The Implications of Capitalism for Media: How Democracy Suffers Introduction
  The Iran-Iraq War
  U. S. and Global Media Perspectives on Afghanistan
  Emmanuel Awofadeju Prejudice and Poverty
  Right-Wing Influences in American Media
  Examining Bias and Distortion in Mass Media in America
  The Space Race: The U. S – Soviet/ Russian Relationship in Regards to Space Exploration
  Land reform in zimbabwe
  Media Representation of the Iraqui Conflict
  Abayomi Fashoro and Gerard Johnson
  Africa, a Continent in Crisis: The Economic and Social Implications of Civil War and Unrest Among African Nations Gerbian King and Vanessa Lawrence June, 2005
  Gustav Rydstedt Stanford University
  The U. S. Military, Political, and Economic Occupations of Panama
  Lizzie Suiter, Jennifer Hucke and Courtney Schultz edge final Paper December 2004 The War at Home
  Tyre The India Pakistan Conflict and the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty
  The History and Social Consequences of a Nationalized Oil Industry
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