Chapter 3 exercises

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1. Unless your instructor tells you otherwise, use the Associated Press style rules given in this chapter and the AP stylebook to circle the correct style in each of the following sets. All are first reference unless otherwise

a. 4th and Iowa streets
4th & Iowa

Fourth and Iowa streets Fourth and Iowa Streets

b. 5 cents

five cents


c. The Supreme Court ruled eight to one.
The Supreme Court ruled 8–1.

The Supreme Court ruled 8 to 1. The Supreme Court ruled 8/1.

d. (news story)

She is 5 feet 8 inches. She is 5-8.

She is five feet eight. She is 5 feet 8.

e. 12 noon

12 a.m. noon 12:00 p.m. 12:00 noon

f. 8 p.m. tonight
8 P.M. tonight
8 tonight
8:00 tonight

g. 2011 A.D.
2011 AD
A.D. 2011
AD 2011

h. Number One choice Number 1 choice No. 1 choice No. one choice

i. Joe Jones, 7 Joe Jones, seven seven-year-old Joe Jones

j. the ’60s the ’60’s the 60s the 60’s

k. The odds were 5-4.

The odds were five to four. The odds were 5 to 4. The odds were five-four.

l. The baby weighed 8 pounds,

13 ounces. The baby weighed 8#13. The baby weighed 8 lbs., 13 oz. The baby weighed eight pounds,

13 ounces. The baby weighed eight lbs., 13 oz.

m. The boy is nineteen. The boy is 19. The man is 19. The man is nineteen.

n. The girl is nineteen. The girl is 19. The woman is 19. The woman is nineteen.

o. I owe you three dollars. I owe you $3. I owe you $3.00. I owe you 3 dollars.

p. She represents the 8th Congressional

District. She represents the Eighth Congressional

District. She represents the 8th congressional

district. She represents the eighth congressional


q. the 9-by-12 rug the nine-by-12 rug the 9 by 12 rug the nine by 12 rug

r. Queen Elizabeth 2nd Queen Elizabeth Two Queen Elizabeth the Second Queen Elizabeth II

s. $1,200,000 1.2 million dollars 1,200,000 million dollars $1.2 million

t. Fifth Armored Division 5th Armored Division Fifth Armored Div. 5th Armored Div.

2. Circle the correct Associated Press style in each of the following sets. All are first reference unless otherwise noted.

a. from $6 to $7 million
from $6-$7 million

from $6 million to $7 million from six to seven million dollars

b. 10 knots

10 knots per hour ten knots ten kph

c. Her sons are 15, 12, and seven.
Her sons are 15, 12 and 7.

Her sons are 15, 12, and 7.

d. They have 12 chairs, five tables and four

lamps. They have 12 chairs, 5 tables and 4 lamps.

e. Act 1, Scene 3
act 1, scene 3

Act One, Scene Three Act I, Scene 3 Act I, Scene III

f. The incumbent beat King 11,101 to

9,706. The incumbent beat King 11,101-9,706. The incumbent beat King 11.1 thousand

to 9.7 thousand.

g. Go to Cumberland Avenue
Go to Cumberland Ave.
Go to Cumberland avenue
Go to Cumberland ave.

h. 123 9th St. 123 Ninth St. 123 9th Street 123 Ninth Street

i. Captain Mary Brown Capt. Mary Brown Mary Brown, Captain

j. Chancellor Marvin Smith Dr. Marvin Smith, Chancellor Chancellor Dr. Marvin Smith Chanc. Marvin Smith

k. (second reference) Chancellor Smith Chan. Smith Smith Dr. Smith

l. Carol Bass, Vice-Chancellor of Student

Affairs, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Carol

Bass Carol Bass, vice chancellor for student

affairs, Carol Bass, vice-chancellor of student


m. (second reference) Vice Chancellor Bass Bass V-C of student affairs Bass

n. (second reference)

Attorney General Herman Att. Gen. Herman A.G. Herman Herman

o. (second reference) Dr. Smith Mary Smith Ms. Smith Smith Mary

p. from Jan. 22-25 from January 22 to 25 from Jan. 22 to Jan. 25 from Jan. 22 to 25

q. Marilyn Jones, dean of law Law School Dean Marilyn Jones Marilyn Jones, dean of the School of Law

r. the English Department the Department of English the English department

s. the History Department the History department the history department the Department of history the Department of History

t. Grade Point Average GPA

grade point average g.p.a.

3. Circle the correct Associated Press style in each of the following sets. All are first reference unless otherwise noted.

a. National Organization for Women
National Organization of Women

b. His birthday is in Feb.

His birthday is in February.

c. His birthday is Feb. 8.
His birthday is February 8.
His birthday is 8 February.

His birthday is the eighth of February.

d. It is a large Corp.

It is a large corporation.

It is a large corp.

It is a large Corporation.

e. She is an executive at the Hanover Corp.
She is an executive at the Hanover

Corporation. She is an executive at the Hanover corp. She is an executive at the Hanover


f. 35 m.p.h.
35 mph

g. Mount Everest
Mt. Everest

h. (in a sports story)

first base

First Base

1st base

1st Base

i. the television show “Jeopardy”

the television show Jeopardy

j. The New York Times the New York Times the “New York Times”

k. Dorothy Bowles, professor of journalism Prof. Dorothy Bowles, journalism Professor of Journalism Dorothy Bowles Dorothy Bowles, prof. of journ.

Prof. Dr. Dorothy Bowles

l. (second reference) Prof. Bowles Professor Bowles Bowles

Dr. Bowles

m. Carmen Jones, asst. prof. of history, Asst. Prof. Carmen Jones

Carmen Jones, assistant professor of


Carmen Jones, assistant professor in


n. 7 a.m.

7 A.M.

7:00 a.m.

7:00 A.M.

o. the Tennessee River the Tennessee river the Tenn. River

the Tenn. River

p. 17th Century

Seventeenth Century 17th century seventeenth century

q. (second reference, midsentence) Coach Hufford

coach Hufford

Coach Bonnie Hufford

r. They traveled through the West Coast states.

They traveled through the west coast states.

s. The oil spill was along the East Coast. The oil spill was along the east coast.

t. Knox County District Court Knox County district court district court of Knox county

4. Circle the correct Associated Press style in each of the following sets. All are first reference unless otherwise noted.

a. the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers
the Mississippi and Ohio rivers
the Miss. and Ohio rivers

b. He drove northwest.
He drove Northwest.
He drove north west.

c. Philippine islands
Aleutian islands
Pacific islands
Mediterranean Islands

d. Department of Defense
defense department
department of defense
Defense department

e. Western Texas
western Texas
W. Texas
West Texas

f. Knox County jail
Knox County Jail
Knox Co. jail

g. Knoxville Fire Department
Knoxville f re department
Knoxville Fire Dept.

h. The town has no Fire Department. The town has no f re department.

i. U.S. House of Representatives

United States House of Representatives US House

U.S. House of Reps.

j. Gen. William Smith General William Smith general William Smith William Smith, General

k. National Anthem National anthem national anthem

l. National guard national guard National Guard

m. Pacific Ocean Pacific ocean pacific ocean

n. He is the Pope. He is the pope. He is the Pontiff.

o. the State of Texas the state of Texas The State of Texas

p. Detroit, Mich. Detroit Detroit, MI Detroit, Michigan

q. Tuesday at 7 p.m. in 127 University


In 127 University Center Tuesday at 7 p.m. 7 p.m. Tuesday in 127 University Center

7 p.m. Tuesday night in University Center

room 127

r. Liverpool, Great Britain Liverpool, England Liverpool, United Kingdom Liverpool

s. El Paso, Texas El Paso El Paso, Tex. El Paso, TX

t. Paris, France Paris, Fr. Paris

5. Circle the correct Associated Press style in each of the following sets. All are first reference unless otherwise noted.

a. San Juan, Puerto Rico
San Juan, P.R.

San Juan

b. Temperatures fell 5 degrees.
Temperatures fell five degrees.
Temperatures fell 5°.

c. (standing alone in sentence; not a title)
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Chief Justice of the United States
chief justice of the United States
chief justice of the Supreme Court

d. pom-pom squad
pom pom squad
pompom squad
pom-pon squad

e. We will play this coming Saturday.
We will play Saturday.

We will play next Saturday.

f. U.S. Congress
U.S. congress
United States Congress
United States’ Congress
United States congress

g. daylight-saving time
daylight savings time
daylight-savings time

h. 62 degrees Fahrenheit 62F. 62 Fahr. Fahrenheit 62 F 62

i. Flags ashore sometimes fly at half-mast. Flags ashore sometimes fly at half mast. Flags ashore sometimes fly at half-staff. Flags ashore sometimes fly at half staff.

j. He committed suicide; he hung himself. He committed suicide; he hanged himself.

He committed suicide; he was hanged.

He committed suicide; he was hung.

k. hydrogen bomb H-Bomb


Hydrogen Bomb

l. T-shirt



T shirt

m. catsup ketchup catchup Ketchup

n. K Mart K-Mart K mart K-mart Kmart

o. held High Mass

held high mass

sung High Mass celebrated high Mass

p. the Rev. James Jones

Rev. James Jones

Reverend James Jones

the Rev. Mr. James Jones

q. 12 midnight

12:00 midnight

12 a.m. midnight

12 p.m. midnight midnight

r. The team is ranked No. 1.

The team is ranked number one. The team is ranked Number One. The team is ranked #1.

s. King George III

King George 3d

King George 3rd

King George the Third

t. 1 1/2% 1.5%

1 1/2 per cent 1.5 percent 1.5 per cent

6. Use entries for Internet, We b and other alphabetical entries of the AP stylebook to select the correct sentence in each of the following.

a. The program is available on CD-ROM disc.
The program is available on CD-Rom.
The program is available on CD-ROM.
The program is available on CD-Rom disc.

b. I left my cell phone at home.
I left my cellphone at home.

c. William Gibson popularized the term cyberspace.
William Gibson popularized the term cyber-space.

d. Double click the mouse to open a link.
Doubleclick the mouse to open a link.
Double-click the mouse to open a link.

e. IPhone combines features of a media player and wireless web browser.
IPhone combines features of a media player and wireless Web browser.
iPhone combines features of a media player and wireless Web browser.

f. Please email your professor.
Please Email your professor.
Please e-mail your professor.
Please E-mail your professor.

g. The book focuses on the end user. (noun)
The book focuses on the enduser. (noun)
The book focuses on the end-user. (noun)

h. My picture f le is titled Bob.GIF. My picture f le is titled bob.gif. My picture f le is titled bob.Gif.

i. The student wants to work in IT.

The student wants to work in information technology. The student wants to work in Information Technology. The student wants to work in I.T.

j. Use your logon for lab computers. (noun) Use your log on for lab computers. (noun) Use your log-on for lab computers. (noun)

k. Susan must logon at school. (verb) Susan must log on at school. (verb) Susan must log-on at school. (verb)

l. The computer is always online.

The computer is always on line.

The computer is always on-line.

m. Connection trouble caused the computer to be off ine. Connection trouble caused the computer to be off line. Connection trouble caused the computer to be off-line.

n. I need more Ram to run that program. I need more ram to run that program. I need more RAM to run that program.

o. Most computers arrive with a generic screensaver.

Most computers arrive with a generic screen saver.

Most computers arrive with a generic screen-saver.

p. Here is the source code for my Web page. Here is the sourcecode for my Web page. Here are the source codes for my Web page. Here are the sourcecodes for my Web page.

q. The zoo has an extensive website.

The zoo has an extensive Website.

The zoo has an extensive Web site.

The zoo has an extensive web site.

r. The Webmaster’s name is usually listed at the bottom of the page.

The webmaster’s name is usually listed at the bottom of the page.

The Web master’s name is usually listed at the bottom of the page.

The web master’s name is usually listed at the bottom of the page.

Exercises 7 through 11 are designed to acquaint you with the wide range of information the AP stylebook in­cludes in addition to style matters. If the answer is not in the edition of the stylebook that you are using, look for the answer in another reference source. Use correct AP style to write answers for the following questions.

7. Entries A–C

a. Where is the headquarters for the AAA?

b. Who presents the Academy Awards?

c. What glands produce adrenalin?

d. What is the former name of Aeromexico

e. What is the preferred term for African-

f. What is the difference between an agnostic
and an atheist?

g. What is the full, scientific name for AIDS?

h. Is the Atomic Energy Commission still in existence?

i. What countries formed the Axis alliance dur­ing World War II?

j. Which is correct? Bar-B-Q, barbecue or barbeque?

k. Who are the Big Tree automakers?

l. What body organ is affected by Bright’s disease?

m. Is the man with brown hair a brunet or a brunette?

n. What is a byte?

o. What was Cape Canaveral, Fla., formerly known as?

p. What is Ceylon now called?

q. What is the parent holding company of Citibank?

r. What is CNN an acceptable reference for?

s. What does the Continental Divide separate?

8. Entries D–H

a. Why were they called the Dark Ages?

b. What is dialect, and what is AP style concern­ing its use in stories?

c. Where is Dr Pepper headquartered?

d. Where is the Eastern Shore located?

e. When is Election Day?

f. What is an epicenter?

g. What year did Exxon Mobil Corp. form?
h. Is first lady a formal title?

i. What does fitful mean? j. What is FORTRAN?

k. What is the main ingredient of graham crackers?

l. What countries comprise Great Britain?

m. How many Great Lakes are there?

n. Is Guadalupe or Guadeloupe a city in Mexico?

o. What is Hanukkah?

p. On what date was Hiroshima the target of the first atomic bomb?

q. Which countries share the island of Hispaniola?

r. What is a hot line?

9. Entries I–M

a. What does IBM stand for?

b. What does impeachment mean?

c. Who compiles the Index of Leading Economic

d. What is the formal name of the Irish Republi­can Army?

e. Java is a trademark of what company?

f. Who founded the Jehovah’s Witnesses?

g. What are members of the Junior Chamber of
Commerce called?

h. What is the KGB?

i. What is the new term for kilocycles?

j. What is the Knesset?

k. A leatherneck is a member of what group?

l. When do the symptoms of Legionnaires’ dis­ease begin?

m. When is Lincoln’s Birthday?

n. What is the basic unit of government in Lutheran churches?

o. Where is Manitoba?

p. Why is the Mason-Dixon Line considered important?

q. Who awards the Medal of Honor?

r. Is midnight the ending or beginning of the day?

s. Are people killed in a mishap? What does mishap mean?

t. What is Murphy’s law?

10. Entries N–S

a. What was the National FFA Organization for­merly known as?

b. What does NATO stand for?

c. What is the literal translation of nolo

d. Which ocean is the largest?

e. What did the Old World consist of?

f. Why is the opossum unique in North

g. When is Pentecost?

h. In reporting about disasters, how should pas­senger lists be arranged?

i. What is a pica? How many points are in a pica?

j. Where is Prince Edward Island?

k. When was Prohibition repealed in the United States?

l. Where is the headquarters for Qantas Airways?

m. Who founded the Quakers?

n. What is Reuters?

o. When does Rosh Hashana occur?

p. RSVP is an abbreviation for a phrase in what language?

q. What is another name for rubella?

r. Where are the Sea Islands located?

s. How of en is a sesquicentennial?

t. What are the Seven Wonders of the World?

u. When did the Space Age begin?

v. What is an acceptable nickname for the Strate­gic Defense Initiative?

11. Entries T–Z

a. What does the Talmud consist of?

b. Where is the Tennessee Valley Authority

c. TriMotor is the proper name for what?

d. Why did Harry S. Truman not use a period
after the S in his name?

e. What is a U-boat?

f. What does the U.S. Customs Court do?

g. When should you use the term user friendly?
h. What is vernacular?

i. What does Veterans Day commemorate?

j. Is Virginia legally a state?

k. What is the preferred, nonsexist term for weatherman?

l. As defined by the U.S. Census Bureau, the West is considered to include how many states?

m. Wilson’s disease is characterized by the abnor­mal accumulation of what metal in the brain, liver and other organs?

n. What is a generic term for Xerox?

o. Are yams botanically related to sweet potatoes?

p. Is it acceptable to begin a sentence with a figure that indicates a year?

Chapter 3

q. What is yellow journalism?

r. To what age range is the term youth applicable?

s. Is yo-yo currently a registered trademark? t. What is Zionism?

12. Edit the following press release leads to conform to AP style. If you are editing with pencil rather than the electronic version of these exercises available online, use correct copy editing symbols as shown on the inside cover of this workbook. Don’t forget to indent paragraphs.

a. The Georgia chapter of the P.R.S.A. is hosting a luncheon, “A Conversation with Living PR
Legends,” Thursday, May 7, 2009, at Loudermilk Center, 40 Courtland Street. South East, in
Atlanta. Registration begins at 11:30 A.M., followed by the luncheon at 12.

b. It’s rare that younger kids get to defeat older ones in any type of competition, and tourna­ment SCRABBLE is no different. Yet that was the scenario today at the 7th annual National
School SCRABBLE Championship as Andy Smith and Erik Johnson, both 11 years old of Cary,
North Carolina overcame a more experienced field to win the $10000 first prize.

c. LONDON, May 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Paul McCartney has recently written to President Barack
Obama making him aware of an organization called OneVoice - an organization that Paul first
came into contact with during his memorable trip to Israel and Palestine last year.

d. The OneVoice Movement currently has over 650,000 signatories (equally represented by Pal­estinians and Israelis) and they work steadfastly towards a two state solution to the Israel/
Palestine conflict, endeavoring to ensure that the voice of the moderate majority on both
sides is heard and acted upon by their respective leaders. Earlier this year Paul officially
joined OneVoice’s International Board of Advisors, which includes names such as Danny
DeVito and Muhammed Ali.

e. Lexus announced today that the RX 350, the top-selling luxury SUV, is now available with
a savings of $900 on its most popular option packages. The new RX 350, available as both

front-wheel drive (FWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) models, features a powerful 3.5-liter V6 engine that improves both performance and fuel efficiency.

f. America’s favorite talent show, American Idol, is heading to the New Jersey Meadowlands
to hold auditions for their upcoming season. The Meadowlands, home to some of the most
prominent sports franchises in the region and is a major tourism destination, is expected to
swell with 1000s of people during the days leading up to the August 14th audition.

g. NEW YORK, N.Y. – Electric Fuel Corporation, the world’s leading zinc-air fuel cell company,
today announced it will be launching a new line of INSTANT POWER(TM) Mini-Chargers for
cellphones, aimed at competing with lower performance alkaline based emergency chargers.
The new Mini-Charger will be launched this quarter, initially in the UK and later on in the US
markets. With Electric Fuel’s superior zinc air fuel cell technology and featuring a new and
sleek design, the $9.95 (MSRP) Mini-Charger will outperform any other disposable charger
currently on the market.

h. DETROIT, Mich., PRNewswire/ -- House Party, a leading consumer activation and experiential marketing company, is partnering with Ford Motor Company to encourage thousands of con­sumers to watch the first night of the American Idol finale shows on Tuesday, May 19 while obtaining an exclusive look at the 2010 Ford Fusion, the most fuel-efficient mid-size sedan in America. More than 15,000 consumers across the United States are anticipated to be at the parties. House Party’s word-of-mouth marketing platform specializes in engaging thou­sands of qualified consumer advocates to host in-home parties where a brand or product is at the center of the party. Hosts invite their friends into their homes to hold a fun, authen­tic party. Each event is tracked and monitored by a custom-branded micro-site, launched to gather, galvanize and manage the party community and track the powerful and carefully engineered outcomes of each House Party event.

i. (for business section) West Coast Bank (Nasdaq: WCBO) has awarded 5 one-thousand-dollar scholarships to children of it’s employees. Executive Vice President of Human Resources Cynthia Sparacio said, “West Coast Bank’s dependent scholarship benefit is much anticipated and appreciated each year by a highly competitive group of high school and college students. It’s another way the company increases value to our employees and ensures that we are an employer of choice,” she said.

j. (for business section) SHANGHAI, China, PRNewswire — China Energy Recovery, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CGYV) (ISIN: US16943V2060; “CER”), a leader in waste heat energy recovery and industrial energy efficiency, today announced financial results for the three months ended March 31. Revenues in the three months ended March 31 were $1.26 million. The relevantly low revenue level was due mainly to a reduction in order completion in terms of number and size between quarters as a result of the company’s order-based business model and the temporary impact of the recent economic downturn.

k. July is heating up and so is Mega Millions. Friday’s Mega Millions drawing produced more than 345000 winning tickets from coast to coast. That includes 5 tickets that came within a heartbeat of hitting the jackpot. Since no ticket matched all 6 numbers to win the $12,000,000 jackpot, the jackpot for the drawing next Tuesday grows to an estimated $15 million.

l. More than 120 Hooters Girls from Taiwan to New York are heading to Las Vegas to compete for 150,000 dollars in cash and prizes at the Tenth Annual Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant.

13. This exercise is based on the “correct word usage” section of this chapter and words beginning with an A
in the “frequently misused words” list in this chapter. Mark through the incorrect choices in the following

a. [A while, awhile] before he came to the party, refreshments were served.

b. As mayor, she hoped to [affect, effect] change.

c. Because of the [adverse, averse] weather conditions, we must [altar, alter] our plans.

d. Her status as a celebrity was an [allusion, illusion].

e. It is [alright, all right] for you to paint it green.

f. My dream of becoming a f lm star was an [allusion, illusion].

g. She [alluded, eluded] to her past glory as an actress.

h. The fall [aggravated, irritated] his knee injury.

i. The new drug has a powerful [affect, effect], but it may not be [affective, effective] for treating cancer.

j. Has he been [appraised, apprised] of the situation?

k. The teacher’s [advice, advise] to her was to study harder.

l. We mailed 150 invitations [all together, altogether].

m. Were you able to get her to [ascent, assent] to our proposal?

n. He didn’t seem to understand the [affect, effect] of his actions.

o. A top White House adviser said that once the stimulus plan achieved its intended [affect, effect] the United States would “restore fiscal responsibility and return to a sustainable economic path.’’

14. This exercise is based on the “correct word usage” section of this chapter and words beginning with a B in
the “frequently misused words” list in this chapter. Mark through the incorrect choices in the following

a. A [burro, burrow] has sure footing on mountain trails.

b. After all the monthly bills were paid, the family had a [balance, remainder] of [fewer, less]
than $50.

c. After careful consideration, I [believe, feel, think] I should accept the job offer.

d. Beef [bouillon, bullion] was used in the recipe.

e. She retired to her [birth, berth] on the train.

f. He enjoys going to the horse races, and he is a big [better, bettor].

g. She seemed reluctant to [broach, brooch] the subject with her boss.

h. His explanation sounded like [baloney, bologna] to me.

i. I don’t like [baloney, bologna] sandwiches.

j. It was a [bazaar, bizarre] situation.

k. Members of labor unions voted as a [bloc, block] in the spring election.

l. Please [boar, boor, bore] holes in this piece of lumber.

m. She could hardly catch her [breath, breathe].

n. He froze the [balance, remainder] of the meat.

o. He gave his mother a beautiful [broach, brooch] for Christmas.

p. She placed the ball [beside, besides] the tennis racket.

q. The [biannual, biennial] event is in April and October.

r. The game was canceled [because of, due to] rain.

s. The judge set his [bail, bale] at $10,000.

t. The papers must be in a [bail, bale] or the recycling plant will not accept them.

u. The room was f lled with smoke, making it diff cult to [breath, breathe].

v. The tennis player was a [boar, boor, bore] with his frequent complaints about the referee’s calls.

w. To raise money, the church sponsored a [bazaar, bizarre].

x. We used the bucket to [bail, bale] water from the leaking boat.

y. While they were on vacation, a [burglar, robber] broke in and stole a television set.

15. This exercise is based on the “correct word usage” section of this chapter and words beginning with a C in the “frequently misused words” list in Chapter 3. Mark through the incorrect choices in the following sentences.

a. Although she was in her mid-30s, her [childish, childlike] mannerisms made her a popular
elementary-school teacher.

b. He was [censored, censured, censered] for his unethical behavior.

c. The [climactic, climatic] moment was when Jim met his birth mother for the first time.

d. Some NFL players receive salaries that are not [commensurate, commiserate] with their
playing abilities.

e. How do NFL salaries [compare to, compare with] those of the NBA?

f. His behavior at the party shows that he is a [callous, callus] person.

g. It was a [cement, concrete] driveway.
h. The tent was made of [canvas, canvass].

i. The truck [collided with, hit] a fence.

j. To [censor, censure, censer] in that manner was a violation of the First Amendment, the court ruled.

k. We admired the murals on the walls of the [capital, capitol].

l. When editing copy without a computer, use a [carat, caret] to show insertions.

m. I think he is too [complacent, complaisant] to be the team leader.

n. How many sources did you [cite, sight, site] in your term paper?

o. While in the army, he was assigned to [calvary, cavalry] duty.

p. We received [complementary, complimentary] tickets to the play.

q. This policy provides [comprehensible, comprehensive] coverage.

r. Although the foreign student had an excellent grasp of formal English, she sometimes did not understand the [connotation, denotation] of words.

s. Mammals, reptiles and birds [compose, comprise] the zoo.

t. The local city [council, counsel] meets every week.

u. The red tie is a good [complement, compliment] to your new suit.

v. Ask the treasurer to [disburse, dispense, disperse] payment for these bills.

w. Was she [conscience, conscious] after the accident?

x. A synonym for intermittent is [continual, continuous].

y. His story did not seem [creditable, credible, credulous] to me.

z. This was the [cite, site] of a World War II [interment, internment] camp.

16. This exercise is based on the “correct word usage” section of this chapter and words beginning with D and E in the “frequently misused words” list in Chapter 3. Mark through the incorrect choices in the following sentences.

a. Because the judge seemed biased, I thought that she would not give a(n) [disinterested,
uninterested] decision.

b. Don’t talk; it might [detract, distract] the golfer.

c. I asked the real estate agent whether she [felt, thought] the property would [deprecate,
depreciate] during the next two years.

d. In the movie two men fought a [dual, duel].

e. The scientist spent much of his career trying to [disapprove, disprove] Einstein’s theory.

f. The room has a [distinctive, distinguished] odor.

g. The [desert, dessert] was a perfect [complement, compliment] to the meal.
h. The car has [dual, duel] muff ers.

i. He hurled [epithets, epitaphs] at his opponent.

j. The new law makes a jail term mandatory for [drunk, drunken] drivers. k. She always feels [eager, anxious] on the night before a big test.

l. The scene [evoked, invoked] memories of his boyhood home.

m. In his dealings with children in the neighborhood, he was an [erasable, irascible] old man.

n. The mother told her child to be careful at summer camp, [especially, specially] when swimming.

o. They chose this hotel [especially, specially] for the wedding reception.

p. Did you [elicit, illicit] a promise from the child?

q. The family [emigrated, immigrated] to the United States in 1945.

17. This exercise is based on the “correct word usage” section of this chapter and words beginning with F and G in the “frequently misused words” list in Chapter 3. Mark through the incorrect choices in the following sentences.

a. [Fliers, Flyers] were placed throughout the campus to announce the meeting.

b. After many years as a successful newspaper reporter, he became a [flack, flak] for a

c. As part of her physical training program, she walked at least a mile [farther, further] each

d. He [figuratively, literally] hit the ceiling when he heard about the ruling.

e. He [flaunted, flouted] his wealth.

f. It was a [flagrant, fragrant] foul, but the referee did not see it.

g. Please cook some [flounder, founder].

h. Please study the matter [farther, further] before deciding what to do.

i. Two [fewer, less] candidates f led for office this year.

j. His colleagues did not think his [factious, factitious, facetious] remarks were amusing.

k. His presence seemed to [ferment, foment] trouble.

l. Jim is her [fiancé, fiancée].

m. The 400-pound wrestler was a [forbidding, foreboding] opponent.

n. To accomplish the task on time, workers had to [forego, forgo] vacations.

0. He was a [gorilla, guerrilla] in Nicaragua.

p. Jury members f inched when the prosecutor showed pictures of the [grisly, gristly, grizzly] crime scene.

18. This exercise is based on the “correct word usage” section of this chapter and words beginning with H through L in the “frequently misused words” list in Chapter 3. Mark through the incorrect choices in the following sentences.

a. [Hopefully, I hope] it will not rain on July 4.

b. If your mother marries my father, we will become [half sisters, stepsisters].

c. He was an [inapt, inept] carpenter.

d. The Bible is a [holey, holy] book.

e. The city wanted to erect a [historic, historical] marker at the site.

f. The commander ordered that all flags on the [naval, navel] fleet should fly at [half-mast,

g. The temperature today will be [lower, cooler] than yesterday.

h. After the discussion, the marriage [counselor, councilor] had a better [incite, insight] into the couple’s problems.

i. Grease is [insoluble, insolvable, insolvent] in water.

j. Have you decided [if, whether] you will attend this university?

k. He was [impassable, impassible] during the funeral.

1. She was [incredible, incredulous] at the sales representative’s claims for the product.

m. You should be polite to John, [irregardless, irrespective] of your dislike for him.

n. It was an [ingenious, ingenuous] solution to the problem, and she wondered why no one had tried it earlier.

o. The [imminent, eminent] scientist was born in Germany but [immigrated, emigrated] to the United States.

p. The teachers did everything they could to [insure, ensure] the students’ safety.

q. The doctors had no explanation for the higher [incidence, incidents] of cancer in that county.

r. The County Commission has the power to [levee, levy] property taxes.

s. The paint had the [affect, effect] of [lightening, lightning] the wood.

t. He was [judicial, judicious] in his handling of money.

u. I am [loath, loathe] to go to the dentist.

v. The convicted drug lord told authorities that he simply was involved in (interstate, intra-state) commerce along the Canadian border.

w. When you talked to him, did you mean to [imply, infer] that you were unhappy?

x. The sky is dark; it looks [like, as though] it will rain.

y. Newspaper advertising [linage, lineage] has increased 10 percent this year.

z. He [lay, lain, layed] in the sun too long.

19. This exercise is based on the “correct word usage” section of this chapter and words beginning with M through P in the “frequently misused words” list in this chapter. Mark through the incorrect choices in the following sentences.

a. He was selected parade [marshal, marshall].

b. The challenger was able to [marshal, marshall] his strength to defeat the reigning champion.

c. The car [motor, engine] overheated.

d. The commander asked that someone volunteer for the [odious, odorous] duty.

e. The experienced driver won the race with a [masterful, masterly] display of racing ability.

f. After taxes, her salary increase was [negligent, negligible].

g. He became [nauseated, nauseous] on the plane.

h. The parents were [negligent, negligible] in their treatment of the child.

i. [More than, Over] 2,000 attended the performance.

j. He could not get the company to honor the [oral, verbal] promises made by the sales clerk. Only written warranties were valid.

k. The reporter became [nauseated, nauseous] when he saw the mangled bodies.

l. An artist uses a [palate, palette, pallet].

m. He bit into the pizza, burning his [palate, palette, pallet].

n. She hoped to [parlay, parley] his fame into fortune.

o. The district attorney will [persecute, prosecute] the murder suspect.

p. The [councilor, counselor] was able to [persuade, convince] the students that a college edu­cation is important.

q. The senior class will [proceed, precede] the junior class.

r. He sent his son into town to [pedal, petal, peddle] the wooden toys.

s. She wanted to uphold the [principal, principle] of equality although it would cost her com­pany more money.

t. I was flattered when the boss asked for my [perspective, prospective] of the situation.

u. Students who engage in [prescribed, proscribed] behavior will be expelled from this university.

v. The [principal, principle] shareholder spoke at the annual meeting.

w. The company announced its [perspective, prospective] earnings at the annual meeting today.

x. The fancy car was a [perquisite, prerequisite] that came with his new position at the company.

y. The guest speaker climbed the stairs to the [podium, lectern] and placed her notes on the [podium, lectern].

z. The [burglar, robber] gained entry to her home on the [pretense, pretext] of going there to repair the telephone.

20. This exercise is based on the “correct word usage” section of this chapter and words beginning with Q through Z in the “frequently misused words” list in this chapter. Mark through the incorrect choices in the following sentences.

a. The doctor [prescribed, proscribed] medicine for my illness, but she seemed [quiet, quite]
[reluctant, reticent] to do so.

b. The politician was [reluctant, reticent] during the interview.

c. We will finish the project [regardless, irregardless] of our financial situation.

d. You have made some serious errors, but I think that the situation is [remediable, remedial].

e. He is a [reckless, wreckless] driver.

f. Although the pay was good, the work was [seasonable, seasonal], and he wanted to work
throughout the year.

g. The baker wanted the dough to [raise, rise].

h. In his eagerness to please everyone, he is [reluctant, reticent] to make decisions.

i. The columnist wrote that the deep recession compelled Obama to jump into [uncharted, unchartered] territory, with no compass or guide.

j. The barber used a [strap, strop] to sharpen the razor. k. Magicians engage in [sleight, slight] of hand.

l. Police erected a [stationary, stationery] barrier.

m. It was a [tenant, tenet] that guided him in his business dealings.

n. It was a [tort, torte] that could have been avoided with careful copy editing.

o. Stained-glass windows are [transparent, translucent].

p. She wore a [shear, sheer] blouse.

q. She hoped to join the state highway patrol as a [trooper, trouper].

r. Here is the book [which, that] she ordered.

s. This version of the computer program will [supercede, supersede] the one issued two years ago.

t. Unexpected expenses will [wreak, wreck] havoc on my budget.

u. Her argument was [tortuous, torturous].

v. He said it was a [venal, venial] sin.

w. It is a [viral, virile] disease.

x. Having gone without food for two days, the hunters had [veracious, voracious] appetites.

y. He said he would [wangle, wrangle] an invitation.

z. The recipe called for three egg [yokes, yolks].

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