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MRI Optical Microphone

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Optical Microphone for MRI - The voice of the patient
Phone-Or's optical microphone answers the challenge of communication during an MR procedure, delivering patient comfort and safety. MRI exams typically range in length from 20 minutes to 2 hours, requiring patients to remain still for extended periods of time. Any movement during the scan can cause distorted images, only creating even longer scan times, as they will have to be repeated. Furthermore, the noise levels generated by scanners range anywhere from 110 - 130dB. This creates an uncomfortable environment and broadens the gap between the patient and the outside.


Verbal communication links the patient to the technician, minimizing the gap between them and "the outside". The quality of speech delivered from the patient's FOM optical microphone is robust enough to communicate even during a scan procedure, if necessary.


Currently, there is no effective direct communication between the patient and the staff. The alternatives to speech, are panic alarm buttons or the patient's signaling to alert the control room technician of a problem. These alternatives do not identify or define the situation. Phone-Or's optical solutions enable speech so the patient and technician are connected and in contact at all times. Naturally, due to the enormous magnetic field, MRI labs cannot tolerate metal objects as found in standard microphones. Phone-Or's optical solutions are entirely passive, so multiple microphones can be used effectively inside the lab.

The Phone-Or optical microphone can work as a stand-alone, independent solution enabling the patient to communicate to the staff or compliment a current simplex communication system.



  • A more comfortable environment will correlate to shorter scan sessions.

  • Adding speech communication improves patient safety.

  • Compatibilty; the Phone-Or microphone can be added easily to your MRI scanners and bring the patient's voice to your staff.

Phone-Or's revolutionary optical microphone records sound by sensing changes in light. The Optical microphone head does not contain any metal and is connected to the electronic system via fiber optic cable. Therefore, the optical microphone is absolutely safe for MRI environment.

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MRI Optical Microphone


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