Compare and contrast between ‘being single’ and ‘being in a relationship’

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  • Introduction:

  • Modern era witnessed changes in how people interact with each other.

  • The young tend to avoid involvement in romantic relationships.

  • What are the similarities and differences?

  • Body 1: similarities between being single and being in a relationship.

  • Body 2: differences between being single and being in a relationship.

  • Singlehood provides more freedom.

  • You may not need to be answerable to someone.

  • Enjoy time for yourself, do not have to take care of anyone.

  • Isolated and lonely

  • Don’t have someone to stand by or rely on when needed.

  • Go to public places alone.

  • Relationships provide confidential sympathy, console, and consultation.

  • Being in a healthy relationship is mentally good.

  • Conclusion:

In the modern era, where advanced technologies conquer and allow distance communication, it is gradually changing how people interact with each other. More and more people are becoming reserved, avoiding society, and enjoying being alone. Significantly, the number of young ones who remain single and tend to keep themselves away from being in a relationship is increasing. This essay will discuss some differences between the two lifestyles mentioned above in terms of three aspects: freedom, pressure, and finance.
To begin with, I would consider the freedom aspect. When being single, a person can do whatever he wants to. Conversely, like a flower withers, if you do not water it, a relationship will ruin without proper care and attention. It takes time to sustain a healthy relationship.
Another aspect to look at when comparing ‘single’ and ‘in a relationship’ is pressure. Singlehood means one person is not responsible for his partner who may not make proper financial choices. Meanwhiles, managing a budget together when involved in a serious relationship can be tricky and a lot of couples argue when it comes to finances. However, if they reach any negotiation, they could make a more reasonable spending decision.
Finally, ‘Forever Alone’ people differ from ones who are in relationships in how much pressure they are under. Single means you do everything in your flow, at your pace, and you are not psychically affected by another person. No pressure to do what you are 'supposed to' do on holidays. For example, on Valentine's Day, presents are required for couples but not for the 'FAs'. In contrast, people in relationships aim to please or meet the expectations of their partners rather than focus on their expectations and desires. Nevertheless, sometimes, such sacrifice makes a relationship tightened.
To sum up, both single and involved relationships lifestyles have benefits and drawbacks when they are viewed from the angle of the attributes: freedom, pressure as well as finance. All the benefits enjoyed by a single or not single individual are priceless; hence one cannot clearly state the lifestyle that is better than the other, and the decision to take any of those lifestyles depends on how one takes it.
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