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Planetary Essences

These Essences were channeled to bring out the highest expression of each planet. They can be used separately or in combination to enhance and balance the function of each planetary placement in one's horoscope.


The expression of the soul's fundamental purpose for incarnation. Strengthening the primary ego in its highest form.


Learning to fulfill one's emotional needs from within. Very helpful for issues of obesity, mother and mothering.


Learning to communicate from the depths of one's soul. Hearing and following one's inner guidance.


for issues of love, luxury and allowing oneself to have more. Learning to create fulfilling, balanced personal relationships and partnerships. Rejecting the desire to project fantasies onto real people.


Harnessing one's drive and power to succeed in any endeavor and doing so in a way that is for the higher good of all.


Releasing dogma, self- righteousness. Seeking one's inner truth and destiny. Helps one to create one's own luck and good fortune, seizing the right opportunities as they are presented.


Releasing restrictions, road blocks, obstacles. Balancing work with play, duty with a higher purpose , and learning to become one's own authority.


Marching to the beat of a different drummer. Allowing oneself to be unique and unusual. Breaking through limits in consciousness.


Integrating fantasy with concrete steps to make one's goals a reality. Greatly enhance spirituality and creativity. Moving into the higher flow.


Transformation and growth through release of what has been outgrown. Claiming one's power. Enhances innate talents of mediumship. Helps to resolve and release Plutonian issues of trauma and abuse.

Asteroid Essences

These Essences can be used in the same way as the Solar/Lunar, Nodal Axis and Planetary Essences.


Drawing abundance into every area of one's life.


Traveling through the labyrinth of the soul. Coming face to face with Universal powers.


Healing the inner King. In doing so, one's inner "kingdom" returns to a state of peace and plenty.


Facing death whether it be of a relationship, business or personal endeavor, or an actual physical death. Changing inflexibility to flexibility. Letting go and accepting the destiny of the soul.


Enhances the ability to nurture the self and others. Also for those suffering from the loss of a loved one. Excellent for children who have lost a parent or other primary care giver.


Powerful healing energy, overcoming disabilities and set backs. Developing great compassion for self and others. Seeking knowledge and truth, wisdom and teachings. Excellent Essence for those dedicated to the healing fields.


An excellent Essence when in need of messages or omens. Use this Essence when needing such guidance then watch carefully for answers to your questions.


Picking up the pieces and breathing new life into situations torn by deceit or trauma. Knowing when and how to release that whose time has come.


Working through relationship betrayals, infidelity. Sharing power within relationships in a balanced manner.


Ensuring that your true destiny is fulfilled. Weaving together all the elements that make up the higher fabric of your life.


A very helpful Essence for those who like to play the lotteries or other games of chance. Increases one's luck by clarifying where one can expect to be lucky, focusing on those areas.


For those seeking magic and mystery, this is an Excellent Essence. Helps attune one to the wisdom and power of the ancient Magicians and Alchemists.


For speeding up events, moving through difficult life passages with speed and grace.

Pallas Athene

Wisdom, strategy, knowing what action to take and when. Being a warrior of principles and peace.


For the ending of an old life and the beginning of a new , higher life.


Determining one's fate through actions and awareness in the present.


Becoming whole within one's self, not needing outside validation to be who you really are. Finding sacredness within and without.

Transneptunian Planets Essences

These are points in our solar system that function as actual planets. Their impact on our lives is substantial when they are in aspect to important areas of our natal charts. Because they move so slowly, when a Transneptunian planet comes into exact aspect with another planet or angle in the natal chart, the affect can be quite profound and far-reaching. This group of essences helps us to integrate the energies of the Transneptunians by natal and transiting aspect connection. If you would like information on where the Transneptunians are in your natal chart, please contact us for more information.


Excellent for musicians or anyone involved in an endeavor that requires repetition and frequent practice. Also for terminating circumstances that go round and round with no escape evident.


For those seeking to reach the highest pinnacles of success.


Redefining partnerships such as marriage. helps to create a sense of harmony when working in large groups or organizations. Also excellent for reestablishing family relationships that have been fractured.


Cleaning up karma, tapping into past life talents and experiences. Also excellent for those involved in step parent/child relationships.


Reaching one's highest potential. Becoming one's highest authority. Learning to work within structures.


Embracing and living the highest expressions of spirituality. Excellent for anyone involved in the Arts, as this Essence enhances inspiration and creativity.


Finding great strength from within. The ability to overcome limitation through sheer determination and drive. Excellent for focusing on the matter at hand and working it through.


Excellent for learning to channel one's anger into positive expressions. Becoming a voice of principle without becoming dogmatic or holier than thou. Getting in touch with one's inner truth. An excellent Essence for speakers, lecturers, etc.

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