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Name: Richard J. M. Blackett
Address: Department of History

Vanderbilt University

VU Station B #351802

Nashville, TN 37235-1802
1965-1969 B.A. (Hons) International Relations—Upper Second Class

University of Keele, England

1973 M.A. American Studies, University of Manchester, England

Thesis: “Afro-American Social and Political Thought,

1954-1970: A Critical Analysis”
Teaching Experience:
2113-2014 Harmsworth Visiting Professor of American History, Oxford University
2002-- Andrew Jackson Professor of History, Vanderbilt University

    1. Moores Distinguished Chair of History and African-

    2. American Studies, University of Houston.

    1. Professor, Department of History, Indiana University

    1. Professor, Department of History, Indiana University

Director of Graduate Studies

    1. Professor, Department of History, Indiana University

Acting Editor, Journal of American History

    1. Professor, Department of History, Indiana University

Associate Editor, JAH

    1. Professor, Department of History, Indiana University

Associate Editor, JAH

    1. Associate Professor, Department of Black Studies,

University of Pittsburgh

(Joint appointment, Department of History)

    1. Assistant Professor, Department of Black Studies,

University of Pittsburgh

    1. Instructor, Department of Black Studies; Research Associate,

University Center for International Studies; Co-ordinator,

Caribbean Studies Program (1971-72); Co-ordinator, Caribbean

Lecture Series, University of Pittsburgh
Instructor, State Correctional Institution at Pittsburgh (1971-73)
Jan. – June, 1971 Part-time Instructor, Department of Black Studies,

University of Pittsburgh

    1. Longton Grammar School, Stoke, England and Shoreditch

Comprehensive School, London (part-time)
Making Freedom. The Underground Railroad and the Politics of Slavery

Divided Hearts: Britain and the American Civil War (2001)

ed. Running A Thousand Miles for Freedom. The Escape of William and Ellen Craft ( 1999).
Thomas Morris Chester. Black Civil War Correspondent (1989)
Beating Against the Barriers. Biographical Essays in Nineteenth

Century Afro-American History (1986)
Building an Anti-Slavery Wall. Black Americans in the Atlantic

Abolitionist Movement, 1830-1860 (1983)
Chapters & Articles:

“The Underground Railroad and the Struggle Against Slavery,” History

Workshop Journal, October 2014
“Montgomery Bell, William E. Kennedy, and Middle Tennessee and Liberian

Colonization,” Tennessee Historical Quarterly, Vol. LXIX, No. 4, Winter


“Dispossessing Massa. Fugitive Slaves and the Politics of Slavery,”

Nineteenth Century American History, Vol. 10, No.2, June 2009.
“And There Shall Be No More Sea. William Lloyd Garrison and the

Transatlantic Abolitionist Movement,” in James Brewer Stewart, ed.

William Lloyd Garrison At Two Hundred (2008)

“The Transatlantic Address to Lincoln: Birmingham and the American Civil

War,” American Nineteenth Century History, Vol. 3, No. 3, Fall 2002

“Cracks in the Anti-Slavery Wall. Frederick Douglass’s Second

Visit to Britain (1859-1860) and the coming of the American

Civil War,” in Martin Crawford and Alan Rice, eds., Liberating

Sojourn: Frederick Douglass and Transatlantic Reform (1999)
“British Views of the Confederacy” in Joseph P. Ward, ed.

Britain and the American South: From Colonialism to Rock

and Roll (2003)
“To Reach the People With Abolition Doctrines. The Anti Slavery

Press and the American Civil War,” Atlanta History (Summer 1998)

“The Hamic Connection: African-Americans and the

Caribbean, 1820-65” in Brian Moore and Swithin Wilmot, eds.

Before and After 1865. Education, Politics, and Regionalism

in the Caribbean (1998).
“African-Americans, the British Working Class and the American

Civil War,” Slavery & Abolition, (August 1996)

“African-Americans, British Public Opinion, and Civil War

Diplomacy” in ed. Robert E. May, The Union, the Confederacy,

and the Atlantic Rim (May 1995).
Introduction, Indiana’s African-American Heritage. Essays

From Black History News & Notes (1993).
“A Forgotten Professor, The Life of William G. Allen,” Civil

War History, March 1980
“Return to the Motherland: Robert Campbell, A Jamaican in

Early Colonial Lagos,” Phylon, December 1979

“Anglo-American Abolitionist Opposition to Liberian Colonization,

1831-1833,” The Historian, February 1979

“Freedom or the Martyr’s Grave: Black Pittsburgh’s Aid to the

Fugitive Slave,” Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine,

April 1978
“Fugitive Slaves in Britain: The Odyssey of William and

Ellen Craft,” Journal of American Studies, April 1978

“Martin R. Delany and Robert Campbell: Black Americans

in Search of an African colony,” Journal of Negro History,

January 1977
“In Search of International Support for African colonization;

Martin R. Delany’s Visit to England, 1860,” Canadian Journal

of History, January 1976.
Guest Editor: “Racism; A World Perspective,” Black Lines,

Winter 1972.

“The Role of West Indians in the Afro-American Struggle,”

Black Lines, Autumn, 1972.
“British Groups Against Racism,” Study Encounter,

(Geneva, Switzerland) 1971.

Courses Taught: Graduate Colloquia: Afro-American History

U.S. Biography

Caribbean History

Afro-American History (Survey)

Afro-American Social and Intellectual History, 1817-1860

(Graduate Seminar)

New World Slavery

Professional Activities: Conference Program Committee, Annual Conference,

Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and

History, New Orleans.
Editorial Board: Slavery and Abolition


American Nineteenth Century History

Civil War History
Consultant, Pittsburgh School Board, Latin American

History Project for Middle Schools.

Chairman, Nominating Committee, Association of

Caribbean Historians.

President, Association of Caribbean Historians.
Member, Membership Committee, Southern Historical Association.
Committee on Committees, American Historical Association
Jameison Fellowship committee, American Historical Association.
Wesley-Logan Prize Committee, Association for the Study of

Afro-American Life and History.

ABC-Clio Prize Committee, Organization of American Historians.
Frederick Douglass Book Prize.
Founders Award, Museum of the Confederacy.
James A. Rawley Prize, Organization of American Historians
Frances B. Simkins Award, Southern Historical Association.
Advisory Board: Frederick Douglass Papers

Black Petitions Project
Directory: history -> cvs
history -> History and Social Science Standards of Learning Enhanced Scope and Sequence
history -> Evolution of the National Weather Service
history -> Chronological documentation for the period through 1842 Copyright Bruce Seymour blio, Cadet Papers of Patrick Craigie
history -> History of the 14
history -> History of the ports in Georgia
history -> That Broad and Beckoning Highway: The Santa Fe Trail and the Rush for Gold in California and Colorado
history -> Capitol Reef National Park List of Fruit and Nut Varieties, Including Heirlooms Prepared for the National Park Service through the Colorado Plateau Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit by Kanin Routson and Gary Paul Nabhan, Center for Sustainable
cvs -> Dennis c. Dickerson james m. Lawson, jr. Professor of history vanderbilt university
cvs -> Curriculum Vitae Miriam R. Martin Erickson, Ph. D. African Diaspora & Atlantic World Latin American & the Caribbean
cvs -> Jane gilmer landers

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