A resolution honoring the life and legacy of former University of Kentucky Wildcat Football Coach Rich Brooks

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A RESOLUTION honoring the life and legacy of former University of Kentucky Wildcat Football Coach Rich Brooks.

WHEREAS, Richard L. Brooks and his wife, Karen, have four children, daughters Kasey and Kerri and sons Denny and Brady, five grandchildren, and innumerable friends across this great Commonwealth and nation; and

WHEREAS, Rich Brooks played football at Oregon State and held coaching positions with Oregon State University, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), the Los Angeles Rams, the San Francisco 49ers, the University of Oregon, the St. Louis Rams, and the Atlanta Falcons before ultimately becoming the head football coach at the University of Kentucky on December 30, 2002; and

WHEREAS, Coach Brooks inherited a UK football program reeling from NCAA probation and scholarship reductions and that had a reputation of either losing close games or being noncompetitive in many others; and

WHEREAS, Coach Brooks guided the UK football team through tough seasons during his first years, and, although the team struggled, he built a solid foundation for future success. With patience and integrity, he improved the quality of athletes and facilities; and

WHEREAS, Coach Brooks and his Kentucky Wildcats proved a formidable opponent as UK achieved numerous milestones including these victories: September 9, 2006 win against Texas State that began a record-setting nonconference winning streak; November 4, 2006 win over Georgia, after which the fans stormed the field; December 29, 2006 win against Clemson in the Music City Bowl; October 13, 2007 win against LSU in three overtimes; December 31, 2007 win against Florida State in the Music City Bowl; January 2, 2009 win against East Carolina in the Liberty Bowl; October 17, 2009 win at Auburn; November 21, 2009 win at Georgia; December 27, 2009 Music City Bowl game marking the team's fourth consecutive bowl game; and

WHEREAS, Coach Brooks has received many accolades, including being named the 1994 National Coach of the Year while the head coach at the University of Oregon, and 2009 SEC Coach of the Year while at UK. He received the 2007 Blanton Collier Award in recognition of his on-the-field achievements and off-the-field steadiness, and he was a finalist for the 2007 Liberty Mutual National Coach of the Year Award. He was known for his campus and community involvement, and he similarly inspired those around him, as three players were named to the National Good Works Team for community service; and

WHEREAS, under Coach Brooks, UK set the school record for average attendance at home football games, was one of only two schools in the nation to have at least one first-team All-American from 2005-2008, led the nation by having three players on the Academic All-America squad in 2005, and became the first school in league history to have back-to-back winners of the SEC Football Scholar-Athlete of the Year award (Hayden Lane in 2006 and Jacob Tamme in 2007); and

WHEREAS, Coach Brooks is known for his humor and forthright demeanor with reporters, becoming a media favorite during the annual gathering of head football coaches and reporters prior to each season; and

WHEREAS, Coach Brooks retired from coaching football at the University of Kentucky on January 4, 2010. He will be forever known for his integrity and love of his players. He is widely recognized as having run a program free of any hint of an NCAA violation at UK, proving he was the perfect man when hired for the program. Known for wanting to break streaks marking certain on-the-field losses, Coach Brooks established his own on-the-field winning streaks, but more importantly he leaves a lasting legacy of integrity and honesty. It is these principles that define Richard L. Brooks, the man, and that have helped Coach Brooks achieve success in guiding young football players into manhood; and

WHEREAS, Coach Brooks now will be able to enjoy time with his family and friends, as well as his hobbies of golfing and fishing;


Be it resolved by the Senate of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky:

Section 1. The Senate does hereby recognize and honor Richard L. Brooks for his lifetime of success both as a man, football coach, and role model, and for guiding the University of Kentucky football team toward many achievements.

Section 2. The Senate joins with all fans and current and former players of the University of Kentucky in saluting Coach Brooks, rooting together, "On, on, U of K," and understanding that he has achieved the goals of the fight song, "And we'll kick, pass and run, 'till the battle is won, And we'll bring home the victory."

Section 3. When the Senate adjourns on this day, it does so in honor of Richard L. Brooks.

Section 4. The Clerk of the Senate is directed to transmit a copy of this Resolution to Mitch Barnhart, Athletics Director, Joe Craft Center, 338 Lexington Avenue, Lexington, Kentucky 40506, for delivery to Richard L. Brooks.

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