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ATLAS experiment


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ATLAS detector cavern (LHC Point 1, 80 m below ground) walkway level 4 (proton beam level), side A


Front view of the ATLAS barrel toroid magnet complex (orange striped coils), with muon chambers on top and calorimetres in the centre


Close up view from below (level 1of the cavern) of the barrel toroid magnet and calorimeters end-cap coming out during installation


Inside the barrel toroid magnet: close up view of calorimeter electronics and cabling


Pan view from the pit used to lower the ATLAS components to the the entire detector, back to the descent pit (18 m diameter, 80 m deep)


Pan view from level 1 of the Atlas cavern to top, with barrel toroid magnet and calorimetres on the left and muon wheel on the right


Zoom out from the centre of the calorimetres (with cryostat endcap) to the barrel toroid magnet and the muon chambers, ending on entire detector.


Radiation shielding (in blue) around LHC vacuum pipe, and ATLAS muon wheel at the end side of the ATLAS cavern (where the proton beams from the LHC come into the detector)


Pan view left to right, from the calorimetre inside the barrel toroid magnet to the muon wheel, from cavern level 4 (beam level)


Zoom out from worker on crane between the calorimetre (inside the barrel toroid magnet) on the left and the muon wheel on the right, with the radiation shieldng coming out (blue metal piece in the centre of the wheel)


Back to the surface hall, preparation of the silicon detector before descent into the underground cavern with insertion into the metallic frame used for descent


Zoom in and out from the vertex detector (innermost piece of ATLAS)


Side view from bottom up of the barrel toroid magnet on the right and calorimeter on the left, coming out from its operating position, during detector installation


Front view of calorimeter endcap


ATLAS members at work during insertion of the central silicon sub-detector inside the ATLAS barrel


Installation of muon detectors on the muon wheels, with various views of the completetd wheels and details


Endcap toroidal magnet between a muon wheel and the barrel toroid


ATLAS scientists at work in the detector control room


ATLAS collaboration in the detector control rom on the day of first proton proton collisions (30.04.2010)


Animation: from the solar system to the earth, Geneva region, CERN accelerator complex (aerial view with LHC circumference marked on the surface) to the underground accelerator facilities, zoom on LHCP1 and the ATLAS cavern, ATLAS detector and collisions


Animation: ATLAS detector components and collisions


ATLAS collision events display at 7 TeV (real events)

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