Calendar of activities; Academic; Co-scholastic and Games & Sports calender of activities for session 2015-16

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Calendar of activities; Academic; Co-scholastic and Games & Sports




Academic Activities

CMP Activities

Scout & Guides

Sports & Games



1.      Distribution of split up of syllabus by 1st week of April.

2.      Planning of Summer holidays homework.

3.      Conducting subject orientation workshop. Last week of February/1st week of April.

4.      Class wise/Subject wise teaching plans as per split up syllabus.

5.      Assessment of students in non scholastic areas.

6.      Subject orientation Workshop.

7.      Annual Day Celebration

8.      Result Analysis Home Exam.

9.      Enrolment/ Computer MPR to RO


1. Readiness programme for class-I

2. Planning for activities and TLM for first quarter.

3. Organizaton  of demonstration lessons by three teachers in their subjects.

4. Inter house competition of display board.

5. Monthly cycle of CCE for classes I & II listening, speaking, reading, and writing with subjective knowledge.

FA-2 III-V (Activities) (April to June)

   Pravesh- Registration for Scouts & Guides.

   Troop meeting Scouts & Guides

   ( Basic Knowledge) S/G


  Process of Centralised appointment of coach, stock verification & writing off of sports teams



1.   Homework for summer vacation.

2.   Subject orientation workshop.

3.   Board Result Analysis.

4.   Organization of Adventure activities.

5.   Enrolment/Computer MPR to RO

6.   NTS National level- May


1.  Preparation of TLM

2.  Circulation of Agenda of cluster meeting of CMP

3.  Monthly cycle of CCE for classes I & II (Listening, Speaking Reading & Writing)

  Identify students for various games & sports

      Utilise their potential in such games & sports activity mainly during RTE time ( Through spl. Coaching camp of games & reports)


  Games & sports coaching

      Camp up 10th of may 2015


1.   Cyclic test for class X

2.   Junior Science/Math Olympiad - Submission of list by 15th July.

3.   Formative Test I (3RD week).

4.   Subject orientation workshop

5.   Selection of Books for Library.

6.   School/RO level Science Exhibition.

7.   Publication of Vidyalaya Patrika.

8.   Proposal to RO by identified KVs for KVS(Hqrs) approval to conduct Adventure activities- 2nd round

9.   Enrolment, Computer MPR to RO


1.  FA1 for III to V ( Pen & Paper test)

2.  Inter house races and games competition

3.  Monthly cycle of CCE for classed 1 & II in all competencies.

4.  Film show as per time table.

   Preparation for Rashtrpati Puraskar & Rajya Puraskar

   Tritiya Sopan- Compass, First Aid

   Dwitiya Sopan – Cooking

   Pratham & Pravesh- Prayer & Pledge

      Selection of students for Regional sports meet.


1.   Introduction of Attendance monitoring proforma. Its to be sent on 1st of every month to the parents whose wards have shortage of attendance


2.   PTA meeting after I Formative assessment.


3.   Monitoring the progress of slow learners and high achievers. Assessment of projects and assignment i.e. 4.F A II for first term to be completed by last week

4.   Cyclic test for class X .

5.   Subject orientation workshop.

6.   Registration for Class IX.

7.   Enrolment/ Computer MPR to RO

8.   Regional level Science/Social Science Exhibition

9.   Regn fpr Jr Science Olympiad / NTS & KVPY


1.  Ist parent meet

2.  Inter house competition calligraphy (Eng.)

3.  Monthly cycle of CCE for classes I & II

4.  FA2 for class III to V (Activities)

5.  Film Show

6.  Printing of News Latter for primary section ( First)

      Rajya Puraskar-Proficiency Badges (Any one)

      Tritiya Sopan- Estimation

      Dwitiya Sopan – Wide game, First Aid


      Intensive Coaching Camp of selected participants.


1.      Junior Maths Olympiad- 1stweek.

2.      Junior Science Olympiad 2ndweek.

3.      Summative Test I- 3rd week.

4.      Cyclic test for class X

5.      Subject orientation workshop

6.      Celebration of Hindi Pakhwara.

7.      Teachers Day.

8.      Enrolment /Computer MPR to RO

9.      KVS National Science & Social Science Exhibition

10.   KVS Maths Olympiad & Jr Science Olympiad 1st Phase


1.  Circulation of Agenda for III CMP cluster meeting .

2.  Inter house competition ( slogan writing for class III to V); collage Art class I, I

3.  Grandparent’s day

4.  SA-1

      Rajya Puraskar- Proficiency Badges (any two)

      Tritiya Sopan – Camping

      Pratham Sopan – Scouting History, Law

      Conducting intensive Coaching camp in full swing participation in regional sports meet.

      Special coaching for selected participants for KVS National.


1.   Assignment/Home Work for Autumn Break.

2.   Remedial/ supervised study Classes during break with study material/ master cards

3.   Filling up of Board forms.

4.   Subject orientation workshop.

5.   Gandhi Jayanti.

6.   Enrolment/ Computer MPR to RO

7.   KVS Maths Olympiad 2nd phase

8.   KVS National Science


1.  2nd Teacher-Parent meeting

2.  Excursion

3.  Monthly cycle of CCE for classed I & II in all competencies (Subject wise)

4.  Film show as per time table

5.  FA-4( Activities) OCT to DEC.)

      Dwitiya Sopan Test ( Vidyalaya Level)-To be notified

      Tritiya Sopan Test – To be notified

      Pratham Sopan- First Aid, Flag Song

      Pravesh – First Aid, Flag Song

      Participation in KVS National sports meet



1.   Formative assessment III-3rdweek

2.   Cyclic test for class X & XII.

3.   Subject orientation workshop

4.   Enrolment/Computer MPR to RO

5.   Zonal Informatics Olympiad


1.  Bal Diwas celebration

2.  Monthly cycle of CCE for classes I & II in all competencies ( Subject wise).

3.  Community lunch

4.  Printing of News Letter for primary section (Second)

      Tritiya Sopan – Camp Craft, proficiency badges ( any one)

      Rajya Puraskar& Rashtrapatio Award- Activities ( any one)

      Will be Organise  Annual Sports Day



1.   Remedial Time-Table for classes during winter break.

2.   First Pre-board Exam for class XII and practice test for class X.

3.   Regional Subject orientation workshop.

4.   KVS Foundation day.

5.   Parent-Teacher Meeting.

6.   Enrolment/Computer MPR to RO


1.  Preparation of Manuscript of Magazine for every class.

2.  Monthly cycle of CCE for classes I & II in all competencies subject wise.

3.  Film show as per time table.

      Pratham Sopan & Pravesh Testing camp. ( Vidyalaya level)

      Troop meeting

      Inter house matches of various events



1.   Practice Test for class X.

2.   Submission of proposals for Condonation of shortage in attendance if below 50%- by 30 January.

3.   PTA Meeting Board Class parents.

4.   Enrolment/Computer MPR to RO

5.   National Informatics Olympiad


1.  FA-3 (Pen & Paper test)

2.  Monthly cycle of CCE for classes I & II in all competencies

3.  Inter house competition (New Year Card Making)

      Troop mMeeting (S/G, Cub – Bulbul)

      Inter house matches of various events.



1.   Conduct of Board Practical Exams.

2.   Thorough Revision of syllabus.

3.   Setting of question papers for Session Ending Exam and Summative II.

4.   Regional Subject orientation workshop (3-4 week).

5.   Submission of proposal for Condonation of shortage in attendance if between 50-60%.- by 10th Feb.

6.   National Science Day.

7.   Sale of Registration forms for Classes where vacancy exists.

8.   Enrolment/Computer MPR to RO


1.  Creative work ( display of handmade work)

2.  Monthly cycle of CCE for classed I & II in all competencies ( Subject wise)

3.  Health checkup

4.  Printing of News Lettr for primary section (Third)

      Cub – Bulbul Utsav & Chintan Divas( S/G)

      Inter house matches of various events.



1.   Summative Test II

2.   Declaration of Home Examination results.

3.   Class wise/Subject wise teaching plan for next academic session  

4.   Preparation of Institutional-Plan and Time-Table.

5.   Registration for Classes where vacancies exists and Admission in Class I

6.   Declaration of Results.

7.   Submission of proposals to RO for Adventure activities.

1.  Preparation of time table as per new norms.

2.  Circulation  of standard format for preparation of lesson plans.

3.  SA-2



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