Discerning the most important traits of a leader may be difficult to do. There are some that probably universal to just about all of us

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Discerning the most important traits of a leader may be difficult to do. There are some that probably universal to just about all of us. Although there are probably some that only certain people recognize as important to them. The traits of a leader as described in Lee Iacocca’s Nine C’s of Leadership are very much critical for most top notch leaders. I think that in reading this article I learned that Mr. Iacocca despite his advanced age has some very insightful ideas for us to analyze today. The Nine C’s have traits that have across the board usefulness that we all could learn from. I think that each of them have to be carefully digested to be effective for leadership. I think that Lee Iacocca is most famous for his leadership of the Chrysler Corporation throughout the 1980’s. He made many commercials and innovations of cars that we still use today such as the minivan. He led the corporation from dark days to greatness that would be enjoyed for a very long time. Due to his immense knowledge he was able to guide many businesses to glory. The Nine C’s that Lee wrote are evident that he was a born leader and has great skills. Despite his assertion that crisis leaders are made not born.

This assignment requires us to take three of the Nine C’s by Lee Iacocca and describe what we think are the three strongest traits that Lee Iacocca possess and one trait that he has that people disagreed with in his personality. The first trait from the Nine C’s I would say that Lee has is curiosity. If he was not a man who was curious and investigated has projects thoroughly they would most assuredly fail. He has enough fortitude to examine different ideas that could be useful because he has a thirst for new ideas. The next trait he has is the communication trait. Communication with people in the business he is in and people outside the business he is in is a reason why he has been successful is his missions. He listens as well as he speaks when it comes to his life and business. I think this is his most important trait of all the rest. Lastly the third trait that makes him an effective leader and businessman is his courage. Courage, much like the way he speaks about it the Nine C’s, allows him to speak on any issue no matter what the repercussions. His candid speaking is important because it was the basis for his second career as a writer and motivator. As has courage when he was in charge of Chrysler he had the courage to try new ideas that many would have said would be failures but he made them successes. That courage was the reason for the invention of the minivan which many families drive today. The trait that people criticized Lee Iacocca for was his stubbornness and his outspokenness. The critics which I do not agree with, say that he should not have criticized Japanese automobile makers for the problem in the American car economy and just found a way to compete with them. He is criticized that he did not stay around for the fight against these companies. People say he should have continued to tailor his cars for American and worldwide needs instead of complaining about the other car companies.

The second half of this assignment is about a leader alive or dead that us as students would like to compare to the Nine C’s of leadership. I realize that this was difficult choice and I needed to choose carefully. The person I chose is not leader to some he is thief. To some he is a great leader and great philanthropist. To me he is a visionary who had the foresight to make the right move at the right time. The man I chose is Bill Gates. He can be a polarizing figure but all of us have been effected by him in some way. The vast majority of us by his Windows software and Microsoft Corporation. Others by his immense charity work. I compare him with the Nine C’s simply by looking both of his works. The first C that I would say he has is charisma. He had the ability to talk to Steve Jobs and allow him to work on the project together that eventually became Windows. He had the right attitude and vocabulary to talk to Steve on his own level and get him to see his point. While Steve may have been small scale Bill saw it as large scale and made the world agree with him. The next C I would say he has courage. The ability to go out on a limb when no one was really into computers at the time except for people in the industry and the some governments. He knew that the entire world would want and need a computer in the future and he was going to be on the forefront of it. The Last C I would say that is competent. He is obviously competent because the company has grown so much from when he started it. The Microsoft Corporation under his helm has grown to the global leader in software. IBM and Apple were the forerunners in the computer industry but once Bill Gates hit the scene they had to take a back seat to his ideas and corporate mindset. His philanthropy is known worldwide for giving tons of money to needy causes. He and his wife had led the way in charitable donations for many years. Frankly I think that Bill Gates has just about all of the Nine C’s in his leadership traits. I know many will he just stole an idea but he had common sense enough to negotiate it to a great empire. He did not just sit back and wait for time to pass him by he spearheaded new ideas and businesses for himself and his friends. Truly this a great leader.

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