Bringing bim to Roundabout Design Saves Time and Money and Produces Better Designs

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Bringing BIM to Roundabout Design Saves Time and Money and Produces Better Designs

Nigel Peters – Savoy Computing

Mike Hutt – Savoy Computing

Jack Strongitharm - Autodesk

CI2768 This class will show how Building Information Modeling (BIM) techniques are being used to speed up the roundabout analysis and design cycle, leading to faster iterations and ultimately, better designs. We will show how three industry-leading products have been linked to create a single model with dynamic links between them and real-time validation feedback. A process that used to take several days of re-analyzing a roundabout design following a change is now possible in real-time, enabling the user to investigate and visualize more alternatives and make more considered recommendations. The class will use a fictitious scenario to show the complete design of a typical AASHTO-compliant roundabout in AutoCAD® Civil 3D® software, complete with corridor model, crown lines, and signage, as well as analysis of fastest path, swept path, sight line, capacity, and accident probability. We will also demonstrate a subsequent design change to illustrate the value of the grip-editable dynamic model and instant feedback when making changes.

Download 113.97 Kb.

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