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EnviroDay Program 2016


I - Film Screening


Cinema City, Theatre 4 (126 seats); Maršala Tita 26


12:00 – 14:00


Opening remarks – UNEP and SFF representatives


Screening of the documentary movie This changes everything“ (89min)


Audience relocates to the Festival's Square for the Panel discussion

II - Panel discussion


Festival Square


14:00 – 15:30


Opening - UNEP (5min)

Facts&Figures (Presentation of key issues – 15min)

State of the Air Quality in Sarajevo” – Enis Omerčić, Federal Hydrometeorological Institute

Air Quality and Human Health”Mirza Palo, World Health Organization

Mitigating air pollution – Best EU practices” – Nebojša Grbušić, Veolia


Panel discussion

Moderator TBC


  1. Dr. Aljaž Plevnik, Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia

  2. Sanela Salihagić, Public Health Institute of the Canton of Sarajevo

  3. Sabina Ćudić, Cantonal Assembly Member

  4. Aleksandar Knežević, Regional Education and Information Centre - REIC


Media statements

III - Public event


Ars Aevi space nearby the Wilson’s Lane


16:00 - 18:00


EnviroDay Fair

Partners and presenters:

  • Public Health Institute of the Canton of Sarajevo,

  1. Mobile station for air quality monitoring presented to the public;

  2. Visitors of the Fair can test the modality of work of the mobile station;

  3. Presentation of the Institute’s activities aimed at protecting public health.

  • Slow Food BiH

  1. Demonstration and degustation of the local products by Slow Food Trebinje, Hercegovina, Slow Food Ustikolina, Gorazde, Slow Food Potkozarje i Podgrmec, and products from the partnering organization from Mostar – “Okusi Hercegovinu”.

  2. Preparation of healthy, hummus-like snacks made of Poljak beans (local variety), snacks made of corn from Popovo polje and Potkozarje, with sweets and other snacks for the youngest.

  3. Taste education – Children and other participants learn about the difference in tastes between local produce and supermarket food.

  4. Info-materials on the work of Slow Food in BiH.

  • Federal Hydrometeorological Institute

  1. Presentation of instruments that the Institute uses for air quality monitoring;

  2. Demonstration of the mode of operation of air quality instruments;

  3. Interactive participation of public;

  4. Info-materials on the work of the Institute.

  • Association for the Scientific and Technical Education of Youth in BiH

  1. Demonstration of the mechanical device for monitoring of air pollution (dust and smoke) - made by students and mentors from 7 elementary schools of the Canton of Sarajevo;

  2. Workshops for demonstration of the making process of this device;

  • UNDP - Green Economic Development, „Like for the smart energy“

  1. Fun and educational program, with the main character – Scientist Professor “Atom” - who has all the answers on every energy efficiency related question;

  2. Interactive presentation of the smart bicycle that produces electric energy;

  3. Quiz “Znanjomat” in which visitors can win interesting awards;

  4. Brochures with valuable advices on smart use of energy in everyday life, money savings and environment protection.

  • AIESEC and UN Youth Group

Workshops for the children and youth:

  1. Quizzes and competitions on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and air pollution;

  2. Filming video materials with the children and youth at the public event about the theme of the event;

  3. Drawing workshops;

  4. Info-material on AIESEC’s work.

  1. Free bicycle rides for all registered Nextbike users;

  2. Slowest bicycle ride competition at the polygon

(All interested visitors can try riding a bike – the slowest one will be the winner of the Nextbike membership, etc.).

  • Public Institution for Protected Areas of Sarajevo Canton

  1. Screening of the video materials on protected areas in the Canton of Sarajevo;

  2. Info-material on the Institution’s work.

  • Association of the Secondary School Students in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  1. Youth and children to choose a plant they would like to be (explain why) – based on plant preferences they have chosen they would be divided into groups to discuss the importance of the plants (accent is on the photosynthesis process and oxygen formulation) and the ways of halting the flora devastation;

  2. Each group would present the conclusions of the discussions and send a message (by making a song or slogan connected to the air quality and flora) to the wider public.

  • Aarhus Centre in BiH

  1. Presentation of the Aarhus Convention principles:

  • Access to environmental information – including practical work with the participants;

  • Ways of participating in a decision making processes – materials and advices;

  • How to write a complaint if a basic access to the environmental information is denied to an individual?

  1. Presentation of the Initiative for the adoption of the strategic documents in the environment protection area in BiH – signing of the petition.

  • Association „Nove mogućnosti“

  1. Presentation of the Association;

  2. Presentation of the guidelines for the rational use of energy in buildings within the project “POKAZ – Enhancing air quality through rational use of energy in buildings in the Canton of Sarajevo”.

  • USAID/UNDP – Via Dinarica: platform for sustainable tourism development and local economic growth

  1. Project presentation;

  2. Presentation of the past, on-going and future results and activities,

  3. Promotional materials about the project.

  • Center for Development and Support

  1. Promotion of the EFEKT network for environmentally acceptable energy in BiH;

  2. Support for the generation of the environmentally sustainable energy sector in BiH through informative materials.

IV - Closing Event/Reception


Festival’s Square


From 18:30

EnviroDay Cocktail Reception at the Festival’s Square co-hosted by UNEP, EUD/EUSR and the Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environmental Protection of the Canton of Sarajevo

The EU Delegation in BiH/EUSR will support the exhibition on air quality monitoring through history during the Reception and afterwards at the EU building

Post-event activities:

Distribution of white blankets with the motto of the EnviroDay (U zdravom tijelu zdrav vazduh! - Aer Sana in Corpore Sano!) to all elementary schools in the Canton of Sarajevo (75 in total). Blankets would be installed at suitable outdoor location, and after a period of time their colour will change due to the particulate matter air pollution, they would serve as a demonstration of how air pollution affects our environment. The EU Delegation is interested in the follow up to this exercise.

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