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Motor vehicle plate numbering involves registration of vehicles as part of the allocation of an identification mark to a vehicle by serially numbering of motor vehicles. As much as there is need for sanity to be maintained on roads, motor vehicle national plate numbering becomes of necessity in traffic matters for identification purpose.
In as much as motor vehicle national plate numbering has been in existence for ages now, the old system of numbering had been in adoption which did not play a significant role highway safety until the development of the new system of plate numbering where a reflective sheeting which is more visible to read even in the dark, special alphabetic codes are allocated to each vehicle which distinguishes the vehicle from any other vehicle throughout the whole federation, thereby creating some measure of uniqueness in such vehicle.
This new system of national plate numbering which the central focus of this write came into effect from 16th January 1993 and handled by federal Road Safety Commission. It is introduced to enforce strict compliance to traffic rules and regulations as well as providing a proper data as to the behavior of road users. In other words, this national plate numbering is designed to identify a particular vehicle to the rightful owner making the identification of such vehicle easy.
Motor vehicle national plate numbering is done by 2 government offices namely: Local government motor licensing offices for personal vehicles and cabinet office or any military established offices.


Due to limitation of human effort and potentials, application of manual system in motor vehicle, national plate numbering has posed some problems and threats to the work which can go a long way in been eliminated through computerization of the process. These problems are:

  1. Participation of Unauthorized Officers: Unauthorized officers according to my observations are involved in this work especially in the sale of plate numbers, which can encourage fraud.

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