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Professional Summary

A management professional with over 15 years experience leading Systems Integration, Applications Development, and Technology Rollouts. A Program/Project troubleshooter noted for comprehensive knowledge of deliverables-based projects, initiative, and tenacity.

Managed and performed all phases of the Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

Technical Implementation / Rollout

  1. Texas Instruments: Concurrently managed Major LAN Design and Implementation at two sites, one of which was the Pilot Site for Subsequent Worldwide Implementation

  2. Intel Corporation: Managed Worldwide Server Rollout Program

  3. Eckerd Drugs: Led planning for national Point of Sale (POS) rollout

  4. Nestle-Infonet: Managed Worldwide Rollout of Routers;

  5. Automobile Club of Southern California, Eckert Drugs, and Stater Brothers: Managed Point of Sale (POS) Rollout

  6. Dell Computers: Managed National Recall and Replacement of defective laptop batteries.

Application Development / Systems Integration

  1. Automobile Club of Southern California: Managed, Designed, and Developed Corporate Financials and POS Cashiering Systems

  2. Blue Cross/Blue Shield: Led Design, Development, and Integration of ERP Financials, Medical Claims Processing, and Payment Systems

  3. Great Western: Managed Banking Financials Development, Implementation, and Maintenance

  4. Mazda Motor of America: Managed PMO controlling the Parts, Vehicles, Dealer Marketing, Service Systems, and Corporate Financials Projects

  5. Allstate Computer Research: Analyzed, Developed, and Implemented Online and Back Office Banking and Credit Union Financial Applications.

  6. Travelocity, Reliant Energy, and GM OnStar: Managed Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) System Design and Integration

  7. Continental Airlines: Managed CRM Design

  8. UCLA Hospital: Designed and Implemented Billing and Medical Records Systems

  9. International Aluminum Corp.: Managed Development of Bill of Materials Project

  10. Marshall Industries and Mazda Motor of America: Rapid Development through Joint Applications Development (JAD)

  11. Marshall Industries: Managed Inventory Management and Parts Distribution Development

  12. Reliant Energy: Managed Design of CTI within ERP/SAP Integration Project

Consulting Engagements

  1. IBM and AT&T: Audited numerous Projects/Programs

  2. AT&T: Led Executive Session to create a new line-of-business Offering and Business Unit.

  3. AT&T and NCR: Led and Participated in Contract Negotiation Teams

  4. IBM, AT&T, and NCR: Developed and Managed: Business Risk Management, Change Control, and Communications Plans

  5. Established Project Management Offices (PMOs)

  6. IBM, AT&T Great Western: Created and Taught Project Management Classes

  7. Hoag Hospital and Marshall Industries: Business Systems Disaster Recovery Planning

  8. Mazda Motor of America: Creation of IT Standards, Procedures, and Security Policies, and Creation of Best Business Practices

  9. Marshall Industries, Mazda Motor of America, IBM, and created Executive-level IT, Sales, and Marketing Strategies

  10. Orange County Water District: Lead Proposal for Corporate Financials and Laboratory Systems

  11. Dell’s National Proposal Center: Led and Created System Integration Proposals

Held higher than a Top Secret Security Clearance in Naval Security Group (TS/SBI/SCI/Crypto).


  1. Master of Business Administration, University of Southern California – Finance and Strategy

  2. Presidents’ Class, Harvard University

  3. Master’s Certificate in Project Management, George Washington University

  4. Bachelor of Science, Organizational Behavior, University of San Francisco

  5. Over 2,500 hours of industry, professional, and technical education


  1. Project Manager, IBM Corporation

  2. Principles of Group Health Insurance I & II, Health Insurance Association of America

Professional Experience

Independent Consultant 2003 to 2004:

Led successful team effort to get client consulting firm selected as a provider of professional services to Los Angeles City.

Re-engineered client’s organizational and operational structure to efficiently transition to an on-line business.

Collective Technologies 2004 to 2004: Project Manager

Managed and coordinated concurrent projects to design and install state-of-the-art EMC SAN/NAS solutions at EMC client locations.

NCR (AT&T, Global Information Solutions) 1995 to 2001: Sr. Project Executive

Most projects were critical to the clients’ corporate success. All projects were managed to a Statement of Work (SOW), and utilized MS Project2000 and the AT&T GlobalPM methodology. Had full budgetary responsibility for all projects.

Each project required the establishment of a Project Management Office (PMO) and associated methodologies specific to the clients’ operational needs. Programs/projects required the development and monitoring of user operational procedures and due to their criticality were subject to constant internal and external audits.

Received commendation for leading a 10-member team of executives to develop a new line of AT&T business.

Commended by clients for successful projects performed in extremely stressful environments. Received awards for performance and successful projects brought in on time and within budget. Mentored less-experienced Project Managers; created and delivered presentations; led and facilitated planning meetings that brought together operational business and technical personnel; created and conducted training sessions.

IBM Corporation 1988 to 1994: Sr. Project Manager

Extensive Systems Integration and auditing experience. All projects utilized ABT’s Project Workbench (Niku) as the Project Management tool and IBM’s Global Methodology. Received performance awards in recognition of superior leadership. Performed financial analysis of client corporations to direct marketing efforts. Had full budgetary responsibility for all my IBM projects.

Regional Auditor responsibilities included approving IBM’s Services contracts prior to submission to clients and a yearly audit of all contracts in the Los Angeles Region. Led Risk Assessments and Project Reviews.

Led an executive team to evaluate and recommend IBM corporate strategy.

Earlier Experience

Management duties at Great Western Bank’s Financial Systems included: project staffing, Section budget, and administrative responsibility for four programmers, five System Analysts, and a Supervisor of two EDP Liaison positions. Areas of systems responsibility included: General Ledger, Responsibility Center, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, Bank Reconciliation, Insurance, and Payroll/Personnel. Operational responsibilities in these areas included: maintenance, formal systems evaluation and feasibility studies, package evaluation and selection, determination of system requirements.

Architected, planned, and designed Blue Cross’ re-engineering of a health-insurance claims-adjudication and processing system. Organized and led a bi-coastal team to evaluate, modify, and test an ERP system involving online, IMS-based claims-benefits and adjudication subsystems. Wrote and designed DB2 applications. Led successful development of an insurance billing system. Implemented on time.

Designed and implemented UCLA’s hospital billing system. Implemented on time and below budget.

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