Jht mid-term Report July 7, 2003 –January 31, 2004Jht mid-term Report July 7, 2003 –January 31, 2004
Eastern Pacific version of the ri index. This was done objectively by choosing the predictors that yielded probability of ri estimates that produced the highest Brier Skill Score (Wilks 1995)
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Computer Aided DesignComputer Aided Design
Hamden, a Poole based company has a range of customers. It produces commissioned machines that go into the production line of other companies. These machines are used to coat meat or to put a glaze on products
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The Evolution Of 3d animation Tools on the DesktopThe Evolution Of 3d animation Tools on the Desktop
The initial research and development did occur on prohibitively expensive equipment, but as the personal computer emerged many innovations occurred there that have contributed greatly to the tools we know today
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A model-based approach for development of multi-agent software systemsA model-based approach for development of multi-agent software systems
He continually stimulated my analytical thinking and greatly assisted me with scientific writing. Dr. Shatz has been a great source of encouragement and inspiration to me. Without his support this dissertation would not have been written
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How Ada was conceived: the language not the woman. Kyler BranaumHow Ada was conceived: the language not the woman. Kyler Branaum
After many revisions and cooperating with various people, the United States government formed the requirements for a new language to be created and they include
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Program error caused death of robot operatorProgram error caused death of robot operator
Jane McMurdock, Prosecuting Attorney for the City of Silicon Valley, announced today the indictment of Randy Samuels on charges of manslaughter. Samuels was formerly employed as a programmer at Silicon Techtronics, Inc
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Toward the development of a strategic technology planToward the development of a strategic technology plan
Universal Access plan, and the speed at which technology and its applications to education evolve, it is imperative that the College act promptly to plan for future activity in the technology arena. Failure to do so will again put the College in a
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Understanding Hybid Media Lev ManovichUnderstanding Hybid Media Lev Manovich
Previously separate media—live-action cinematography, graphics, still photography, animation, 3D computer animation, and typography—started to be combined in numerous ways
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Architectural Design DocumentArchitectural Design Document
This document contains descriptions of the architecture of the Nexcel application. This ap-plication is developed for the qnrf funded project at Carnegie Mellon University Qatar under the supervision of Prof. Iliano Cervasato
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Project ObjectivesProject Objectives
The measure of success of this task is to have the ability to connect and interface to the robot, such that commands can be sent to it from a host computer platform. This goal has been successfully attained
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Communication over short distances among marine mammals is used in social interactions involving aggression, individual identification, and to maintain mother-offspring contact
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Case study e-government in Cape VerdeCase study e-government in Cape Verde
International telephone rates are among the highest in the world. With 300 miles of ocean separating the extremes of this volcanic archipelago, the history of Cape Verde has largely been one of isolation and disconnection
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Study Unit 4 computer systems and data communicationStudy Unit 4 computer systems and data communication
Computerised information systems use hardware and software to generate information. This information must then be communicated to the user by using specific communication methods
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What is a Network?What is a Network?
A network consists of two or more computers that are linked in order to share resources (such as printers and cd-roms), exchange files, or allow electronic communications
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Chapter 6 Academic Software True/False QuestionsChapter 6 Academic Software True/False Questions
Included in academic software are programs that help the teacher teach and the learner learn
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