Choosing the right place will help sell the product. A suitable location can promote the product and attract more customers

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Choosing the right place will help sell the product. A suitable location can promote the product and attract more customers. For example, our product is Heineken, so it is not suitable for sale near the school, because the people near the school are all the student, student are not suitable for drinking, and in order to prevent student from being exposed to alcohol at an inappropriate age ,so this site can definitely be excluded. Heineken can be sold in multiple physical stores such as convenience stores, pubs, clubs the beer stores, restaurants and so on.

Heineken sales in pubs and clubs can be particularly profitable because these establishments often need a large supply of beer to attract more customers and keep the business going. Especially when some festival come, special activities are held to attract more customers such as Christmas event, New Year event, Halloween event. These special events can attract more customers to come and enjoy the beer. Then, shopping malls also sell Heineken hot spots. For example during the Chinese New Year, a large number of goods will be sold in shopping malls such as soda, cakes, biscuits, oranges and other goods that will be packed into a large box and the price will be reduced to allow customers to take away a large number of goods at a more favourable price. Besides that, the taste of Heineken is so bitter that it can be sold in the mall for customers to taste, so that customers can choose to buy according to their own preferences. And it can earn the chance of returning customers. As a result, in shopping malls sales for Heineken is definitely one of a good strategy.

Furthermore, selling Heineken in convenience stores is also a good choice. Since some people don’t like to go outside to drink perhaps think in the bar such place drinks will feel very noisy and don’t like this situation meanwhile just want to drink quietly, customers can go to the convenience store and buy the beer for home drinking. A group of friends can also buy drinks together and chat at home to enhance their relationship. For example, 7-eleven in Malaysia is a good convenience store representative. 7-eleven is a multinational convenience store that originated in the United States. There are now 2323 7-eleven outlets in Malaysia, each of which sells beer, and Heineken is the beer most people drink. Heineken also recently released a beer with 0% alcohol, also known as Heineken 0.0. Therefore, customers who want to drink but afraid of getting drunk can choose this type of beer. In addition, 7-eleven is open 24 hours a day, so customers who want to release stress by drinking after work overtime or get together for drinks in the midnight can buy a drink at 7-eleven at any time. After that, the restaurant can then add Heineken options to the menu, allowing customers to pair their meal with a refreshing beer.

Then there's another thing that's more convenient than a convenience store are vending machines. Nowadays, many places have several vending machines, such as cosmetic machines, gift box machines, meal box machines, beverage machines, doll vending machines and so on. In Malaysia, the most common vending machines are doll vending machines and beverage vending machines. In particular, beverage vending machines can be seen everywhere, such as one or even several beverage vending machines in schools, on the roadside, and in front of many shops. The advantage of the vending machine is that it is very convenient. Customers can get things by dropping coins without the owner. At the same time, it can not only bring convenience to customers, but also save the owner's energy and their time. But soda is the most common drink vending machine in Malaysia, and now owners can consider including Heineken in their machines, so customers can have a drink whenever they want. And the vending machines are open all year round, allowing customers to take their beer out at any time. In addition, the display of this beer with the beverage machine to pay attention to it is not suitable set up in a lot of children, minors frequented places, such as schools, playgrounds, etc., to avoid the children's curiosity, in the inappropriate age to try to drink. In addition to this special attention, shop owners can also put official notice on the beverage machines to remind adults that even where children go, they can be noticed by the family, and in doing so, people can read the signs to make their own choices.

However, selling Heineken in the tea restaurant is a particularly good idea. Retired people are especially fond of chatting with old friends over afternoon tea in the tea restaurant in their spare time. If beer is sold in the tea room, beer with peanuts will be the updated option for them. Drinking beer and talking about the past makes their lives easier. However, it is important to note that any store selling beer or pork in Malaysia must have a "Restoran Khas" notice on it. The directive is intended to allow muslims to distinguish between restaurants which sell food that muslims are not allowed to eat and drink, especially Muslim visitors from out of state. In addition, the tea restaurant not only delivers food, but also delivers drinks and even beer. In this way, when customers have a need, they will find a tea restaurant with such services, and the profit of the tea room can be improved.

The place of the product to be sold is very important. We can choose the most advantageous location for selling Heineken based on the customer’s age, regional traffic, environmental investigation, as well as the preferences and living habits of most people. The choice of place must not be hasty, because it will seriously affect the sales performance. Choosing the right location not only help to increase the company’s profits, but also make the development trend of commodities more and more broad.
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