A computational Approach to the Comparative Construction
  [Information Interfaces and Presentation
  Using Web Annotations for Asynchronous Collaboration Around Documents
  Supporting Email Workflow Gina Danielle Venolia, Laura Dabbish, jj cadiz, Anoop Gupta
  Efficient Image Manipulation via Run-time Compilation
  Vassal: Loadable Scheduler Support for Multi-Policy Scheduling
  Strider GhostBuster: Why It’s a bad Idea For Stealth Software To Hide Files
  High Performance Computing: Crays, Clusters, and Centers. What Next?
  Universal Plug and Play Machine Models
  An Abstract Communication Model
  Lifelike Computer Characters: the Persona project at Microsoft Research
  Dsm perspective: Another Point of View Gordon Bell Catharine van Ingen Microsoft Corp., Bay Area Research Center, San Francisco, ca
  Accent Issues in Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition (lvcsr) Chao Huang Eric Chang Tao Chen
  Bell’s Law for the birth and death of computer classes: a theory of the computer’s evolution Gordon Bell 13 November 2007
  The System-On-a-chip, MicroSystems Computer Industry Gordon Bell, Microsoft Corp
  Emotion and Personality in a Conversational Character Gene Ball
  Graphical Enhancements for Voice Only Conference Calls
  Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies Technical Report
  Practical Principles for Computer Security1
  A programmable Accessory for Cell Phones
  Component-based Operating System apis: a versioning and Distributed Resource Solution
  Windows 2000 Dependability Brendan Murphy
  Fusing Array Microphone and Stereo Vision for Improved Computer Interfaces
  Linking Public Spaces: Technical and Social Issues Gavin Jancke, Gina Danielle Venolia, jj cadiz, Jonathan Grudin, Anoop Gupta
  The World-Wide Telescope, an Archetype for Online Science
  Binder, a logic-based security language
  Industrial and Economic Properties of Software Technology, Processes, and Value
  An Open Operating System for a Single-User Machine 1, 2
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