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I agree with a certain aspect of this ideology. I Agree completely with Ackoff's contention. It is difficult to assist someone with relevant information if one cannot provide you with the basic intent of filling in the background behind asking such information and the end use of that exercise.
Without having an idea of the type and presentation of the information required, the manager is useless because they are not able to direct their workers in the right direction. People working for the manager tend to require more information from the top. More importantly, the subordinates who are doing the groundwork need a general and, sometimes, a specific sense of direction and support from the top management. Without a proper channelized direction and guidance from the top, all the people who are involved in the process will feel underutilized. The team will end up putting energy in gathering all the information be it relevant or irrelevant making the decision making the process highly unmanageable. They might not know all the information they want but what they ask for it should be provided. But based on Ackoff's morals is that sometimes one cannot specify what information is required for proper decision making. The system can provide the information the manager needs if the requirement is clearly understood before it is developed.
For Example
Blazer Electronics collects information on its customers, including purchase information to build customer profiles. The customer profiles help the company identify what products customers prefer so the company can provide more targeted ads and promotions for each customer and increase the chances of them making another purchase. The company used this data to increase its overall sales by nearly 15% last year, boosting its revenue and expanding its customer base through referrals.

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