1919 to 1929
. 1997.

Stockwell, Robert. New York United History of Brooklyn & Its Impact on Creating a City. May 3, 2004.

Stovall, Vita. Apartheid System. 2000.

Suits, Megan. Has Country Gone Pop Crazy? A History of Country Music Crossover. 2006

Surgent, Jeff. Azusa Street. 2003.

Szczech, Kelly A. The Baby Boom, Overpopulaton, and the Rise of Birth Control. 2005.

Szimhart, Nadia K. The Shapes of Memory. 2000.

Taylor, Ydearia. The Effects of Ghettoization on the Jewish Councils. 2000.

Thomas, Michelle. Isolationism vs. Interventionism: How the Attack on Pearl Harbor Changed American Views of Foreign Policy. 2002.

Tobin, Christopher. The rise of Gays and Lesbians in Mainstream Media as a Result of the Stonewall Uprising. 2003.

Tormollan, Gavin. The Moral Issue of Good vs. Evil Clouds Historical Writing: Example: The Shootout at the OK Corral. 2000.

Troolin, Walter A. A New Homeland: Slavic Immigrants in Millville N.J. [No Date].

Twentieth Century America’s Changing Religious Ideology and the Influence it Holds. (No Date).

Urbont, Nicole C. The Physician’s Role in the Societies of Ancient Israel and China. [No Date (Professor Lubenow’s Thesis Calss)].

Vanucci, Rebecca. Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better: Women in Predominantly Male Professions in the Post War II Era. 2005.

Velardi, Michael. Corruption: Baseball in the Early 1900s: The 1913, 1924, and 1919 Baseball Seasons. 2003.

Voelker, Joelle. The Debut of the Modernized Woman: Flappers and the Role of Media During the Roaring Twenties. 2001.

Walsh, Richard. For the Glory of God: Historical and Fictional Perspectives on the Knights Templar. 2005.

Wedderman, Kelly A. Long Beach Island: A True Beach Resort Community. 2005.

West, Rebecca. Keeping the Memory Alive. 2004.

Wilber, Callie, B. Teaching New Jersey History: How It Has Evolved Over Time. 2005.

Winkler II, James R. Professional Wrestling: Can a Small company Today Compete? 2004.

Wood, Robert. Japan: The Economic Miracle. 2006

Woods, Kathleen. On the Banks of the English Creek: The Story of Shipbuilder Israel Smith. 2006

Woody, Shirley. Pancho Villa: Mexican Patriot or Mercenary. 2004.

Worrell, Kenny. Are Diamonds a Girls Best Friend? The History of the AAGPBL. 2002.

Worster, Devon A. Gerry Adams and Irish Republican Policy 1986-1994. 2001.

Wristbridge, Jennifer S. The Exodus of Agrarians: The Ethnohistory of Melungeon Decline. 2006

Wydra, Ryan M. Rock Journalism and Cameron Crowe: How Crowe Went from Almost to Famous. 2005.

Young, Damny. 1865: Confederate Solidarity and the Will of the South to fight on for the Confederacy. 2003.

Yucis, Jason. Private Radio: The Political Context of Punk Rock. 2003.

Zabonhonski, Meredith. Factors Which Led to the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. 2000.

Zellman, Tom. A Day of Treachery: Pearl Harbor. 2004.

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