Drake, tanaath & sunfire show 7/10

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Q = Question

D = Drake
T = Tanaath
SW = Sunfire

Drake:  People think this is a joke.  Getting the most childish questions.  Some questions lack moral guidance.  Changes are underway.  Surprise is coming.  People will experience lucid dreaming, telepathy, precognition.

Q&A starts at 8:34 mins
Q:  Fulford wrote that the cabal is willing to surrender.  Signs I would look for are the gold and silver price suppression to be lifted and the Keenan case to go smoothly.  Even if cabal surrender, won’t interest rates still increase due to Basel III and cause the derivatives bubble to implode, bringing down global stock and bonds, as Lindsey Williams is saying?

D: Pretty much generally correct but less specific

Cabal had their chance.
Won’t get another one.
If they wish to voluntarily surrender, that’s fine
They’ll be accepted and protected.
Derivatives won’t cause implosion of stock markets
Derivatives that underwrite bonds will affect bond market.
Bond market does go to valuation of  corporations so you will have reflection of this in the stocks.
It will not be a cascade; everything go over the waterfall kind of deal
If cabal has not surrendered in any shape or form and is attempting to kill me or Keenan, then yes, get your foot off the COMEX
Allow the financial institutions under Basel III to absorb the cost, as they should have at the beginning anyway.
Show me that they’re willing to accept the fallacies, lies and falsehoods that they perpetuated upon the people to the extent they’re no longer in any position of power.
Never to be trusted with that position or any position like it, again
If they’re willing to accept that, you can come and surrender…..
If they wish ….. we can work something out
Other than that, these people have shown that they talk out of both sides of their face.
…..We are not going to give up and no, we’re not going to be easy
You can expect certain people in the cabal to receive the sharp end of the stick for their actions.
You’re going to be held accountable specifically for the attempts made on our lives amongst other things

11:50 mins

Q:  Are there certain beings that use water to communicate?
Jesus showed up in my shower.
I was directed to a friend’s home
When I arrived at my friend’s house, it was close to a bad situation for her
You have dismissed the Jesus Christ idea
The being did seem benevolent in many ways.
Who was it?
Do guides come looking like dog?
T:  Yes, there re beings that use water in order to communicate
I don’t know who/what this being was.
Generally if it’s trying to present itself as that kind of a figure, then it’s usually a dishonest being.
But if it was acting benevolently, then if you weren’t harmed and your friend wasn’t harmed, there’s probably not a lot of problems that come with this.
S: I’ve heard of guides that present themselves as a figure that is familiar to the individual so as to avoid causing … shock …. Sometimes, they present themselves as a recognisable figure.  It’s rare…..

Q:  Do guides come in a dog?

T:  Yes.  Any close animal companion can actually take the role of a guide.
So cats, dogs, even your pet leopard gecko or whatever.
If it’s capable of an emotional bond with you, it can likely be a guide.
S:  A good example of that - my pony is my guide and my teacher.
She was the one that taught me telepathy before my brother took over.
She’s taught me a lot since.
Denise:  my horse is my guide
S:  They are wonderful guides.  Very intelligent.

15 mins
Q:  T says she does not use visualisation to access the Silver Legion and her work outside of 3D.   

Does she do this by extending her consciousness beyond her body and does she inhabit a type of avatar once becoming active in the Silver Legion?
How is this done, please?
T:  I do extend my consciousness out of my body.
I do not inhabit an avatar or puppet.
Instead, I have my consciousness in 2 or more places at once - down here on Earth and out there at the Silver Legion.
I’m in my proper body there.
There is a trans humanist agenda being operated now which intends to switch all of us to remotely controlled bodies as a way to extend human lifespan and consciousness.
This is not necessary and has some very, very negative and grave implications for not only humanity as a whole, but also for some other intelligent species in this galaxy and universe.
So I would suggest that people at this time, trying to cure Terran mortality by putting yourself into another body or even an electronic puppet or mechanical puppet is counter-productive and not to be giving you what you desire.
If you wait long enough, which isn’t going to be very long on this planet, all of those problems that these solutions have been purported to deal with, will be fixed.
What we have is a classic case of Problem - Reaction -Solution
The end goal is trying to get us into mechanical bodies so that we can be rendered devoid of emotion and easily controlled that way.
So many of the problems that we suffer now have been created deliberately in order to make it attractive to have that kind of solution.
So don’t do that…..
Yes, I believe anyone can learn to bi-locate.
How to do this?  I don’t know.
I just do it.  I don’t usually think too hard about how it is I do it.
So I don’t know if I’m a good one to be teaching others on how to do that.

18 mins
Q:  Will 4D humans join the Silver Legion warrior class in the future?

Physical requirements?
T:  Yes.  The Silver Legion recruitment will be open to 4D Terrans.
Joining requirements depends on the talents of the individual and desires of the individual
Obviously, somebody who prefers the physical arts, combat, marksmanship etc will have some skill already or some aptitude…
Those who prefer the picnics or the magic; there’s also potential for that.
Training is provided.
One of the first things we do is have people strut their stuff so they show us what they can do.
After that, we usually do some in depth aptitude testing to see if they have potentials they want to explore additionally, such as magic.
I think a lot of Terrans might be pleasantly surprised to find out that they do indeed have magical and/or psionic potential and will probably want to take advantage of that and get training in that.
Plus there are those who really, really like space and space exploration and ships.
We always have a need for engineers
We always have a need for pilots.
People who enjoy that kind of work are always welcome.
So generally, anybody who feels a call or pull to the Silver Legion, will probably find something they can enjoy doing there.
Recruitment will be open.
It’s pretty egalitarian so you don’t need to worry about not being strong enough or being buff enough.
It could be that your talent lies somewhere else

20:15 mins

Q:  Is astral travel really not coming out of body at all but simply expanding our consciousness any way as in the quantum principle of no distance between things?
T:  It’s generally thought of that way…..
Some people leave the body.
Some people expand their consciousness.
Some people bi-locate.
There’s no right or wrong way to do it.
Yes, some people do leave the body entirely.
Those are generally the ones who speak about having a silver cord.
It’s a very real thing, a very real phenomenon
I bi-locate and I expand my consciousness.
It’s 2 different methods and I use both.
Mostly the bi-location.

21:17 mins

Q:  How does Darwinism explain all the skeletons found that show those who were up to 12 feet tall?
T:  I think that would be up to Darwinists to explain
S:  Skeletons have been found up to 35 feet in humanoid form.
Not just 12 feet.
I’ve read of some being 16 to 18 feet tall
I’ve heard of some up to 35

21:50 mins.

Q:  The ancient dinosaurs lasted hundreds of millions of years.
Was Terra located in our solar system during that time?
T:  During the time of the dinosaurs?
Yes, I do believe it was  in our solar system
S:  [inaudible]

22:10 mins

Q:  Did any sentient beings inhabit Terra during that time?
Perhaps humanoid reptiles?
S:  You got to consider that dinosaurs are sentient.
Dinos were the birds, were considered sentient…
There was an Andronii UFO that was found crashed into some strata that was about … 75 million years old
T:  There were 2 Apatosaurus skeletons on board, I think.
[T might be wrong here as they might have been Diplodocus]
As far as I understand it, the ETs have been coming and going since it was created.
And the planet is 7.5 billion years old, give/take

23:05 mins

Q:  What led to the demise of the dinosaurs?
Was it the result of a giant asteroid striking the Earth?
S:  No, it wasn’t.
There is a show that was done where they had some geologists and anthropologists go around Canada and they managed to fully debunk the asteroid theory and I understand the majority of the dinosaurs were transported off planet because they were considered to have done their purpose here on the planet and were a general threat to the agenda of the  various ET races that wanted to move on with their experiment.
So they transported them to another planet….
T:  There are more intelligent dinosaurs.
First of all, I would like to remind people that dinosaurs are NOT reptiles.
They are more closely related to mammals and birds than they are to reptiles.
So any reptilians claiming to be descendents of dinosaurs and thus legitimate inheritors of this planet, are lying.
Flat out lying.
S:  The reptilians didn’t come anywhere near the planet until about 26,000 years ago.
Prior to that, humans and every type of animals settled here.

So no, the Reptoids were not here first.

They weren’t even [inaudible]

24:59 mins

Q:  Dan Burish and his story about the ETs being human time travellers or J-rods that mutated along with survivors from another crash ship in 1953.
Also future humans from 40 to 52 thousand years in the future.
In that timeline, Earth did not appear to ascend
T:  That’s a representation from a negative timeline which is one thing we have been working to insure is not the primary timeline and have pretty much succeeded in.
So they can try to time travel back here all they want to try to insure their own timeline but we won’t let that happen.
S:  [inaudible]

25:50 mins

Q:  Sasquatch - seem to possess extra dimensional abilities.
They have been here longer than us and were brought here by the star people
S:  They are dimensionals and they can travel between one dimension and another and they are [inaudible] sentient beings.
Don’t know how long they’ve been here ……
The reason people can’t find them …. is because they travel inter-dimensionally….

27:25 mins

Q:  In a previous show, you mentioned that the Hollow Earth has been cleared out.
…. The Agarthans are our cousins and the good guys.
Eg the account by Admiral Byrd - his trip to the Hollow Earth portrayed the Agarthans as good people.
Why have these people been cleared out?
T:  They were found to have been actively maintaining the soul trap and the oppression on the planet.
So while some might have been good, it was felt that it was best that they would be removed until this is over so that they cannot continue to interfere
S:  This is also at the request of Gaia and they were determined to be not acting in the best interests of Gaia and her people here on Earth’s surface.
She expressed her opinion about wanting them gone by dumping a boulder on one of their heads when they were protesting.

30:16 mins

Q:  Planet of origin of an extraterrestrial team of very tall humans, presently working on Earth with very sophisticated equipment, extracting the etheric implants in incarnates and Terrans?
T:  Sound like the Arcturians.
S:  The Arcturians or the Procyons…..

31 mins
Q:  Nefarious act to multiply the energies gained and stolen from us Terrans by being cloned by the Greys or reptiles, creating multiple timelines?

T:: Haven’t heard that and given what I understand about cloning, it would not have that effect.
Cloning creates a copy but that copy does not have a soul.
So you cannot milk emotional power from a clone, unless it’s inhabited by a soul.
Eg if the original body dies and then that soul goes on to inhabit a clone (which sometimes happens when there has been a clone made), then yes, you’d be able to get emotional energy from that being.
….Cloning somebody every 10 mins to milk them would not produce a milk able result.
That sounds like disinformation or something to panic people.
I wouldn’t pay any attention to that.

32:30 mins

Q:  Reason I ask is because last summer, my final nocturnal dealings - the Greys or Browns in my case, also had a few daytime moments.
Then dreams of another me feeling what her life was/is.
She was shocked to feel my life as I was.
As soon as I felt her, we were aware of each other.
Very disconcerting feeling.
The dream that night was even weirder.
Could this be true?  Involuntary cloning.
T:  That is not involuntary cloning
Nothing to do with Greys or Browns.
That is an instance of spontaneous quantum jumping or the ability to see yourself in another reality or timeline or an alternate universe or parallel universe and become aware of that existence.
It’s a natural thing.
You can learn how to do this deliberately with a little bit of practice and sometimes, it happens to people spontaneously.
It probably did not have anything to do with the ETs involved with your life.
Remember not everything lies at their feet.
Sometimes other things happen that are not related so don’t that as it’s happened that it has to be related to them.
It was also not a cloning.
It was a glimpse of yourself in another reality; possibly another timeline or a parallel dimension or a parallel universe; possibly another alternate reality.
It’s nothing to be afraid of.
It’s not usually a permanent thing and you can actually use this to gain insight to how other yous have lived
Eg Maybe you have dreams of being a famous author or maybe you want to be a movie star.
In some alternate universe somewhere is a you that has done that.
There’s a you who is male, a you who is female…. a you who is rich and famous, living on the streets.
For every possibility that exists, there is an alternate you that is doing that.
You can, using quantum jumping, go to those alternate realities and become aware of those other yous and find out how they did it.
It might not always be worthwhile.
….. I’ve used this technique myself and some of the possibilities that I saw, required certain kinds of effort that  I’m not particularly interested in putting forward in order to receive those results.
So just because it’s possible doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s something you wish to do in order to achieve whatever it is that you want.
Don’t be afraid of it.
It’s nothing to be afraid of and it didn’t have anything to do with aliens.

36:15 mins

Q:  Can you say something nice of John K in terms of following his page/forum?
S:  Have nothing bad to say about him……
I left his site because …was required by the Federation work to put my sole attention and energies into the mission and not …. have any other distractions….. taking my time and energy away from the mission.
That’s what I signed up for…..
He’s a great guy and his books are really well researched.
….. Use your own discernment.

37:46 mins

Q:  Drake’s book mentioned the ETs, so called, the Q(?) remind me of the Star Trek Next Generation and Star Trek Voyager.
Do they have similar powers like the ones in Star Trek and if yes, could they help in neutralising the holographic technologies of the bad guys to look human so we can have some wonderful show?
D:  ….. Those powers and abilities are real.
Yes, employed as far as possible as it can be employed.
You can affect a situation but you should not affect an individual without their permission.
It goes to the sovereignty of the individual.
You don’t play games with people or things or entities or sentient beings.
That is a no no.
Because when you do that, you overstep the boundaries of freedom of will which is what the Creator has given us to begin with….
Something that wants to do something for you is all well and good, with your permission
….. Absolute understanding of what you are doing…..

S:  People who wish to know more about what the Q(?) are, look up the book “The Enlightenment”.

It’s on the website of Unicus magazine…
The being Talawanda is one of the Q(?)
It’s a great book that I think everybody should read.

40:28 mins

Q:  Are the Qs (?) human and similar to ?? from Babylon 5 using science to create magic?
D:  You’re getting into an area that’s a bit iffy because it involves a combination of things that cannot be categorised or put into a technology and yet also involves technology and wilful intent of individuals.
99% of all magic is wilful intent.
The 1% know how to do it
There’s a lot in that.
It’ll take 3 or 4 books you’d need to read on the subject
I’m going to look for a website and try to post it and contains a lot of the information….. to give you what you need to know to understand what is going on if you decide to get that deep into this.

41:50 mins

Q:  Are Q people part of the Silver Legion now?
Are the Silver Legion close to removing all of the demon entities from this planet?
T:  There are Q members of the Silver Legion.
As for the last - we think we must be getting close but it’s one of those things where we don’t have a visible meter or something that shows us our progress in order to tell when we’re done.

42:25 mins.

Q:  How many Draco reptilians are on the planet?
T:  Most likely less than 500.

42:40 mins

Q:  What is the latest deadline/time for humans to be informed about transition in order to make a decision to stay/leave.
Tolec mentioned that those who decide to stay in 3D have to leave this planet before the end of this year, using Andromedean Council biospheres
S:  Yeah, they have to leave before the end of this year.
….. I don’t give time frames and deadlines but we’re looking to ASAP.

43:20 mins

Q:  What will happen if the cabal is not removed before the end of this year?
Will the operation still be feasible?
T:  Regardless, ascension is going to take place.
S: Yeah, but I’m very confident they will be removed before the transition.
I have no doubt about it.

43:59 mins

Q:  Could you draw some kind of scheme/picture/map where Earth is right now?
Where are we?
What is happening in 4th density right now in co-ordinates where Earth is now in 3rd density?
Is it empty?
T:  A map or visual reference will not serve much useful purpose.
… I couldn’t even draw one.
S:  Yeah, me neither.
My crewmate who is a cartographer could but he’s not down here right now.
No, it’s not empty in 4D.
The planet exists in multiple dimensions all the way up to 12D - a representation of the planet.
T:  A placeholder, so to speak.
S:  Yeah, a placeholder.
The majority of the planet essence and presence is in 4, 5 and 6D [inaudible]

45:06 mins

Q:  Will Earth be viewable from 3rd density?
T:  There will be a placeholder still in 3rd dimension.
It will be one that will be rather on the barren side so it’s not a place that will be very habitable.
S: It won’t be habitable at all in 3rd dimension after the transition
[inaudible] gas planet, like Jupiter or the other gas planets
Jupiter in 4D and higher is a planet that is inhabited but in 3D, it is a gas planet.

46:46 mins

Q:  Who the angels are?
Are they regular flesh and blood humans or are they spirits, God’s messengers?
T:  Which god are you talking about in terms of ‘messenger‘?
Angels are a class of celestial beings.
There are multiple types of them, including elemental and other varieties.
Some don’t even have forms as we would consider it, but instead appear as beings or pillars made out of pure energy.
Others do have form and take the form of a humanoid or winged humanoid.
There are many different kinds of angels.
Some are affiliated with various gods.
Others are not.
They are more than just messengers.
In many cases, angels are powerful creative beings in their own right.
Ones with freewill (and no, it’s had nothing to do with rebelling from God or anything like that) are also fighting for other people to retain freewill or regain it if it’s been taken away.
So they are freedom angels.
There are angels incarnate among us but that does not mean that everybody is an angel or that people become an angel when they die any more than people become a dragon or become a tree or become a ferret when they die.
If you are already a dragon or a tree or a ferret, then you can be one.
If you wish to go back to Source and get born as an angel, a dragon, a tree, a ferret or whatever, you can do that.  There is that choice.
But you don’t get to automatically become something without going through that life.
S:  Not all angels are positive.
There are positive ones, negative ones and there are neutral.

49 mins
Q:  If we are getting millions of ET visits, why can’t the Silver Legion or Andromeda Council land on Terra?

T:  The Andromeda Council can land sometimes.  
Don’t know exactly all the details with that.
The Silver Legion is specifically locked right now.
We’re working on fixing that.
M ships in the sky and had trips on request.
So I’m pretty certain it’s not a satellite or a meteor or a plane because if I’m giving telepathic requests for them to do something and they’re doing something, well that’s usually a pretty good idea.
No, I don’t have a camera that is capable of capturing night sky movements
S:  Recommendation for people who want to tape UFOs ….. get a true full spectrum video camera …..
You’ll find them on the go hunting websites

51 mins
Q:  UFO report from Snowden’s latest report.

D:  Suggest the US government stand down….
We have a problem with the US government in terms of their actions and activities and attitudes towards we the people
I found a report from a certain judge on Fox News today that most of the successful prosecutions from the NSA  eavesdropping, wiretapping etc comes from the content or knowledge of  crime committed and not reporting it rather than from any terrorist fun and games.
NSA, your own records show that you are lying to us.

52:17 mins

Q:  More info on the soul trap or karma wheel.
Was it taken down and if so, by whom?
T:  We have been very involved in removing the karma trap.
We have managed to remove most if not all of the apparatus involved in that.
If we find any more, we will remove them as soon as they’re found.

53  mins
Q: What kind of training will the Silver Legion provide besides combat simulation?

T:  We have a lot of different education and training.

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