Bronze Exam – compulsory for all who have yet to obtain Bronze level or higher

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Bronze Exam – compulsory for all who have yet to obtain Bronze level or higher.

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  1. Dominica is home to the oldest species of which Amazonian bird?

  1. Where in Anguilla would you find the Old Salt Factory and Pump House?

  1. Which famous celebrities own villas in Turks & Caicos?

  1. When does Bob Marley week take place in Jamaica?

  1. Antigua and its sister island Barbuda are part of which group of Islands?

  1. How many unspoilt walking trails are there on St Eustatius?

  1. Name the bus and the train that you can enjoy in Curacao.

  1. Who fell in love in Nevis?

  1. Name the Creole language that is unique to Aruba and the ABC Islands.

  1. How many hiking trails are there in the US Virgin Islands National Park in St John?

  1. The third largest cave system in the Caribbean is situated in Puerto Rico. What is it called?

  1. Name a local Bahamian cocktail.

  1. Where is Suriname would you find one of the largest population of leatherback turtles in the World?

  1. What was Haiti once called?

  1. Gustavia, the capital of St Barthelemy, resembles which famous French resort?

  1. Where do married couples have to hold their legal ceremony in the Bahamas?

  1. Name the best surfing area in Barbados.

  1. Where can you sample a guavaberry liquer in St Maarten?

  1. Sunday nights are party nights in Antigua but where do you need to go to find the action?

  1. What is the Belize Barrier Reef also commonly called?

  1. One of Guyanas famous sights is Kaiteur Falls. How many time higher than Niagra Falls are they?

  1. Which graceful bird is the national symbol for Bonaire?

  2. What is the name of the largest ceremonial centre in the West Indies, which can be found in Puerto Rico?

  3. Where is the main port in Bequia, in The Grenadines?

  1. From St Eustatius can you see amazing panoramic views of neighbouring St Kitts, where do you head to see them?

  1. Port Antonio, Jamaica dates back to which century?

  1. Name the capital of Bonaire.

  1. Which area of Cuba is popular for Eco-tourism?

  1. Name the four main islands that make up the British Virgin Islands.

  1. Which music festival takes place in April on Grenada’s two sister islands?

  1. What is a Scarlet Ibis and where in Trinidad would you go to view one?

  1. Name two attractions that visitors interested in Eco Tourism should visit on the Cayman Islands?

  1. What is unusual about the mountain chicken from Montserrat?

  1. There are how many restaurants and cafes in Guadeloupe?

  1. Name the bar in Cuba, where you can sip a mojito and sit in Hemmingway’s favourite seat.

  1. What species of bird will you find at the sanctuary in Barbuda?

  1. How many airlines fly from the UK to St Lucia?

  1. Name one of the many Maya temples that can be found in Belize.

  1. How many examples of seashells and coral would you find in the museum in St Barthelemy?

  1. Martinique is said to be the birthplace of rum. Who perfected the art of rum-making here?

  1. What is unusual about the market in Curacao?

  1. Name the UNESCO listed Fort on St Kitts.

  1. What is the name of the airport in Anguilla and the 3 letter code?

  1. Where in St Lucia does the Atlantic Rally for cruisers finish?

  1. What other name is Dominica often referred to as?

  1. Name the distillery in Haiti where you can find 24 different flavours of rum.

  1. What is the name of the capital of Aruba and name one of the sites you will find there?

  1. Off which Bahamian Island will you find the Wild Dolphin Experience?

  2. What is the name of the water-filled crater in Grenada?

  1. Evidence of history of 8 different cultures can be found in the Caribbean what are they?

  1. What does a red flag mean in Petit St Vincent, The Grenadines?

  1. How many acres make up Guadeloupe National Park?

  1. What three countries border Guyana?

  1. How many beaches are there in St Croix, US Virgin Islands?

  1. What is the name of the famous Rum produced in Barbados since the 1700’s?

  1. What is the name of the capital of Suriname?

  1. How many miles of coastline are there in Turks & Caicos?

  1. What species of seafood will you find in the British Virgin Islands that is thought to be the best in the Caribbean?

  1. Which airline will take you from St Lucia to Martinique?

  1. How many species of birds can be found in Jamaica?

  1. What species of “large cats” can be found in Belize?

  1. When does the Sailing Regatta take place in Bonaire?

  1. Who were the first European settlers in Montserrat?

  1. The capital of Curacao is one of the few cities on the UNESCO World Heritage List, what is the name of this city?

  1. Which species of endangered turtles come ashore to lay their eggs in Tobago?

  1. Where would you go to see pure white sand dunes in Puerto Rico?

  1. When would you recommend opera lovers visit Barbados?

  1. Name the train you can take to visit St Pierre in Martinique?

  1. Where in St Barthelemy would you supposedly go to find buried treasure?

  1. How many beaches will you find on St Martin and St Maarten?

  1. Which months are the best for whale-watching in Dominica?

  1. Where in St Eustatius did the first Europeans settle in the 17th Century?

  1. What unusual mode of transport can you use to see the entire island of St Kitts?

  1. How many days do you have to be resident in the Cayman Islands before they can get married?

  2. Where would you have found pirates hiding out a century or so ago on the island of Aruba?

  1. Name three of the places you can go in St Lucia to sample some of the local nightlife.

  1. How long is shell beach in Guyana?

  1. Where in St Martin would you go to find the best gourmet restaurants?

  1. On which island can you NOT hire a car?

  1. Name the major islands that make up St Vincent & The Grenadines.

  1. Where would you go to Sunday School in Tobago?

  1. How many gourmet restaurants are there on the island of Anguilla?

  1. Name the Palace in Haiti that was once a rival to Versailles in France.

  1. When does the carnival take place in Guadeloupe?

  1. What is the best dive site in the British Virgin Islands?

  1. Name the bays in Montserrat that are great for shore diving and snorkelling.

  1. Where would you find the wall in Turks & Caicos?

  1. Who designed the Mahogany Run golf course in St Thomas?

  1. How do the Cayman Islands protect their coral reefs and their marine life?

  1. Where in Cuba would you visit for birdwatching?

  1. Name the 2 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Suriname.

  1. How many species of whales migrate to Grenada between the months of December and April?

  1. When is the Cricket World Cup being held in the Caribbean?

  1. Which 3 airlines offer the most flights within the Caribbean allowing easy twin-centre holiday options?

  1. How many countries in the region require a visa or tourist card as well as a UK passport for entry?

  1. What is the Caribbean Tourism Organisation website?

  1. Where in the Caribbean is the game of baseball popular?

  1. Which is the Eco - award given to beaches and marinas?

  1. How many tour operators are listed as being specialists to the Caribbean?

  1. What publication is useful for information on conference and incentive travel to the Caribbean?

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