Computer application II (use of packages) windows, msword, powerpoint, excel and internet table of content chapter One

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Slide Show in PowerPoint

  • In a slide show, you can:

    • Display one slide at a time manually.

    • Configure the slides to advance automatically

  • When you run a slide show, Power Point displays one slide at a time. You can either proceed to the next slide in the presentation manually or configure the presentation to advance the slides automatically

  • To run the slide show, perform the following step:

    • Select the Slide Show à View Show command

      • The presentation automatically starts in Full Screen mode

      • The presentation starts from the slide, which is selected in the Slide pane

  • To navigate during the slide show, you can use the following methods:

    • Press the left mouse button to move to the next slide

    • Right-click the mouse and select the required option on the pop-up menu

    • Select Next to move to the next slide or select Previous to move to the previous slide

    • Press the Left arrow key or Down arrow key to move to the next slide

    • Press Spacebar to move to the next slide

    • Press the Page Down key to move to the next slide

    • Press the Page Up key to move to the previous slide

    • Press the Esc key to end the slide show

Views in PowerPoint

The different types of views in PowerPoint are:

    • Normal

    • Slide Sorter

    • Slide Show

    • Notes Page

Normal View

By default, Power Point displays the presentation in the Normal view. Select the View à Normal command, to display the presentation in Normal view as shown in next slide

    • It has three sections namely, tabs, Slide pane and Notes pane

      • It allows a user to view the content in the slide while the text is being typed in the Outline tab or vice-versa

      • The Slide tab shows thumbnail images of slides, which helps in navigation between slides

      • The Notes pane is used to add speaker notes. Speaker notes are notes that a speaker refers to while conducting the presentation

Alternatively, you can display the presentation in Normal view by clicking the Normal View ( )

Slide Sorter View

The Slide sorter view in PowerPoint enables you to display slides in thumbnail form. You can use this view to re-arrange, add, and delete slides. To display in Slide Sorter view, select the View à Slide Sorter command. You can display the Slide Sorter view by clicking the Slide Sorter view icon ( )

Formatting Text

The appearance of text in a presentation can be enhanced by formatting the text. Formatting involves:

    • Specifying the Font of Text in a Presentation

    • Changing Text Case

    • Modifying the Text Alignment

    • Applying Bullets and Numbering

    • Adjusting the Line Spacing

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