Design a checklist for class group of our choice for the narrative genre

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Checklist Narrative
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Design a checklist for class group of our choice for the narrative genre.
This is an exercise that could be completed with children during the teaching of the genre over a number of weeks
The children could then use this checklist on completion of a piece of narrative writing and use it as a self-assessment tool
Possible Points to consider:

  • Are there any particular grammar structures that I have emphasised during the teaching of the genre that might be included in the framework?

  • In relation to vocabulary and in particular adjectives and describing words are there particular points I would like the class to check over their work for?

  • Any emphasis in relation to the beginning and completion of the story?

  • Is there any particular tense the narrative piece should be written in? Is the piece written in the same tense from beginning to end?

  • Are there words overused in the story? Are there alternative words I could use instead?

Checklist Narrative

Download 42 Kb.

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