Chronological list of Essays/Interviews in The Writer’s Chronicle (from Associated Writing Programs) by mfa in Writing Program Faculty and Alumnus

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Chronological list of Essays/Interviews in The Writer’s Chronicle (from Associated Writing Programs) by MFA in Writing Program Faculty and Alumnus:
Bachelard’s Non-I & The Enlarged Self – Elizabeth Anne McHale, May/Summer, 2009
Real Fakes & Inauthentic Voices – Alyce Miller (alumna), March/April, 2009
Remembering Grace Paley – Alexis Lathem (alumna), March/April, 2009
How Tobias Wolff, E.M. Forster, & Herman Melville Make Use of Symbol – Constance Leisure (alumna). December 2008
The Beauty of Conveying More with Less – Jay Kauffmann (alumnus), December 2008.
Lisa de Rubilar (alumna): Snuffing the Flame: The Moral Implications of Stereotypes, October/November, 2008.
Sue Silverman (faculty): The Meandering River: The Subgenres of Creative Nonfiction, September, 2008
Natasha Saje (faculty): Narrative and Poetry, September, 2008
Jeanie Chung (alumna): An Interview with Carol Anshaw, September, 2008.
Harrison Candelaria Fletcher (alumnus): Writing A Shadowbox, March/April, 2008.
Sue William Silverman (faculty): Conscious Decisions and Unconscious Gifts: An Interview, March/April, 2008.
Jenny Dunning (alumna): Reconsidering Omniscience in Contemporary Fiction, February, 2008.
William Walsh (alumnus): Charming Banter: An Interview With Elizabeth Spires and Madison Smartt Bell, February, 2008.
Andrey Gritsman (alumnus): Comments on English-Russian Bilingual Poetry Translation, December, 2007.
Patricia Crane (alumna): Letting the Moment Go, December, 2007.
Anne de Marcken (alumna): Part of One’s Life: An Interview with Shawn Wong, December, 2007.
Leslie Ullman (faculty): Towards a Poetics of Pull-and-Release, December, 2007.
Jeanie Chung (alumna): An Interview With Bob Hicok, September, 2007.
David Wojahn (faculty): Maggie’s Farm No More: The Fate of Political Poetry, May, 2007
Maggie Bucholt (alumna): Rhyming Action in Alice Munro’s Short Stories, May, 2007
Lauren Rusk (alumna): The Possibilities & Perils of Writing Poems About Visual Art, March/April, 2007
Natasha Saje (faculty): Rhythm & Repetition in Free Verse, March/April, 2007.
Robin Hemley (faculty): Painful Howls From Places That Undoubtedly Exist: A Primer of Deceit, Dec. ‘06
Brian Tierney (alumnus): A Study in the Nature of Time and Fiction, Dec. ‘06
Sybil Baker (alumna): The American Expatriate Writer, September, 2006
David Jauss (faculty): Lever of Transcendence: Contradiction and the Physics of Creativity, Mar./Apr. ‘06
Ellen Lesser (faculty): "The Girl I Was, the Woman I Have Become: Fiction's Reminiscent Narrators", Feb. ‘06
Roger Skipper (alumnus): "Indigenous Intelligence: Talk Bad, Think Well", Dec. ‘05
Gbanabom Hallowell (alumnus): The Claustrophobia of Exile: African Poets Writing in the "Wasteland," Dec. 05 
Jeanie Chung (alumna): An Interview with Stuart Dybek, Oct./Nov. ‘05
Natasha Saje (faculty): Frontloading Syntax, Oct./Nov. ‘05
Kim Aubrey (alumna): How to Write Like Alice Munro, Sept. ‘05
David Jauss (faculty): Stacking Stones: Building a Unified Short Story Collection, Mar./Apr. ‘05
Sam Howie (alumnus): Character, Caricature, and the Southern Grotesque, Feb. ‘05
Leslie Ullman (faculty): The “Personal” Poem as Sacred Space, Feb. ‘05
Carolyn Walker (alumna): On Writing Through the Hard Place, Feb. ‘05
Debra Gingerich (alumna): Gleaning from Mentoring Relationships, Dec. ‘04
Ellen Lesser (faculty): A Paradoxical Shimmering: Making Metaphor in Fiction, Oct./Nov. ‘04
Sarah Maclay (alumna): The Root of Saying, Oct./Nov. ‘04
Marie Jordan (alumna): An Interview with Sydney Lea, Oct./Nov. ‘04
Maggie Kast (alumna): Writing From the Body: What Is That?, May/Summer ‘04
Natasha Saje (faculty): Who Are We to Judge?: The Politics of Literary Evaluation, May/Summer ’04
Debra Fitzgerald (alumna): Translating Ideas: What Scientists Can Teach Fiction Writers About Metaphor, Mar./Apr. ‘04
Nance Van Winckel (faculty): Staking the Claim of the Title, Mar./Apr. ‘04
Jennifer Grow (alumna): All That Is Seen & Unseen: Negative Space in Fiction, Dec. ‘03
David Jauss (faculty): What We Talk About When We Talk About Flow, Oct./Nov. ‘03
Nancy Sullivan (alumna): Film Technique in Fiction, Feb. ‘03
Nickole Brown (alumna): Writing in the Mother Tongue: Approaches to Dialect and Colloquial Speech, Feb. ‘03
Sue William Silverman (faculty): Confessional and (finally) Proud of It: For Women Only – Why You Should Write a Memoir, What to Expect, and Tips on Marketing Your Story, Commemorative Issue ‘02
David Wojahn (faculty): If You Have To Be Sure Don’t Write: Poetry & Self-Doubt, May/Summer ‘02
Marie Jordan (alumna): An Interview With Li-Young Lee, May/Summer ‘02
David Jauss (faculty): Remembrance of Things Present: Present Tense in Contemporary Fiction, Mar./Apr. ‘02
Natasha Saje (faculty): Gertrude Stein’s Granddaughters: A Reading of Surprise, Feb. ‘02
David Jauss (faculty): Some Epiphanies About Epiphanies, Oct/Nov. '01
Maggie Kast (alumna): What a Story is About When a Story is About a Story, Sept. '01
David Jauss (faculty): From Long Shots to X-Rays: Distance & Point of View in Fiction Writing, Sept. ‘00
David Wojahn (faculty): John Flanders on the Anxious Highway: First Books & the Politics of Poetry, Mar./Apr. ‘00
Robin Hemley (faculty): Teaching Our Uncertainties, Feb. ‘00
Belle Waring (alumna): The Struggle of the Independent Bookseller, Dec. ‘99
Sharon Darrow (alumna): An Interview with Reginald Gibbons, Oct./Nov. ‘99
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