Department of Defense Directed Energy Weapons: Background and Issues for Congress

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Source: CRS analysis of FY2017-FY2022 Army, Air Force, Navy, and Defense-Wide Research, Development, Test and Evaluation and Procurement Budget Justifications, PL. 114-328, PL. 115-91, PL. 115-232, PL. 116-92, and PL. 116-93.
Notes: Blank cells represent data that were not available at the time of publication. Tact Air Dir Infrared stands for Tactical Aircraft Directable Infrared.

Department of Defense Directed Energy Weapons Background and Issues for Congress

Congressional Research Service
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Kelley M. Sayler, Coordinator Analyst in Advanced Technology and Global Security John R. Hoehn Analyst in Military Capabilities and Programs Andrew Feickert Specialist in Military Ground Forces Ronald O'Rourke Specialist in Naval Affairs

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