Dear Prospective Volunteer

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Dear Prospective Volunteer:
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with AtlantiCare. Volunteers are an important part of our team, providing support in the Medical Centers and satellite offices to help deliver exceptional services to the communities we serve. We are grateful that you will share your talents with us, and want your experience as a volunteer to be a rewarding one.
Enclosed are the following documents which must be completed in full. Incomplete applications cannot be processed.

  • AtlantiCare Volunteer Application – Confidentiality Statement – Please PRINT LEGIBLY the names and phone numbers of three references whom are not related to you. All references are contacted by phone and we ask that you alert your references about receiving a phone call on your behalf.

  • AtlantiCare Physician Medical Certification Form-Confidential Medical Information.  This form must be completed by your personal physician. ** If you don't have a personal physician, you are welcome to contact the AtlantiCare Access Center at 1-888-569-1000 for assistance.  AtlantiCare does not cover any cost associated with the completion of the Physician Medical Certification Form

** PLEASE NOTE –Immunity against the following diseases are required: measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, pertussis, influenza. If you have received vaccination for these diseases or have proof of immunity via bloodwork (titer), please obtain these records. You will need to take your records to Occupational Medicine for your scheduled appointment, explained below. If you do not have these proofs, we will provide the forms for you to be tested through AtlantiCare Occupational Health at no charge to you.

Please mail the completed Volunteer Application to: AtlantiCare Hospice and Palliative Care

ATTN: Maureen Hope

P. O. Box 1626

Pleasantville, NJ 08232

OR you may fax to 609-407-2029, OR scan and e-mail to, OR
place the application in an envelope marked to the attention of Maureen Hope and hand deliver to either the AtlantiCare Hospice and Palliative Care office, Airport Commerce Center, Suite 210, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234, or to the information desk at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center Mainland Division, 65 W. Jimmie Leeds Road, Pomona, NJ


Upon receipt of your completed application, you will be sent by e-mail (or by USPS if you do not have e-mail), an invitation to attend a Group Interview and Information Meeting. At this meeting you will be photographed for ID, and receive the AtlantiCare Occupational Medicine Authorization for Services form to have the following tests performed, unless you have proof of the PPD testing and documentation of required vaccines, which you must bring with you to your scheduled appointment. These tests are of no cost to you:


  • TB surveillance

  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella screening if no documentation of 2 MMR vaccines or bloodwork titer

  • Varicella screening if no documentation of 2 vaccines or bloodwork titer

  • Drug screening

These vaccinations are of no cost to you:

**PLEASE NOTE - If the test results indicate you are not immune to Measles, Mumps, Rubella, or Varicella, the required vaccination(s) must be arranged by you through your personal physician.  AtlantiCare does not pay for these immunizations.

At the completion of the Group Interview/Information Meeting, you will be asked to complete a Criminal Background Check/Authorization for Consent and Release from Liability Form. Your social security number is required to run the background check, and if you are interested in being a hospice volunteer, you will need your driver’s license information.
All applicants must pass the background check and be medically cleared to be considered for our volunteer team.
When clearance is obtained, we will meet one-on-one at a mutually agreeable date/time to discuss the volunteer opportunities available and to plan your volunteering schedule.
To remain active as a volunteer, the following are required: annual education, seasonal flu vaccine, and depending on the department in which you are volunteering, PPD testing may also be required.
Please call if you have any questions. Thank you.

Volunteer Services Department

Phone: 609-407-2030 Phone: 609-407-2026

Fax: 609-407-2029

Maureen Hope Kathleen Donadio

AtlantiCare is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Instructions: Please complete ALL parts on this application. Incomplete applications cannot be processed. Please call the Volunteer Office at 609-407-2030 if you have any questions. Thank you.
Date: _____________________________ Name: _____________________ ________________________

(First) (Last)

City:__________________________________ State:________________ Zip Code:___________________
Home Phone: __________________________Cell Phone:________________________________________
Business Phone: _______________________ E-mail Address: _____________________________________

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