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Jeff Duggins

C) 404-542-2843

3921 Shoemaker Way, Marietta, GA 30062


Professional Profile

30 years of experience in all aspects of software development, including 15+ years of technical leadership, and 10 years of project management and team management. Knowledgeable in software development methodologies and processes. Experienced in building talented software development teams and managing their success.

  • Experienced with SCRUM and Agile development, including TDD and continuous integration

  • Managed multiple, cross-discipline, geographically diverse teams

  • Coordinated multiple projects

  • Experienced in managing all aspects of product development

  • Specific experience managing design, development and deployment of mobile applications


Managed Projects Targeting Various Mobile Platforms, Including:

  • iPhone

  • Android

  • BlackBerry

  • Windows Mobile / Pocket PC

  • Symbian Series 60, Series 80, UIQ

    Managed projects for desktop and mid-range platforms, including:

  • Windows

  • Linux


  • Mac

Programming Languages / Technologies

  • Objective-C

  • C#

  • Java

  • Visual Basic.NET

  • PL/I, PL/M

  • Assembler

Web Technologies

  • XML

  • SOAP

  • HTML

  • ASP

  • CSS

  • Javascript

Work History

April 2007 – Present

Oracle, Atlanta, GA
Senior Software Development Manager, Mobile

Managing teams of software developers building mobile products for iPhone, Blackberry and Android to interface with Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle CRM On Demand. Acted as Scrum Master and managed Agile process for teams. Responsible for all aspects of product development and coordination with other software teams and product management. Managed 20+ product releases including initial implementation and maintenance releases for Connected Mobile Sales for iPhone & Blackberry; multiple releases of Mobile Sales Assistant for iPhone & Blackberry; and release of Mobile Sales Forecast for iPhone proof-of-concept app. Managed maintenance on released versions of Oracle Fusion Mobile Sales. Part of a working group to extend Agile process use to other Oracle Product Development teams.

Senior Software Developer

Responsible for design and implementation of features for initial release of Mobile Sales Assistant for BlackBerry. Managed one of the first adoptions of SCRUM in Oracle CRM On Demand. Acted as Scrum Master and managed Agile process adoption. Worked with other Scrum Masters to refine process. Acted as an Agile evangelist to the rest of the CRM On Demand organization.

December 2001 – March 2007
AppForge, Inc. – Atlanta, GA

Professional Services

Wrote sample projects, and analyzed customer applications. Analyzed customer code for efficiency and accuracy. Found and fixed bugs in customer code, and consulted with customers to improve code reuse, on-device performance and application responsiveness. Designed, implemented and maintained internal tools for customer support department. Wrote sample code and articles for product online Knowledge Base. Created and maintained sample projects for inclusion in the product. Moderated and administered AppForge User Forum and served as principal AppForge support for the forum community. Assisted Quality Assurance staff in testing on handheld virtual machine software and PC development add-in.

Technical Support Manager

Trained and supervised other AppForge employees. Assisted in product management, change request prioritization and review. Provided pre-sales technical support for inside and outside sales force. Created procedures for handling technical support through a variety of channels. Designed and created automated tools for technical support, and analysis of support flow. Maintained support tracking systems and customer-facing support interfaces to AppForge website.

June 1990 – October 2001
Datagraphic – Roswell, GA (now Printegra – Peachtree City, GA)

Director of Distributor Technology Services

Directed projects to design and implement systems to bring order data and images to the company website and distributors’ websites. Designed and implemented software to allow website users to add logo and text to a form or check image and display an image of the final product. Designed and developed web solutions for distributors’ websites to allow ordering, proofing and order information display. Coordinated projects including graphic/web designers and software developers. Supported Marketing Department in technology discussions with customers and recommending solutions. Represented company at industry technical forums and trade shows. Provided support for other developers. Supported management in strategic decision-making in technology areas.

Development Coordinator

Supervised, designed and implemented applications targeting internal users, including order entry, inventory, payroll and time & attendance applications.

Technical Support Representative

Supported internal users in all aspects of VAX, PC and Mac hardware and software. Supported external users in producing graphics files for the print production, transmitting those files electronically, and other related issues. Designed and implemented software, and specified changes for assignment to other developers.

Application Developer

Designed and implemented projects including business form specification software for use by customers. Designed and implemented changes to order entry and inventory systems in-house.

June 1986 – June 1990

Prentice Hall Professional Software – Smyrna, GA
Senior Product Engineer

Managed development on a PC payroll package for CPAs with 2000 installations. Responsible for interaction with management, marketing, customer support and distribution. Responsible for specification of product requirements and schedules. Wrote specifications and software code, and managed other developers, QA and technical writers.

Application Development Specialist

Lead programmer on a team responsible for maintenance and enhancement of accounts payable and payroll check-writing systems on several platforms.

Tax Development Programmer

Maintained system frameworks to support tax processing packages on IBM PC and IBM midrange platforms. Developed state tax modules for integration into desktop and midrange tax packages in multiple languages.

June 1984 – June 1986

Interactive Financial Systems – Marietta, GA
Systems Programmer

Maintained compatibility libraries for cross-platform development. Designed and implemented several software modules, including free-form editor for entering and parsing Boolean queries against proprietary financial-planning data. Implemented proprietary spreadsheet module for tax-projection.

September 1983 – June 1984

Professional Consulting Services – Smyrna, GA

Designed and implemented enhancements to loan-processing package. Consulted with customers on modifications, wrote specifications and implemented changes.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science - emphasis in Software Engineering, minor in Business
Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, TN

June, 1983

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