Crystal Associate Program 2015

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Crystal Associate Program 2015

Your career at Crystal starts with one of our three Associate Programs (Business, Production, Technical), each tailored to unlock leadership potential and match the different aspirations of those applying.  Spanning a 3-year period, you’ll be placing yourself into our Group’s most important growth engines, giving you the chance to explore our various businesses.  The purpose of our Crystal Associate Program is to develop general manager who, over time, will be capable of running one of our businesses.


The program includes:

Functional Attachment: This attachment is designed to develop your industry knowledge, while allowing the practical application of skills learnt

Industrial Training: You’ll receive industry-specific training throughout the program, contributing to the success of an evergreen business

Crystal Leadership Development Program: This program comprises a series of leadership development modules designed to build management capabilities and broaden your internal networks

Mentoring and Coaching: You’ll receive regular sessions with senior executives to help you with your professional development


A job is simply what you do today; a career defines who you’ll become tomorrow.  Our Associate Program provides you the career path, and gives you the opportunities to evolve into our next generation of leaders.
Program Framework for BA/PA/TA
Crystal Development Framework–%20ba.jpg

Career Path of Crystal Associate Program – BA

Career Path of Crystal Associate Program - PA–%20ta.jpg

Career Path of Crystal Associate Program – TA

Expectations on applicants

-Hold a recognised university degree in any discipline
-Passion in garment and fashion industry
-Possess good command of written and spoken English and Chinese, including Putonghua
-Willing to station in Mainland China, and travel to other countries for long- or short-term assignments

 "Upon completion of the program I now move on to my new role where I'll be focused on collaborating with various departments internally and externally to identify and drive new business opportunities. The BA program directed me purposefully towards discovering my strengths and interest, building up the right skill sets and network to help me do my job well."

 Jason Fernandez  (Network Computing, INTI of Malaysia)

Business Associate 2012


"Crystal Group has a family-like culture. During my early days as Business Associate, there was always someone who was willing to guide you onto the right path. How far you go in your career is ultimately dependent on your personal drive, emotional energy and values. Crystal Group without a doubt provides an excellent platform and environment for personal and professional development that can lead to great success. "

Raphael Tse  (BBA Marketing, City University of Hong Kong)

Business Associate 2013


"Crystal Group provides an excellent platform for me to develop myself to be a future leader. As a Production Associate, the on job training granted me with a chance to learn form front line. I can immerse myself in different production areas and units. The company provides many and many resources to develop the associate and make sure they are on track. "

Leno Poon  (Marketing and Management, Hang Seng Management College of Hong Kong)

Production Associate 2014


If you are passionate about the career prospects our Group offers,please quote the program of your choice [Business Associate/ Production Associate/ Technical Associate] in the email subject line, and send your resume to

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