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Goddess/God Essences

Goddess Essences

The Goddess essences help us to resonate with the varied aspects of the Goddess to bring about healing of the feminine principal. And yes, we have a set of God essences so that the masculine and feminine principals can be brought together in harmony and wholeness.


This essence helps us to reclaim our sense of self, and our ability to be self-reliant. Artemis also helps us to reach our goals by setting an intention and becoming the goal.

Baba Yaga

This Goddess helps us to free and express our inner wild-woman in ways that support our higher growth. It is our inner wild-woman that allows us to be whole and walk our own path.


Also known as "The Lady Made Of Flowers" in Celtic shamanism, this Goddess helps us to heal when we feel betrayaed by another. W erealize through her that at some level we created a situation of betrayal in order to free ourselves from some thing or someone that no longer served our higher path.


This essence takes us through the process of death and re-birth so that old forms may be shed that are limiting or self-destructive. We are then re-born into a higher level of living which empowers us to manifest our dreams.

Changing Woman 

Each of us has our own personal cycles of change and renewal. This Goddess of the Apache helps us to resonate consciously with our own personalrhythms so that our energy flows in balance and harmony with the whole. Changing Woman also helps us to understand what thoughts, beliefs, and actions keep us caught in the cycle of limitation and powerlessness.


Helps us to release whatever stands in our way of becoming whole and reaching our full potential. The release need not be painful. When we are willing to release that which limits us, even though we fear nothing will take it's place, we find that our fears were ungrounded. The universe was simply waiting for us to clear a space for the new to enter.


A Hindu Goddess, Durga helps us to establish appropriate boundaries, so that we may move in the world with confidence and trust. When we have set the proper boundaries for ourselves, and created a sacred space to operate within, we protect ourselves from those who do not recognise and honor the truth that we are all one.


An essence that helps us to keep moving forward when we are faces with a crossroads in life. In which direction should we travel? How do we know which choices will bring us what we want? This essence connects us with the deeper wisdom of the Crone Goddess who has walked the path before us, knows all about us, and has our best interests at heart.


We need a sense of home and community in order to access our wholeness and feel secure enough to make our way in the world. This is an excellent essence for those who feel little or no sense of home within, or connection with others.


This essence helps us to descend into the deepest parts of ourselves to divest ourselves of all that limits us or no longer serves our higher purpose. Inanna also helps us to surrender to the universe so that miracles and magic can occur in our lives.


The essence Isis helps us to attract our soul-mate. It also assists those who are dealing with dysfunctional or abusive relationships. It helps us to examine why we find ourselves in such situations and how we can move on to healthier ways of living.


An excellent essence for releasing patterns of fear and self-destructive patterns that keep us powerless and limited. This essence gives us the courage to reach deep within ourselves and reconnect with our innate power and creativity to recreate our lives.

Kuan Yin

The Goddess of compassion, this essence helps us to connect with the aspect of the Goddess who gladly answers all our prayers and gives us the inner strength to face any challenge in our lives. This essence is also excellent for times when we need to feel more love and compassion for ourselves or another.


The Goddess of Prosperity and abundance, this essence helps us to open up to the abundance and support of the universe. This essence helps us to realize that abundance is always available to us, if we ask for it and are willing to receive it.


An essence that helps us to stand strong for our principles. This is the essence of freedom, refusing to allow others to dominate or control our lives. We each have the right to live in accordance with our higher path. It helps us to remember that we must serve the whole, not the interests of those who seek to control our lives.


Maya represents the illusion that we believe is our physical reality. When we use this essence, we realize that our reality is like a play that we write, act in, and produce ourselves. We can write the script any way we want when we realize we have the capability to do so.


This essence helps us to move into the void, where all potential exists. Many of us fear the void as a place of nothingness. In actuality, the void is where we can journey to release what we need to, and regenerate ourselves with fresh, new, healing energy.


The essence Persephone assists us when we have been torn from something or someone. Initially, our response is to retreat in sorrow. As we work through the pain, we often find that something better is on the horizon that could not have come to us until we released what was.

White Buffalo Calf Woman

This essence attunes us to working in unity and cooperation with all things. When we resonate with her unconditional love, faith, and hope, we automatically draw all manner of good things to us.

God Essences

This group of essences helps us to strengthen and balance the male energies in both men and women. They also attune us to the highest aspects of the source of all creation. These essences can be used in combination with any other essence.


The essence of unconditional love and compassion for all humanity. This is an excellent essence to use when you feel judgmental of yourself or another.


Faith is knowing that what you focus on will come to pass. This essence not only expands our feelings of faith, but helps us to focus on that which brings us joy.


Known as the God of wine, Dionysius was also known for his shape shifting abilities. Use this essence when you need to reshape your inner self and external reality.

Great Spirit

This essence is for connecting with the deepest essence of God, for coming to know the unknowable and recognizing that we too are a profound mystery filled with limitless potential.


This essence helps us to journey through the underworld safely. When we willingly descend into this realm, we dispel the need to be forcibly thrown into our own darkness in order to confront our fears.


This essence helps us to access higher guidance and to encourage the intellect to become the servant of the higher self. Note that this essence is different than the essence of the same name in our Mythological Essences category.


This essence opens the crown chakra and attunes us to the truth that the Creator meant for us to live in joy and bliss in every moment of our lives.


The essence of the spiritual warrior, who follows his/her unique path even in the face of adversity or lack of support.


This essence helps us to tune into our higher impulses, which, when followed, lead us to where we want to be easily and effortlessly.


This is the aspect we can turn to when we need to dissolve old forms that no longer serve us. This is an excellent essence for when we feel flooded by fears or repressed energy stored in the subconscious. It is the essence of letting God return our lives to balance and harmony.


The essence of the ancient Egyptian Sun God, Ra illuminates our consciousness, shining a bright light on issues that have been shrouded in fog. This is also the essence of healthy self-esteem, dignity, and belief that one's life has Divine purpose.


A magical essence, Thoth instructs us in the making of magic to improve our own lives and the lives of others. This essence heals any fragmentation or disorder in our energy fields and is very helpful for use during soul retrievals.


When we resist making changes we know we need to make, a wiser part of ourselves may create the disruption neccesary to push us into change. This essence helps us to make changes and to deal with sudden changes that are seemingly thrust upon us.


This essence teaches us how to live our will with the will of the Divine, and taking responsibility for the results that occur from directing our will. We may have and create whatever we desire, so this essence helps us to choose wisely.

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