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Travel Services FAQ

GSU Travel Services’ new travel program which includes the new travel portal and new travel agency, Travel Inc. is now available for making reservations.

  1. What is the new GSU Travel Program?

The State Accounting Office has a contract to provide travel purchasing services with Concur (travel booking website) and Travel Inc. (travel agency).  GSU Travel Program is GSU’s version of these services.

2.     What are some of the advantages to using GSU Travel?

  • Cheaper tickets: The State Accounting Office has negotiated discounted rates with airlines that are only available using GSU Travel program.

  • GSU central billing via ghost card: For airline tickets, travelers can select to have GSU pay for the ticket and not have to pay out of pocket.

  • Travel Assistant: Travelers can select other GSU employees to book their travel.

  • Airline and hotel rewards: Travelers can keep airline miles and hotel points earned for travel.

  • Personalized travel support services: Travelers are notified of actual or potential changes to travel and provided assistance with re-booking and other related services.

  • Safety is enhanced: Travel Inc. notifies the company and traveler if a travel alert or warning is placed in the country/city where travel is booked.

  • Streamlined financial and risk management protocols. Travelers do not have to register International travel on Office of International Initiatives (OII) website when using GSU Travel, because there will be reports in the new system OII can run to review international travel.

  1. What other schools in the University System of Georgia are using this program?

Georgia Tech, Kennesaw State University, and University of Georgia are using the program.

  1. Can I use this site to book personal travel?

State of Georgia policy is that the travel program can only be used for work related travel.

  1. What training will be available?

Training will include an online training video, manual, and quick guide. There will be drop in sessions, help sessions, and a travel question hotline provided by the Board of Regents.

  1. Can I still accrue airline miles?

The traveler can still accrue airline miles with their frequent flyer number.

  1. Can I still pay for tickets from multiple accounts?

Yes the traveler can choose multiple accounts by indicating it on the Travel Authorization Purchase Order in PantherMart.

8. Is AAA services going away?
The effective date for the P-Card deactivation will be midnight on Friday, February 28, 2014.

9. Is a travel authorization and PO# required to make travel arrangements online on the web or over the phone with Travel Inc.?
A PO# is required to make any GSU business related travel arrangements.

10. Can GSU Staff or Faculty make reservations?
Yes, all employees except Undergraduate Students can book work related travel in the system. Non- Employee and Student travel can be booked through Travel Inc. using Disbursement’s non-employee form. For more information please contact

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