Due to the limited number of pre-enrollment in the festival-contest accepted to 01 May 2010 to the following address

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Due to the limited number of pre-enrollment in the festival-contest accepted to 01 May 2010 to the following address:
99020, Ukraine, Sevastopol, trudged. Novikov, 15 of. 15

Public organization “Pontiyskaya arena“,

Organizing committee of festival- contest

тел. (0692) 65-63-47; моб. (067) 757-00-61

Email: suf@ukr.net

Internet: http://arena.ho.ua

tel/fax +38-0692-93-06-55, +38-0692-45-39-20

mob (050)141-86-82
To confirm your participation to make a prepayment of 25% of the value of vouchers to the festival
This Regulation is a call on festival-competition!


PO «Pontiyskaya arena» Kolesnichenko V.


about XII International festivale- contest

of circus and vaudeville child's and youth collectives

«Pontiyskaya arena-2010»
Purpose and tasks of festival - contest. Propaganda of circus and vaudeville arts, creation of creative asset, education of rising generation in the best traditions international circus and vaudeville schools, making healthy of participants of festival - competition and expansion of their range of interests.
Time and place of leadthrough. Festival - held competition in Sevastopol from June, 27 for July, 06, 2010(touristic base “Atlantus” ).

Organization and leadthrough

The festival- contest is an active member of International association IOV (UNESCO).The festival holds a public organization «Pontiyskaya arena», a tourist company “Glogass” together with the public organization «International union of circus schools», Sevastopol city administrations of culture and education, public organizations of Ukraine and CIS countries with the support of the Ministry of culture and tourism of Ukraine.


To participate in the festival – contest of permitted circus folklore, theater and other children, youth and professional youth teams and individual performers from the Ukraine, CIS and abroad.

Delegations may submit to the festival - contest their author’s programs of the collectives (the program of not more than 30 minutes? With the use of any subject in the form of completed mini-concert show or collective) and individual numbers in the followings genres: acrobatics, gymnastics, equilibrium, jugglery, musical clowning, clownery, performing, animal acts, vocal (vaudeville, classical, folk, solo vocal and dance groups), illusion and manipulation, conversational genre, pantomime, dance (vaudeville, classic, folk, step), the puppets on stage and the nomination «Gold debut» as well as the nomination “ The best authoring program (or number) with the use of folklore”.

Allowed to participate in programs and separate numbers management teams and professional circus performers and ssingers.

In separate nominations for «Best picture, TV, radio, photo-essay about the festival Pontiyskaya Arena» and «Best song about a festival», to participate are invited to attend.

Also in a festival – contest with disabilities participate in a comprehensive rehabilitation program means a circus? Vaudeville a nd other arts in a separate category.

Financing of festival – contest is carried out with the assistance of the budget and sponsor funds. Lodging, meals, transportation and guide service to the participants of the festival - contest is carried out by participants of the festival.

Cost of the permit for the festival is 190 euro.

Winners (laureates) of festival - contest are determined by the total score, which consists of assessment skills, directing, implementation of artistry, aesthetics, music design, originality facilities or programs in general six-point system.

Winners (laureates) of festival - competition awarded diplomas and valuable prizes in the followings age categories:

For a vocal: 1 – to 8 years, 2 – from 9 to 11 years, 3 – from 12 to 14 years, 4 – from 15 to 17 years, 5 – «professional» from 18 years. For other genres: 1 – to 9 years, 2 – from 10 to 13 years, 3 – from 14 to 17 years, 4 – «professional» from 18 years.


27.06-28.06 -Arrival of participants festival.

28.06 -6.00 p.m Opening ceremony of the festival - contest, participation in holiday concerts

29.06. - 03.07 - View of the competitive programs and numbers on genres

29.06. - 03.07 – Refresher courses management teams, master-classes

04.07 –Day of the Ukrainian Navy. Concerts of participants at the city squares, military units and war ships.

05.07 - 5.00 p.m Gala-concert of laureates of the festival. Awarding.

06.07. - Departure of participants.
For participants of the festival included daily entertainment and discos.
During the festival heads of collectives have the opportunity to imrove the skills of leading cadres at the Academy of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

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