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Copy of The Weaknesses of the AoC Spoke Diagram (1)

Directions: Read and identify at least five weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation
(AoC) and use the Text Box tool fill in each circle spoked off of the "weaknesses of the AoC" center point. Use the space provided below to explain how
three of the selected weaknesses made the government document ineffective They gave too much power to the states and not enough for the governments. They had to enforce law because the AOC simply was there weakness, and had no power Each state would retain freedom and independence by means that each state often develop its own policies. Google Drawings - Student Instructions
Congress had nob bpower to coin
money, therefore
each state
developed its own
Congress had not
have the power to
There was nob bexecutive branch
to enforce any acts
passed by
No executive
branch was
established to
enforce laws
No national court
system was
established to
protect the rights
of US. citizens.
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