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Network Administration I

LAB 10 – RIPv2 (VLSM) Router Configuration

Lab Configuration: 2 routers (2811), 2 Switches (2950), and 2 PCs

Cisco Packet Tracer.

  1. Build the following network topology on Cisco Packet

  1. Create the subnetting scheme for the above topology utilizing the subnet mask that wastes the least amount of IP addresses by completing the following subnetting table. You might have to use VLSM.










  1. Configure your two routers:

    1. Hostname

    2. Interface

      1. IP Address

        1. First available addresses on each subnet must go the routers. The rest of the addresses can be assigned as you please.

      2. Description

    3. Passwords:

      1. Enable = cisco

      2. Enable secret = inter

      3. Aux 0 = cisco

      4. Console 0 = cisco

      5. VTY 0 4 = cisco

  2. Enable your interfaces so can ping from one router to the other:

    1. ping (ip address of other router)

  3. Configure RIP V2 on both routers

    1. You need to start configuring subnets in order.

    2. Verify you routing tables to make sure you have all three networks (show ip route)

  4. Configure your two PCs

    1. Hostname

    2. IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway

  5. Ping from both computers to the other computer.

    1. ping

  6. Save your network by using your name (ex: lab10_joe_doe)

  7. What you need to submit:

    1. Screenshot of the whole topology (after the save)

    2. Screenshot of the ping result from both computers

    3. Screenshot of the running configuration from both routers that show the interface configuration. (show run)

    4. Simulation file (lab10_joe_doe.pkt)

Download 74.5 Kb.

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