Descendancy Narrative of John Morgan by Charles J. Vella, Ph. D

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Charles J. Vella, Ph.D., 354 Sussex St., San Francisco, CA 94131, (415-585-9650), (, (, 12 Mar 2012

Descendancy Narrative of John Morgan

by Charles J. Vella, Ph.D.
John1 MORGAN was born before 1755 1800 Census - 45 & over category; VIM: Wales.i,ii He was in military service American Revolution.iii He appeared in the census of 1790 of at an unknown place 1 male, > 16 years, 5 males under 16; 5 females; total 11.iv He was taxed in 1790 in Stokes Co., NC, USA, Taxes records from 1790 to 1799. And the year of 1815. No other tax records for Stokes County. 1790 & 1791 Captain Bosticks District, 1792 ? 1799 Captain Morgan’s District

1790 ? 1799 &nb

John Morgan
1790, 1791, 750 Acres, 1 white Poll
1792, 525 Acres, “ “
1793, 1794 475 Acres “ “
1795 725 Acres “ “
1796 350 Acres “ “
1797 Nothing listed after his name
1798 No Listing
1799 No Listing.v
He had 1790 Census - 9 children (5 boys under 16 [1774-1790]) in He is documented in a land record dated Feb 23, 1795 in Stokes Co., NC, USA, Land Entrys 1790 ? 1798
Granted 2/23/1795 John Morgan 150 Acres in Stokes County on the head of middle fork of Huenes Creek. Borders Tarnce Burns, Martin, John Dunlap, and his own line: includes his improvements
Similar listing for John’s neighbor, Charles McAnally but spells the name of the Creek as Hewins (not Huenes) and lists John Morgan as a border.vii

He appeared in the census of 1800 of Stokes, NC, USA, Only Morgan: 1 male child (16-26) [Benjamin? - right age]; 1 male > 45; 2 females (16-26).viii He died between 1800 and 1810 at Stokes, NC, USA, ?? - Not in 1810 Stokes NC census. His estate was administered in Jun 16, 1814 6/16/1814 Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions

A deed from John Dunlap, Senior to James Davis was proven by Banony (Benjamin) Morgan and ordered 6 PD
3/9/1819 Ordered that James Davis be permitted to withdraw his papers in the case said Davis vs. John Morgan
6/15/1819 Administration of the estate of John Morgan, deceased is granted to James Davis who entered into bond with John Evans security in 100 ponds and qualified accordingly.ix Research: John MORGAN: A Capt. John Morgan fought in the Amer. Revol. and died in Stokes Co. NC. He married Betsey and had at least one child, Elizabeth, who married Capt. Jesse McAnally of Stokes and prob. had a son Valentine Morgan, who went West by 1820; poss. to TN or KY.
Jessee McAnally to James Davis

sent from: Poinsett, IA

dated: 24 July 1847

letter (publically owned) - NC State Archives -

Eliz. McAnally Estate Papers.
Jessee McAnally is the son of Jesse & Elizabeth (Morgan) McAnally of Stokes County. In 1844, Elizabeth Morgan McAnally died allowing for the division of her husbands estate. There appears to have been some difficulty in the division, since many court records suggest that there was some fighting among the children. Elizabeth's will is partially enterd in the County will books, but was apparently disregarded. Her will makes it apparent that she did not intend to divide the estate equally among her children. Jessee Jr. moved West with his brother-in-law John T. Wright.
July the 24.. 1847 Poinsett Ia (1)
Dear Brother & Sister (2) we take this oppertunity of righting you / A few lines informing you that we are all in common helth / Except Mary Isabella (3) she is very weakly caused By takeing / Cold she is some better then she has bin/ Polly (4) has bin very / Weakly all this Spring with the Dispepsy (5) she has got Better / the rest of us are all well at present and all of the connection / as fare as I know, ex Joseph Booth (6) he has bin sick for several / Days but is some better at this time / Dear Brother please send us our parts of the estate (7) by the / Bearer John M. Wright (8) if these Receipts is not legal give / us directions how to make them legal and we will promply / Attend to it. and send them by mail as soon as possible / Hold these until you git them. I see no difficulty why you / Cannot send us our parts consitantly with your Interest / We understand from Mr goldens (9) letter to James T. Wright (10) / that Adam Mitchel (11) and John E. Lasly (12) have filed partitions / for a Distribution Complaining against the amount allowed / the Admr. of $280 and also the amount of $87..59 cents / As a commission; we believe if they succede in their / undertakeing and gain their point that you will allow us / Our parts the same as them that went to Law about it / We should of empowered you from the first to of done / our Business but George Boothe (13) allowed as you was / Admr. of the estate you could not receipt for us. / Therefore we concluded as Golden was acting for James T. Wright / We would get him to act for us also /
Crops of corn here looks very promising at this time, wheat has / turnd out mutch better then we expected, wheat is worth about 50 cts / Corn 20 cents Bacon 61/4 hogs form 2.50 to 3 Dollars pr. hundred / Polly wants sister Elizabeth (14) to send her the draft of Dimity (15) and send / her word how to tread it by John M. Wright / Polly and all the children16 joins me in love to you all / So I remain yours James Davis

Jesse McAnally

* 1 Poinsett, IA Though he uses "IA" which today would be considered an abbreviation for Iowa, it is believed that he is referning to a place in Hamilton county, Indiana where the McAnallys and Wrights settled. The Booths, McAnallys and Wrights all connected by marriage emigrated West.*

* 2 Brother & Sister James and Elizabeth (McAnally) Davis. James married the writer's sister Elizabeth in 1816. James is the son of the wealthy Stokes County planters James & Margaret (Dunlap) Davis who held large grants along the Dan River in Meadows and Snow Creek District. Probate records indicate that James Jr. took an active role in his wife's legacy from her father's and grandfather's estate. James and Elizabeth lived on a plantation/area known as Red Shoals. .

* 3 Mary Isabelle (1829-1847) The third child of Jesse & Mary (Wright) McAnally. Mary's birth and death dates were obtained from a second hand source, notes written into a book on the McAnally family found in the Danbury, NC Public Library's Gypsy Hollingsworth History Room. Apparently Mary died the year of this letter, probably from the sickness mentioned here. .
* 4 Polly Mary Wright McAnally (1797-1849). She is a daughter of John W. Wright of Stokes County. Almost nothing is known about the Wright family, but both Mary and her brother James married children of Jesse McAnally and are therefore cousins to James Davis. She married Jesse McAnally in 1822 and moved to Hamilton county, Indiana. .
* 5 Dispepsy Dyspepsia is in past and modern times is synonymous with indigestion; however, Mary died within two years of this letter and the medical problems described may indicate an early presense of the disease. Sources contemporary with this letter give the advise for those persons troubled with dyspepsia, "to avoid combinations such as fruit and vegetables; milk and vegetables; sugar and milk, meat, or vegetables; fates with fruits, meats, vegetables." [re: Wilson, E.B., America's Vanishing Folkways pg.74] .
* 6 Joseph Booth Probably one of the children of George & Mary (McAnally) Booth. Elizabeth Morgan McAnally's will referes to the four children of George and Mary, but does not name them individually. .
* 7 ..the estate.. The estate of Elizabeth Morgan McAnally (1764-1844), widow of Jesse McAnally (1760-21800). Elizabeth is the daughter of Capt. John Morgan (c1740-1819) who died a pauper in Stokes County, though apparently held the title of Capt. and was active in early Stokes County where he appears in the court records as a tax collector and jury man. He may have recieved his title in the Revolution. Little is known of the Morgan family, or where/when Elizabeth and Jesse married. Elizabeth marriage to Jesse connected her with of one of the leading families in Stokes politics. Her husband Jesse was a farmer and Justice for Stokes, who died suddenly in 1800. Most of his wealth seems to have been dependant on his father's, Capt. Charles McAnally, estate. Elizabeth left her own will which is found entered in the Stokes County Will Book. However, her will is abruptly ended in mid-sentence and was apparently never acted upon. What part of the will was entered makes it clear she was not planing to divide the estate equally, leaving $400 to her son John, but only 5 shillings to her son Charles, who she seems to have been at odds with. Elizabeth, her son Charles and James Davis Sr. all die in 1844. Elizabeth and James Davis were both of advanced age, but it may be likely that 1844 was the year of an epidemic for Stokes County. .
8 John M. Wright Probably the son of James T. & Ruhamah (McAnally) Wright. His mother, Ruhamah (1788-1858), is the third child of Jesse & Elizabeth (Morgan) McAnally. He is probably the same man who married Ruhamer McAnally, daughter of Charles & Sarah (Banner) McAnally, who would have been his first cousin. .
* 9 Mr. golden unidentified. Probably one of the Golding men who lived in the Meadows district or in Germantown. Apparently, he was a local lawyer. .
* 10 John T. Wright unidentified. A James T. Wright married Jesse's sister Ruhamer and moved West to Indiana. John is probably a son. .
* 11 Adam Mitchel (1800-1855) The son of Hugh & Anna (Davis) Mitchell. Adam connection in the estate is through his marriage to Mercy McAnally (1798-1877), the youngest child of Jesse & Elizabeth (Morgan) McAnally. Adam is the writer's brother-in-law and also a cousin to James Davis, whose paternal aunt is Anna Davis Mitchell (1791-1837). Adam Mitchell was a wealthy farmer in the Dillard area of Stokes. .
* 12 Joseph E. Lasly Joseph married Elizabeth, the eldest daughter of Charles & Sarah (Banner) McAnally of Stokes County. Charles died in February of 1844, five months before his mother. Therefore, Joseph and his wife Elizabeth became direct heirs to Jesse & Elizabeth (Morgan) McAnally's estate. .
* 13 George Booth (1775-1861) George Booth's origins are unknown and nothing is known of his early life or of his family. His death is mentioned in another letter of the Davis family, included in this volume. He married in 1808 to Mary, the eldest child of Jesse & Elizabeth (Morgan) McAnally of Stokes County. .
* 14 Elizabeth Elizabeth McAnally Davis (1796-1858) The seventh child of Jesse & Elizabeth (Morgan) McAnally. She married James, the son of a wealthy Stokes County planter, James & Margaret (Dunlap) Davis. James Jr. built his home place on the banks of the Dan River at a place known as Red Shoals. The Davis homested faces the McAnally homested which was located on the South side of the Dan. Elizabeth died in 1858 after bearing twelve children all who lived to be adults. She and her husband founded Davis Chapel which still stands and is used for religious functions. .
* 15 Dimity A type of fabric. Webster's discribes it as a, "sheer usually corded cotton fabric of plain weave in checks or stripes." .
* 16 ..all the children.. Jesse & Mary (Wright) McAnally had at least five children: John Fletcher, Elizabeth Jane, Mary Isabelle, Nancy Margaret, and Eliza Ruhamer. After Mary's death in 1849, Jesse remarries in Indiana to Jane Brattain and had issue.x

. Research: John MORGAN: John Morgan was only Morgan in Stokes Co, NC in 1790 with male sons under 16 (there was a Valentine Morgan, but no sons). He was the only Morgan in Stokes Co NC in 1800 Census (box 32), with 1 son and 2 females. This may be father of Benjamin Morgan. 1790 Census (box 7) gives him with 10 others (1 male over 16, 5 males under 16 and 5 females). Not in 1810 census.xi Research: John MORGAN: Daniel Boone's father was Squire Boone and his mother was Sarah Morgan, daughter of Edward Morgan from Wales. Daniel's parents are buried near Yadkinville, NC. Booneville, NC is north of Yadkinville. unclear if related.xii Research: John MORGAN: The Family of Capt. John Morgan of Stokes County, North Carolina

Capt. John Morgan was an early resident of Stokes County, North Carolina. Little work has been done to identify his origins or he details of his life. He is mainly documented in genealogy due to his association with the McAnally family of Stokes County, North Carolina. His daughter, Elizabeth, married Jesse McAnally the son of one of the county's Founding Fathers; Capt. Charles McAnally.
One of the best documents concerning John Morgan is his estate papers found in Stokes County's court records at the North Carolina State Archives [re: June Court 1819]. In 1819, John Morgan dies leaving 150 acres which James Davis Sr. petitions the court to sell for debt. Though their grandchildren would marry, the relationship between Davis and Morgan appears to be one of creditor and debtor. James Davis was a wealthy planter in the area. The petitions reads, "James Davis the administrator of John Morgan deceased states that the personal estate of said Morgan is insufficient to pay and satisfy the debt due the said James Davis of the amount of twenty four pounds with interest on that sum from the year 1808.." and mentions the "...tract of the County of Stokes adjoining James Davis, Vawter & others on the North side of Dan River containing about 150 acres". This same record mentions that "...Morgan has children Elizabeth Macannally (sic) and others living out of the state".
Early Stokes County tax records show John Morgan with the title of "Captain" and with property in Capt. Bostick's District. His title appears to have come from service in the American Revolution. However no pension was awarded to Morgan, due to his death before pensions were issued. Proof of his war service is found among the records of men who served under him and drew pensions based on that service. Some of the men who served under Morgan are: Joel Hill (W-23288), John Wilkins (W-9893), and Joseph Banner (W-9716). Wilkins' pension indicate that Capt. John Morgan was at Guildford Court House, before the famous battle, it is not clear if he an his men fought in the battle.
An early deed dated 1780, grants 200 acres on Kevin Creek to John Morgan [re: D.B. B-28, pg. 29]. Deeds and grants dating from 1789, 1793 and 1795, locate Capt. Morgan in Stokes County on Hewins Creek bordering upon the lands of Charles McAnally, Terrance Burnes and John Dunlap [re: Grant #1109 and other records]. A deed dated 1784 is witness by John and Betty Morgan; indicating his wife's name. Betty must have died before 1819, since she is not named in his estate papers. In 1790, John Morgan is listed with 750 acres and no taxable slaves. By 1791, tax records show he is neighbored by Valentine Morgan, probably his son. Beginning in 1792 John's land holdings decrease to 525 acres in 1792 and 475 acres in 1793, but by 1795 he is shown with 725 acres again. By 1801, John is listed with only 12.5 acres, but still polled and Valentine had disappeared from the lists by then.
John Morgan is mentioned in 1779 as a constable under Charles McAnally, Esq. in Capt. Camporlins District. He is found often in the records as a juror and collects the taxes in Bostick's District for at least 1787 and 1788. These fragments of records concerning John Morgan do not provide many clues about his life. He often appears as a witness and juror, suggesting him to have been well known and respected in the county. Evidence of Morgan's debts at his death and small wealth indicate he did not thrive in Stokes county. His daughter Elizabeth McAnally was relatively well off, marrying into one of the founding families of Stokes County, which probably insured Morgan some comforts in later life. The fate of his other children is unknown.
* Elizabeth Morgan

born 21 Jan 1764; died 05 Jul 1844

born Virginia?; died Stokes Co., NC

married: Jesse McAnally (1760-1800)son of Charles & Ruhamer (Houston) McA.

married circa 1782; Surry Co., NC

children: Mary (m: George Boothe); Charles (m: Sarah Banner); Ruhamah (m: James Wright); John (m: Drucilla Gray); Green Lee; Jesse (m1: Mary Wright, m2: Jane Brattain); Elizabeth (m: James Davis Jr.); Mercy (m: Adam Mitchell).

1 (--?--)2 MORGAN was born between 1774 and 1784 age 16-26.xiii She was living in 1800 at Stokes, NC, USA.xiv
2 Benjamin2 MORGAN was born circa 1780 in NC, USA, male, age 60-70, in 1840 census; age 70, bp NC, in 1850 census; son Hardin's 1880 census gives father's bp as NC; Andrew Jackson Morgan gives death at age 97, and birth in Wales; James Hamilton Morgan gives VA.xv,xvi,xvii He was a a farmer and manufacturer. He was listed in the census of John MORGAN in 1790 in.xviii He was listed in the census of John MORGAN in 1800 in at Stokes, NC, USA.xix He married Dicca (--?--). He appeared in the census of 1810 of Beaver Island Dist., Stokes, NC, USA, 1 male <10;1 male, 26-45; 2 females <10; 1 female, 26-45; farming.xx His estate was administered in Jun 16, 1814 6/16/1814 Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
A deed from John Dunlap, Senior to James Davis was proven by Banony (Benjamin) Morgan and ordered 6 PD
3/9/1819 Ordered that James Davis be permitted to withdraw his papers in the case said Davis vs. John Morgan
6/15/1819 Administration of the estate of John Morgan, deceased is granted to James Davis who entered into bond with John Evans security in 100 ponds and qualified accordingly.xxi He was taxed in 1815 in Beaver Island Dist., Stokes Co., NC, USA, 1815 Tax Record, Beaver Island District:

Benjamin Morgan 1 White Poll.xxii He is documented in a land record dated 1819 in at an unknown place #1009: 50 schillings by Zachariah Wall? & Benjamin Morgan containing 500 acres on the Brusky Fork of Reedy Creek and water of Beaver Island beginning at 2 small post oaks in the co. line Stokes & Rockingham thence west with Robert Walls line, forty one chains & 50 links to a black oak Shobers Corner North with his line 105 chains & 50 links to a chestnut Sobers Corner west & his line 22 chains & 50 links to a post Oak North seven chains & 25 links to a pine in William Rank line - East with his line 64 chains to a black oak in the Co line thence south with the co. line 112 chains & 75 links to this beginning.

Entered Dec 1 1818 witness John Branch Esq , our Gov. Captain Gen & commander in chief at Raleigh 25 days of Nov 44 years after our independence in 1819.

Wm Hill Secy I. Branch. He appeared in the census of 1820 of Stokes, NC, USA, 2 males <10; 1 male 10-16; 1 male 26-45; 1 female <10; 1 female 10-16; 1 female 16-26; 1 female 26-45; Manufacture.xxiii He was in court 12/13/1822

Court Record of list of land Sheriff was going to sell to pay taxes due.

Morgan, Benjamin 250 Acres Tax Due $1 and 91 ½ cents

on Dec 13, 1822.xxiv He appeared in the census of 1840 of North of Road from High Rock and Hollow Pond, Stokes, NC, USA, 1 male 5-10; 3 males 10-15; 1 male 15-20; 3 males 20-30; 1 male 60-70; 1 female 5-10; 3 female 10-15; 1 female 20-30; 1 female 30-40; 1 female 50-60; (16 total).xxv He and Hiram MORGAN appeared in the census of Dec 5, 1850 of Beaver Island Dist., Stokes, NC, USA, age 70, farmer.xxvi He and Hardin MORGAN resided in 1859 in Stokes Co., NC, USA, Hardin's family was living with him, per grandson Andrew Jackson's memory, when he was 4 years old.xxvii He died circa 1877 at Beaver Island District, Stokes, NC, USA, Andrew Jackson Morgan gives death at age 97 in 1873, as well as 93 in 1877; Imogene Uran stated he was still alive when son Hardin moved to IA in 1869.xxviii,xxix Research: Benjamin MORGAN: Letter: In Mar 1969, Imogene Uran got a letter from C. Hilton Jones (VP of Yadkin Co. Hist. Assoc.) who lived on the original Morgan Plantation of Hardin Morgan. He said he had found gravestone of Stanley Morgan. Mr. Jones' great uncle and aunt owned the 3 black men who bought the plantation from Hardin after the Civil War. Eventually Mr. Jones' father bought the Morgan plantation.

Perry Morgan was from Amherst, Henry Co., VA, but born in Wales. John Morgan was from Wales.

Perry lived with Hardin until Hardin moved to Research: Benjamin MORGAN: Grandson Andrew Jackson Morgan mentioned an aunt Kitty Kruses (also as Kruze) and her negro maid, Puss.xxxi Biography: V. I. (Morgan) Uran in her Morgan Genealogy gives Perry and Dicca Morgan, of Amberst, Henry (or Henrice) Co., VA, as parents of Noah, Solomon, Polly, and Hardin Morgan. Andrew Jackson Morgan in a letter to V.I. Uran in 1/1940, states "Perry Morgan, Hardin Morgan's father, was an immigrant from Wales. He claimed John Morgan of Revolutionary fame, as his great grandfather (Imogene Uran stated that he told his children that his great grandfather was John Morgan). He was born in Wales. Hardin Morgan was born in Amas (?) County, Virginia, and moved with his family to Stokes County North Carolina, when but a small boy...Perry Morgan lived to be nearly 97 years old, and made his home with Hardin and Elizabeth Morgan for many years; she told this writer Perry Morgan was nearly 97 when he died." Andrew Jackson described his grandfather Perry Morgan as living with his parents Hardin and Elizabeth Morgan in Stokes Co., NC. when he was 4 years old in 1868. There is no record of the names Perry or Dicca Morgan in any census of NC or VA or TN (except Perry Morgan in 1860, b in 1833 in Morganton Burke Co, who is too young to be this Perry). The 1850 Census of Beaver Island District (North of road from High Rock and Hollow ?ond), Stokes Co, NC (box 645) gives Benjamin Morgan living near Hardin Morgan. (V.I. Uran claimed Hardin's father lived with him.). Hardin was born in Stokes Co, NC. Benjamin Morgan is the only Morgan in Stokes Co in 1810, 1820, and 1840. V. Uran stated that a cousin told her that his name was not Perry but Benjamin, born in VA in 1780. The ages of his children correspond to known birthdates of sons, Noah and Hardin. I believe this is fairly good evidence that Benjamin Morgan is Hardin's father. 1810 Census of Stokes Co, Beaver Island Dist. gives Benjamin with 1 son and 2 daughters, farming. 1820 Census of Stokes Co. gives Benjamin with 3 sons and 3 daughters, listed as in manufacturing. (Also a Martin Morgan with family of 1 son; he and wife age 16-26; younger brother?). 1840 Census lists him with 8 sons and 6 daughters and wife. 1850 Census lists him, near Hardin, with Hiram and his wife Elizabeth and their child Mary; and Fanny and Jane and Benjamin Ore. Listed in 1850 Census, age 70, at Beaver Island Dist., Stokes Co, NC
Dr. Gideon Hill Morgan, in his 1913 Autobiography, states that his grandparents were descendants from "Ireland and Sweden."

Grandson James Hamilton Morgan stated that he had been told that his grandfather received "silver" money at stated times from an estate in Wales or England.

Yadkin Co. was formed in 1850 from Surry Co. (There was a Yadkin district in Stokes Co. in 1840).

Nancy Larsen:



Perry Morgan, Hardin Morgan’s father, was an immigrant from Wales. He claimed John Morgan of Revolutionary fame, as his great grandfather. He was born in Wales. Hardin Morgan was born in Amas (?) County, Virginia, and moved with his family to Stokes County, North Carolina, when but a small boy. He was born September 1, 1816, and died at Liscomb, Iowa, February 1, 1899.

Elizabeth Morgan, whose maiden name was White, was born March 25, 1823, and died at Liscomb, Iowa, May 26, 1896. Hardin Morgan and Elizabeth White were married October 7, 1841. There were 11 children born to this union. They have all passed over the bar except 3 living at this date, January 2, 1940; they are James Hamilton living at Seattle, Washington; Mrs. Emma Lodusca Humphreys Ralls now living at Eldora, Iowa, 77 years old; and A. J. Morgan, now living at Pacific Grove, California, in his 85th year. Perry Morgan lived to be nearly 97 years old, and made his home with Hardin and Elizabeth Morgan for many years; she told this writer Perry Morgan was nearly 97 when he died.

Grandfather and Grandmother White were born in Henry (?) County, Virginia, and moved to Stokes County, North Carolina, where most of their children were born. Their parents were among the first settlers of the country, and came across the Atlantic Ocean on a sailboat which was shipwrecked in a storm, and they were 6 months before reaching the colonies, and nearly died of thirst and starvation on the boat before reaching land; as Mother Morgan has related to this writer, 2 or 3 times, they were English except one strain 4 generations back where there was a strain of Scotch came in. He was a gambler, horse racer, and owned a small tract of land which his wife and their children farmed.xxxii He He was a great hunter per grandson Andrew Jackson. Research: Benjamin MORGAN and Unconnected MORGAN: See all Morgan marriages in Stokes Co., NC at Stokes Co., NC, USA. He was also known as Perry MORGAN.xxxiii,xxxiv Research: Ezekial Lee MORGAN and Benjamin MORGAN: Parent??

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